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  1. Jonny

    Bravo as ever Tony – detailed, insightful and articulate.

  2. walter

    AFter reading this second part and the first part, one can only wait impatiently for the third part….

  3. Dark Prince

    Nicely Written 🙂

  4. sam

    Yeah i wonder what philosophy doesnt have its own problems

  5. bitrus bulus

    that was a wonderful and insightful article. one cant help but eternally remain grateful for who arsene stands for us.

  6. Limpar11

    I should study for my microeconomics exam but Tony are producing so many good articles that I can’t focus on anything but Arsenal!

  7. Stevie E

    Tony, just came across your blog after reading a posting on arsenalfcblog.com, it’s tiptop mate! Clear, concise and surprisingly unbiased. Why can’t writers like you get jobs in the tabloids??? I’m completely bored with reading the same thing rewriten by hacks who clearly have no understanding of the subject and just want to create hype with headlines that are rarely true. Take the summers FabFest as an example of telling the same story repeatedly without any real fact, or the latest Rooney “headlines”. Nothing to do with football, all to do with selling papers. Wasters! Can’t wait for part 3 🙂

  8. LRV

    Very Good piece, Tony. I wanted to wait till I read the second part before commenting but now, I can’t wait for the final part. Spot-on mate.

  9. don’t believe the hype

    Excellent articles. I can’t wait for part 3.

  10. Terence McGovern

    Words escape as to how much venomous hatred I have for international football.

    Walcott injured but England are fine. He should just about be fit for when they need him to get crocked again so the FA can line their pockets.

    I was watching it online on a netbook which is now in smithereens in the corner.

    I am fucking sick of it.
    2 starts 4 goals and thanks to international football out injured.

    A week or so ago as the end of the transfer window I suggest on ACLF that we were actually light in the attack department given RVP has just got injured and the NB52 had one of those mysterious injuries that could take anything from a few weeks to forever to cure. I pointed out that were were potentially one injury short of a crisis.

    I was laughed out the gate for suggesting that for the money Huntelaar would be a nice acquisition.

    I was laughed out the gate.

    Not so much now i’m thinking.

  11. Jonny

    I feel your pain Terence – it’s just so predictable and so upsetting. Maybe, however, we have to accept Walcott is yet another injury prone player? It all looked rather innocuous and could have equally happened playing for The Arsenal. Obviously it hurts all the more when it happens on International duty but in this instance it isn’t as though he was ‘taken out’ – he just twisted his ankle.

    The sickening thing is that he was just starting to look like the real thing. Let’s hope it isn’t serious and that this is not the start of another series of injuries.

    In spite of this I’m not sure Huntelaar would have been the answer – he hasn’t impressed for anyone for a looong time and that is clearly why he was available at such a knock down price – I feel we should have sufficient cover with Chamahk, Vela, Arshavin & JET.

    I hope Wenger now has faith in Vela, gives him a run in the team, and that he starts to fulfil the promise we have heard so much about. TBH, if not, then questions have to be asked why we are keeping him and what for.

  12. A Casual Observer

    Hmm – I thought it looked like he got caught by the defender… my stream is a little blocky though and I only saw one angle.


  13. Terence McGovern

    If that ankle is twisted I would hate to twist mine any time soon.

    That ankle is FUBAR’d unless theo has a genetically superior joint that allows it to ‘bend’ at a complete right angle to the verticle bones in his leg.
    There is a picture up on other sites showing this clearly as a defender catches him on his standing leg(sound familiar) off the ball I might add.

    Rooney scored though so all the pundits are happy and already waxing lyrical about Adam Johnson because who cares about walcott now that he is of no further use.

    Imagine a sport where they could ring you up, confiscate your aston martin, drive the shit out of it around silverstone and other circuits globally and then hand it back crashed with instructions to please see if you could have it repaired in time for the next race.

    Until National Federations are made financially accountable for the medical and wage upkeep for players injured on international duty for the duration of their injury, there will simply be endless pointless internationals.

    The clubs should grow some balls over this and take them to the European court for sports arbitration.

