Brighton v Arsenal: the injury crisis (part 94), kettles of fish and runs.

By Bulldog Drummond

If it is Arsenal it must be an injury crisis, so let’s take a peek…. and yes this time they are right we are second in the injury league behind Watford.  Crisis, crisis, crisis.  But is anyone calling for the head of the Watford manager because of their injury crisis?  I can’t quite hearing anything at the moment.

As for Arsenal half of the players listed as injured are also listed by Physioroom as potentially being back by Boxing Day.  Now that doesn’t mean that they will be fully fit for 26 December but it does mean that we are not going to be without some of these players for a very long time, and some should return for some of the four Christmas and New Year games.

Here are such details as can be found…

Monreal: some reports are saying no chance for the Brighton game, some are saying maybe – but if he can’t play he should be back within a day or two.

Mkhitaryan is the player without any details, but is listed a close to death in some reports (I perhaps exaggerate just a little) but a possible for this game in others.

Bellerin is again listed as potentially back on 26th.  Personally I think it will be longer but not that much longer.

Kolasinac is also listed as possibly being back by 26 December,

Mustafi is also down on the list as a potential returnee for Boxing Day.

The rest of the list are the three we are getting quite used to seeing listed as injured: Holding, Welbeck and Mavropanos.

Which leaves with the case for the defence: Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Elneny, Xhaka, Lichsteiner, Koscielny, which is six to be going on with, plus Kolansinac and Mustafi maybe making eight, and if we need to dig into the reserves, Jenkinson.

So perhaps not as desperate as we might imagine.  But let us never let facts get in the way of hysteria.

Now Mr Merson has been venturing into the world of home and away differences which you’ll know is what we like to focus on, both here and on the Football Predictions site which is slowly finding its feet.  So let’s see how Merson does in venturing into the minefield.

Merson says, “At home, Brighton are a different kettle of fish to away from home (although they were a little unlucky to lose at Bournemouth on Saturday), while Arsenal will be buoyant after seeing Chelsea lose. Now all of a sudden, the top four is realistic and I think Arsenal will win this game 3-2.”

So Brighton in the league are 13th, with 6 wins, 3 draws, and nine defeats, and a goal difference of minus six.

Four out of six of those wins are at home and two are away, which is pretty much the going rate for mid-table clubs.   They get about two thirds of victories at home.   Brighton have also had two draws at home and two defeats, scoring 13 and letting in ten.

But Brighton is also a team that goes in for runs and this might be more important in this match.  And we’ll take a look at that tomorrow.

More on Christmas Day if you are awake.


6 Replies to “Brighton v Arsenal: the injury crisis (part 94), kettles of fish and runs.”

  1. Official from

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    Right foot. Fractured metatarsal. Expected to return to full training in six weeks.

  2. Andrew Crawshaw
    25/12/2018 at 1:27 am

    The tackle by Moura on Mkhitaryan in the Carabao game against the Spuds is where the injury was sustained. The officials didn’t ‘see’ the incident as per PGMOL laws which was a clear penalty.

  3. I suspected as much Menace. That is at least 3 injuries this year, none of which seem to have resulted in even a card to the opposition.


  4. Despite the current injuries crisis suffered to some key defenders at the Gunners, but Arsenal FC who will have a lot to gain by beating Brighton & HA but much to lose if they don’t beat them will of course shun off the injuries crisis to beat Brighton in the PL match on Boxing Day tomorrow at the Amex Stadium comes what may come from the Pgmo and the probably will be physical playing Brighton team against Arsenal in the game. But whatever happens and whichever comes in the game, Arsenal will not drop any points in the match whatsoever. But rather, will collect all the 3 points at stake in the match after knowing or not if they have to capitalise to overtake or close the gap on any points dropping club sides on the day in the table. Or will resign themselves to steady themselves in the 5th position they are presently occupying in the table and wait for another opportunity to come around next time to try to seize it.

  5. Injuries that are inflicted by foul tackles in clear vision of the officials are not to be shunned. These injuries should be brought to the notice of the media on Iplayer. The club should also enquire from the FA & PGMOL & PL as to what action they will take against the opposition club/player/Officials as the claim for damages to the Insurance company requires such detail. There is a medical cost & a cost to the host club of loss of an asset for an undetermined period together with loss of earnings.

  6. Would this be the tackle by Lucas on Mkhytarian when Lucas clearly won the ball fairly and squarely by getting to it a split second before the Arsenal attacker? You do realise that Mkhytarian hurt himself by kicking Lucas – not vice versa?

    Whatever next? Aubemayang to punch Harry Kane and then complain that Kane broke his finger? With such a wildly one sided view of events, it’s no wonder that you fellas are so convinced that there is a conspiracy against you!

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