Teams, Man U’s recent run, mad dogs, fighting men and Merson tells Emery what to do!

By Bulldog Drummond

I think the aposite phrase has something to do with knickers and twisting judging by the headlines.  “What we need,” screams the sports editor, “are articles that explain Arsenal being on a 19 match unbeaten run, which doesn’t remind readers that we predicted that without a complete transformation of the entire side they were mid-table dross at best.

“How about, “Arsenal’s snarling dog midfield gives them edge over Manchester United’s poorly-positioned poodles,” says on in reply.  The editor nods.

“How Arsenal drew lessons from Manchester United’s post-Sir Alex Ferguson mistakes,” shouts another.

“OK OK says the ed – but I also need something that doesn’t have Man U in the title.

“Lucas Torreira explains how he brought ‘garra charrua’ fighting mentality to Arsenal” shouts another and to their amazement the editor says “run all three – they’ll confuse the readership and cover up our previous coverage,” and so they do.  You’ll find them in the Telegraph.

Just as bonkers is Transfer Tavern who want a swap deal with Ramsey going out and MBappe coming in.  Just one problem – Mbappe is foreign so we’ll also have to ditch a foreigner, no matter what happens to Ramsey.

But there is always great advice to be had from the Express.  “Paul Merson gives bold Man Utd prediction, tells Unai Emery to make decision.”   Can you imagine our manager listening?

But how are Manchester United actually doing while we have gone 19 unbeaten?  Here are their last 13 games.

Date Game Res Score Competition
22 Sep 2018 Manchester Utd v Wolverhampton D 1-1 Premier League
25 Sep 2018 Manchester Utd v Derby County L 2-2 League Cup (7-8)
29 Sep 2018 West Ham v Manchester United L 3-1 Premier League
02 Oct 2018 Manchester United v Valencia D 0-0 Champions League
06 Oct 2018 Manchester Utd v Newcastle Utd W 3-2 Premier League
20 Oct 2018 Chelsea v Manchester United D 2-2 Premier League
23 Oct 2018 Manchester United v Juventus L 0-1 Champions League
28 Oct 2018 Manchester United v Everton W 2-1 Premier League
03 Nov 2018 Bournemouth v Manchester U W 1-2 Premier League
07 Nov 2018 Juventus v Manchester Utd W 1-2 Champions League
11 Nov 2018 Manchester C v Manchester Utd L 3-1 Premier League
24 Nov 2018 Manchester Utd v Crystal Palace D 0-0 Premier League
27 Nov 2018 Manchester Utd v Young Boys W 1-0 Champions League
01 Dec 2018 Southampton v Manchester Utd D 2-2 Premier League

5 wins, 5 draws, 4 draws.  A fairly balanced approach to football.

Granit Xhaka is suspended for having five yellows.  Monreal, Mavropanos, Welbeck and Koscielny remain unavailalable, although the captain is close to a return.

Which then by and large gives us a squad of Leno, Cech, Bellerin, Lichtsteiner, Holding, Mustafi, Papastathopoulos, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Torreira, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Smith Rowe, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Nketiah.

From this group Football London gives us


Holding, Sokratis, Mustafi, Bellerin, Kolasinac,

Torreira, Guendouzi,

Ramsey, Iwobi,


which looks quite reasonable.

Manchester United have scored eight and conceded eight in six games at Very Old Trafford (built 1910).  Arsenal have scored 16 and conceded 10 away from home, again in six.  So extrapolating from a 1-1 score which is what Man U would give us from their results, and 2-2 which Arsenal would give us (although in reality 2-1.5 is closer, although somewhat impossible), I am going for 1-1 or 1-2 to Arsenal.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Arsenal have won four in six whereas last season they won four in 19 away from home.  So our expectation that Arsenal could return to the “not a trophy” positions would be fulfilled with this level of progress with us having 12 away wins.

Manchester United have won just one game in the last four which was a Champions League game against Young Boys, so they are not exactly flying.

There is more of this type of speculation on the Predictions website.

51 Replies to “Teams, Man U’s recent run, mad dogs, fighting men and Merson tells Emery what to do!”

  1. I am going for a 0-2 away win for Arsenal in tonight’s match against Man Utd. And hasn’t Ozil recovered from his back pains sufficiently enough to allow him start for Arsenal in the Man U match tonight? If he has, I think he should start behind Laca’ and Auba’ as no 10. And if Monreal has fully recovered from his hamstring injury that will allow him to play tonight for Arsenal tonight, i have this feeling in me that’s telling me he should start the Man U tonight’s match from the bench if Emery has him included in his 18 Gunners squad for the match. Why? Because haven not played for Arsenal for over a month now, he shouldn’t start tonight’s big game away to Man U, For, he’ll be match rusty. But Emery could bring him on in the 2nd half of the match in the last 10 minutes of the match to help him get a competitive game towards the clearing of the match rusty he should be having. But if Arsenal are already leading Man U comfortably in the match with 10 minutes left to play should he then be brought on.

