The great transfer race. 10 players Arsenal already tipped to sign this summer

by Sir Hardly Anyone

We have done it for the last three years and it gained some interest.  Plus it made a point: 97% of all transfer rumours are gook.  Not gobbledegook but just plain gook.   So can the media johnnies raise their inventive game and get it up to 98% of their tips utterly and totally failing to be truthful?   In the coming months we shall see.

This summer we are looking to find at least 120 players rumoured to be transferring to Arsenal before the windows creaks on its hinges, as grown men in TV studios who ought to know better try to tell us the whole thing is as exciting as a very exciting thing getting to its exciting climax, and then nothing much happens.  But that is a little way away as yet.

For now we are starting with the rumours around today.  And already we have ten of the things…

No Player Current club Source Notes
1 Gareth Bale Real Madrid She wore a yellow 87% of RM fans want him out
2 Ismael Bennacer Empoli HITC, Pain in the Arsenal Ex Arsenal youth player
3 Marcelo Brozociv Inter Milan Transfer Tavern citing CalcioMercato £40.5m; a “tough midfielder”
4 Samuel Chukwueze Villareal Foot Lond Nigerian forward
5 Ryan Fraser Bournemouth Express, Mirror One year left on contract
6 Ander Herrera Man U Express PSG also interested
7 Paul Mitchell Leipzig Sports Mole; 90 min, Football 365, Sky; Talksport Man U and Chelsea interested
8 N’Zonzi Roma (midfield) HITC £19m; he’s considerred a flot at Roma
9 David Neres Everton Telegraph £34.5m
10 Christopher Nkunku PSG Foot Lond Midfield; he’s turned down a contract renewal

Meanwhile there are those leaving.

Remember the last time we did this every single Arsenal player was tipped to be leaving the club.  Could this be the year when we beat that record and have players leaving BEFORE they have even arrived?

It is of course a slower process finding the leavers, and we already know that Ramsey is going so that is not really a rumour.  Indeed thus far we have just one clear rumour as we can see.

No Player Going to Source Notes
1 Aubameyang Real Madrid FootLond FL cite Calciomercato

So there we are.  The first man leaving.  But you may be asking, when does the transfer window actually open?

Well, if you type “What date does the summer transfer window open” into Google it tells us that the answer is midnight on Tuesday January 1 2019, which I don’t think is right.

We do know for sure that the window will close on Thursday 8 August 2019 – leaving many European countries able to complete deals up to the official European deadline of 31 Auust.  And as far as I can tell the actual window opens on Monday 1 July.   So two and a half months away – and we already have ten rumours lined up.   More will undoubtedly be along shortly.

8 Replies to “The great transfer race. 10 players Arsenal already tipped to sign this summer”

  1. The medja, commenting on the game yesterday have: “Newcastle took a huge step towards securing their Premier League survival”. As a result of that win, Newcastle are now on 38 points.

    The medja genius (who is telling us what to think), must be living by the advice that 40 points is the relegation line. With so many points being picked up by the Top-6, it is entirely possible that the relegation line could be substantially less than 40 points.

    Cardiff are making noises that they could pick up 10 points from the remaining 18 available, which includes games against two Top-6. If the relegation line happens to be 38 this year (which Newcastle are already at), Cardiff has to erase 16 points on goal difference to catch Bournemouth and 22 points on goal difference to catch Newcastle.

    I suspect that if Cardiff is to stave off relegation, it is only Brighton and Southampton it is competing against.

  2. The PGMOL have been at it again across the EPL. Cardiff were robbed of a penalty by Dean, as have West Ham been robbed of a goal. Subsequent to that, Rileys boy gave ManU a penalty for not getting the ball or the man when tackled cleanly, It is quite something to behold, so don’t miss MOTD or whatever that might show the incident.

  3. Cardiff couldn’t generate a goal today.

    ManU v StateAid. Supposedly, the foul counter is 8 to ManU and 0 to StateAid. On the 8th foul, the PGMO assister of goals finally gave ManU a card. ManU having been given a penalty earlier.

  4. One of the commentators remarked on ‘Smallings calling card’ left on Messi when United played Barcelona. It was a Diego Costa like grab & scratch with an open hand of Messi’s face. The resultant nose bleed and eyelid damage is a Red card offence in any sport.

  5. The foul counter I am seeing, shows 14 fouls by ManU to 3 by StateAid. I thought there were 3 treatments, but only seeing 2 at the moment. One was to StateAid, which had to substitute the player. And the cards are even at 1?

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