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  1. Vince

    Deliberate elbow miles off the ball. NBC pundit “harsh red card”…

  2. Va Cong Pham

    @Vince Typical then there gonna 8 different angles he’s not that kind of player, his dad is an honest baker and his mum works for the church England. He also has a picture of mother Teresa in his living room. Lucky Arsenal.

  3. Gord

    The medja rats are looking for twits from all the twits they can find, to show both sides of what the twit who speaks cojones did.

    We need some goal difference there Gunners!


  4. Menace

    Va Cong Rham – LOL!! The amazing free kick given for Hughes losing his balance close to Torreira takes the biscuit. Watford have been coached into the brute force, probably by Deeney. It seems to get dividends because the PGMO official does not punish obvious fouls.

    Lets see what Ozil will do as a sub for Torreira.

  5. Andrew Crawshaw

    Half time sob Özil on for Torriera, Ramsey dropped deeper

  6. Gord

    Come on Mesut, open up that team with some surgical passing!


  7. Gord

    The Guardian seem to be spending as much time bashing Arsenal, as commenting on the game. I hope they go broke.


  8. Menace

    Capoue consisten withy studs up tackles eventually gets a yellow. It is quite amazing how many studs up fouls have been missed by the officials.

    Arsenal are not making enough noise when fouled, so the blindness is justified.

  9. Menace

    The corrupt blindness is woeful!! Miki pulled by his arm & nothing given.

  10. Gord

    Another Arsenal treatment, and no sign of a card.


  11. Va Cong

    @Menace blind reffing effing in the second half

  12. va cong

    Hughes dirty grin after dirty tackle on Monreal says it all

  13. Menace

    Our players can’t kick the ball!!

  14. Gord

    Well, a win is a win.

  15. Menace

    It was a poor showing but not that bad in the circumstances – playing against a fouling team on a sloping pitch.

  16. Va Cong

    Good win need more goals to slap Topscum cold spurs title contenders

  17. joe

    3 points in the bag.But the performance falls
    short of the standards of a top 4 contender. 10 man Watford pressurizing 11 man arsenal for considerable periods of the match shows there is a problem either with emery’s tactics or the quality of players we have.with the fortune of the red card, this are the kinds of games you utilize and add significantly to your goal difference.At least 3 goals wouldn’t have been bad.A very poor performance from my perspective. Watford would have won nothing less than 4-0 if arsenal were the ones with 10 men.

  18. Paul the gooner

    Who cares!.It is about winning, end of.Just looked at the bbc football site.On updates, tosser Sutton is having a right pop at us.He hates us and I mean hate.Who did he manage, was it Lincoln and got the tin tac.
    He has made himself a pundit because he likes to be outspoken.Not good tonight, but who cares.

  19. Alex Dieuzeide

    Menace, poor showing, I agree. But Gord said it all : a win is a win… This one is a litle bit more than just a win. To be honest, I was afraid by this match. Considering our bad form away (like did Tony in an article some days ago) and the rather good results of Watford, I was not sure at all that we could have win tonight. The boys did it and that’s a relief! We probably won our place in the top four tonight… And why not another St Totteringham too.

  20. Gord

    More good news, the U23 (with Jenkinson) beat Chel$ea! Nketiah with a brace, and Jenkinson with the third!


    I have no idea “What it Means”, as that part of the Arsenal page is just a big white space for me.

  21. Gord

    I guess PEA has been shutting down goalkeepers for a long time, and this time he got the result. Good for him!


  22. Menace

    Paul – several of us care. We were capable of scoring 4 or 5 against this Watford team and a few against Everton.

    Our hunger seems to have gone and we are accepting physical fouling with complaints. Our players need to learn how to play against physical aggression. Scream, shout, wave your hands about. Keep at the ref about protection & every touch that is away from the ball must be played upon. The ref has to react at some point & the cameras catch everything but not all is shown to the public.

    Hughes & Capoue should have seen double yellows and the PGMOL Laws for Arsenal let them off.

    Carregher the dim is gobbing away as usual & his mate the ugly sister is talking the usual shite expected from a compost heap.

  23. Andrew Crawshaw


    Re theU23s. Unfortunately this result doesn’t mean a lot. Our poor mid season form precluded us from retaining our championship from last year but we have put in a strong end of season finish. One last game to go at the Emirates on Friday 26 April. Cost will be minimal so we’ll worth a ticket for those inLondon.

  24. rondejonge

    very happy with the points and the red for cojones Deeney, for the rest Watford were very studs up with impunity, that makes it a lot more easier for any team to be succesfull in pressing etc, I agree that Arsenal were lacklustre and sloppy at times but I think it was kind a wise team management with Napoli around the corner not to waist too much energy. But they werent that bad, read the stats:
    Watford 9 attempts, 2 on target
    Arsenal 13 attempts 6 on target
    those stats say to me clearly it was a deserved win and we should have done better finishing them off.

  25. Gord

    Glancing over the summaries in the medja of the game; i sthat the medja is just crap. If any of the other Top-6 had won the game that way, all the medja would be fine with that. It is only because it is Arsneal; that all and sundry must bitch about it. The goal was a fluke (not due to hard work by the striker). The red card should have never happened (even though the player supposedly described what he would do before the game). And because it was only 0-1, we never generated any offense; and so it was still a fluke we won.

    The medja is all just crap!

  26. Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO, HOO ! An away win and a clean sheet to boot. I would have taken it before the game.

    Was edgy all the way , but we were better . With a bit of luck and a lot more composure, we’d won it easily . But I guess , with the Napoli game so close , caution was the way to go.

    Nice to see Deeny rewarded for exhibiting his cojones once again . And the commentators trying to justify the elbow to the face by saying it was probably due to the disparity in height of the two. And the angle of vision of the ref and linesman . No mention that the ball had been long dispatched away.

    Up the Gunners !

  27. Masterstroke

    Agree with what one or two are saying, that there should have been a second red for Capoue’s studs up on Torreira; not even a yellow. It was the intervention of the linesman who spotted Deeney’s elbowing or he’d have gotten away with it completely.The ref allowed lots to go unpunished including at least one other studs up.
    Was not a great performance, and TBH I was concerned that we were still going to lose even after the sending off, Watford pressured us so much for the rest of the game.

  28. Mikey

    According to the BBC, Watford deserved to win as apparently, they had far more of the game than us………………..I guess because they had 11 shots to our 19, 3 on target to our 6 and 36% possession to our 64%. yes I can definitely see where they’re coming from…………..a point of complete bias

  29. John L

    On the general issues of luck, deserving to win, influence of refereeing decisions on outcomes concerning the contenders for top 4 places, there has been surprisingly little comment about Manchester United being assisted by a biased referee to give them 3 points against West Ham.

  30. rondejonge

    yeah the manure daylight robbery, there were a few remarks but nowhere near the bad press Arsenal is receiving, lots of manure lovers among the plundrits I guess

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