    Well done SAA the technical adviser to Unai Emery.

  2. We got the teams right – good one Bulldog. Just the order of the back 3 and the two full backs were written wrong but that was probably my fault.

    Bellerin Mustafi Sokratis Holding Kolasinac

    What a brilliant buy Holding was for £2.5m or whatever the exact price was.

  3. Our Women are also in action tonight against Charlton in the group phase of the league cup. Miedema has put us one up in the sixth minute

  4. Two nil for the Women – KatieMcCabe on 29 minutes from a Miedema cutback. Miedema nearly adds a third in the 32nd but is denied by a good save

  5. Going through the starting XI teams of both Arsenal and Man U, they are looking to have a strong starting team each out at Old Trafford for match. And they have both adopted the 3-4-2-1 formation to start the match. Maybe Arsenal will switch over to 3-4-1-2, or 4-4-2 and 3-4-3 or go back to their initial playing formation of 4-2-3-1 at some stages in the match during the game to interswitch playing formations and when Emery does bring on substitutes.

  6. Well…guess what even commentators agree harrera was offside. Surprise!!!!

    Rashford tackle on Holding is legal?? Not even a foul called…..sic

  7. Another treatment infliction which has no associated card with it. Bozos from 😈 Mike Riley’s PGMO.


  8. And Arsenal get the first card. Xhaka isn’t playing, so I guess Mustafi is next in line.


  9. That’s the dirtiest game I’ve seen in a very long time. How United have more than 8 players on the pitch I don’t know and we are lucky to still have 11

  10. The ref has got all his decisions correct. He is a cheating bastard and has allowed Arsenal to get fouled without giving a hoot.

    The 50th goes on even the assistant ignores a clear offside. Mariner has tilted the pitch as per PGMOL Laws for Arsenal.

    Bellerin was booked by United not by Mariner.

  11. I was expecting Ramsey to come off he was a passenger for the last10 mins or so following another no foul assault

  12. Three nil to the Women, not sure who got the final touch following a goalmouth scramble from a Mead cross

  13. The game is so damned tilted that even the foul by Rojo on Lacazette was not carded but ended in the goal.

  14. The commentary I’m reading, didn’t display the events of the Arsenal second goal until after the ManU reply goal.


  15. Cheating official till the death. What an excuse for sport with such biased corrupt officials.

  16. Against Tottenham we won despite the referee, against Manchester United we couldn’t quite manage it due to the referee. Nothing has changed and Arsenal continue to lose a dozen points a year because of incompetent (or biased (or corrupt)) referees who are either unable or unwilling to do their jobs properly.

    VAR would have changed this game utterly. They would have lost at least Rojo and Fellaini for violent conduct, and they wouldn’t have had their first goal at all for it was clearly offside (and the freekick from which it came wasn’t even a foul). United’s behaviour was shameful, and that they got a point out of it, and that they have hampered our season by injuring our players is absolutely despicable.

    English football is as broken as English politics and nothing will change while the media acts cheerleader rather than reporter.

  17. due to internet problems in my part of the world I couldn’t update the life match report. It is on line now

  18. The worst part is that the Rojo 2-footed tackle is not even the most scandalous “mistake” of the night. I mean, obviously it was the clearest red card ever, but it could still be seen as an “interpretation error” from this referee.

    On the other end, allowing dirty plays such as :
    – Rashford late deliberate kick on Holding
    – Rojo holding on Aubameyang leg
    – Felliani pulling Guendouzi hair
    is totally unacceptable and the blatant proof of the Riley mafia corruption

  19. I am over the moon that Arsenal have emerged from an NLD and an Old Trafford game, with 4 points.

    However, the officiating was once again terribly one-sided, with the referee ignoring foul after foul on Torreira and Guendouzi especially.

    I have to congratulate our two young centre mids for dominating the midfield battle despite having the proverbial tar kicked out of them throughout.

    Despite what the commentators say about the game proving the mettle of both sides, it is plain to see which side is in the asendancy, and which side isn’t.


  20. Rodelo

    Well said.

    I know we made a couple of frustrating mistakes, and it wasn’t the best we’ve played but I’m still proud of the boys.

    It’s never easy at old toilet even when they are crap as they will always raise their game when we are in town.

    But as usual we were up against 12 men as Mariner was determined as ever to tilt the game in Uniteds favour.

    Never a foul and off side !!! Jeeeez.

    Anyway, before the kick off I would of took a draw. We got a draw. The unbeaten run goes on.

    Lets hope the injuries are not too bad.

    Man United fans should be embarressed. Mourinho should be ashamed. We should be proud.


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