  14. A Casual Observer

    ^ Terence – I linked the picture above ^

  15. Jonny

    Fair enough that looks worse than I first thought.

    I actually ‘went over’ on mine in a similar fashion 6 months ago and it’s still not right now. I can run on it but striking a football would be out of the question.

    Hard to say from a still but unless it is worse than that picture suggests I would guess with extensive rehab we could be optimistically talking 2-4 months.

    Interestingly enough the doctors told me I would have been better off just breaking it.

    You are dead right about the attitude of the commentators – they really did not give a fuck. I was thoroughly incensed.

  16. Terence McGovern

    Cheers mate. Makes for depressing viewing eh

    Looks like JET who apparently scored tonight against blackburn reserves in a 4 3 win is going to get his chance on the right of an attacking 3.

  17. A Casual Observer

    Just showed the picture to my missus… I always consult her whenever a football injury comes on telly and most of the time she diagnoses it on the spot and most of the time she is right. She’s a physio (peadiatric) but still had to do all the anatomy.

    Anyway. Broken ankle – hope she’s wrong and it’s a hyper extension, but that will have it’s own problems and cause reoccuring injury for a long time after.

    So – ‘bollocks’ I think the word is.

    My commentators are all talking chinese – which is actually better than Sky.

  18. walter

    I better shut up because if I had to speak out what I was thinking one could write an article about the use of bad language on Untold Arsenal and that it should have a banner that warns people to stay out if you don’t like bad language.

    F****************************** c***ts ****$%£*%¨*
    Sh*t, S$it, *hit, Shi*, and over again….

  19. A Casual Observer

    It’s ok Walter… Rooney scored so all is right with the world!

  20. walter

    What next? Vela coming back late and injured from Mexico….


  21. Fedda

    v.Persie out for at least 6 weeks with the ankle injury. Clichy, Diaby and Sagna played 90mins and Fabregas 57mins (friendly).

  22. walter

    Well it will be interesting to see how we have survived the international break when it comes to injuries and to compare this with the other teams…

  23. Jonny

    The early news seems to be no break – but as ACO says hyper- extension can bring it’s own problems. I can concur – sometimes I wonder of my ankle will ever feel fully the same again.

    Still it will all depend on severity and how well he responds to treatment – no two people or injuries are the same.

    Sadly nothing about RVP will surprise me any more – such a shame – it’s just one thing after another.

    Between injuries, tiredness from playing and (in some cases) jet lag the Bolton match will be far from easy this weekend.

    Should we fail to win we can expect the AAA to be out in force. :0P

    I would so love it if JET steps up to the plate and has a great game.

  24. Adam

    I do think in years to come many a book will be written about Wenger, Not very often does a person come along that has such an immense impact within their chosen field. Wenger is a very constructive and artistic man whom would have been a great success in whatever endeavours he chose to undertake.

  25. Arsene Apprentice


    You all seem to think AW will leave at some point? I humbly disagree! This question has yet to be answered: Is it in AW to just pick up and leave? I know he has stated the obvious many times. What is that you ask? He doesn’t want to manage of course past a certain age.. But, don’t you think it is in his inner parts to be associated with Arsenal forever (until his last breath)? All the things he has built and all of BS media and UK have forsaken him for wouldn’t he just stay and see things out?

  26. Q8 Gooner

    Very insightful.
    I was a regular reader of Le Grove, Avenell Road and the like and I actually got infected with the hatred they had for Wenger. I even started writing and sharing similar thoughts on one major Arabic Arsenal forum. However, that feeling for Wenger started to vanish gradually as I got to read your blog Tony.

    Your (and your wonderful team) articles have had my eyes open on things I could never see mainly for I was as I said a regular on AAA sites. Now I don’t think your blog has really gone over the top in praising Wenger for I think he is not getting a praise that he does not deserve.

    You have every right to give the man the credit for almost everything at the club; the financial situation, the world wide reputation, the academy, the Arsenal way, the scouting network, etc. It is about time only and we’ll see Arsenal a club that will dominate UK and EU.

    It would be an honour if I can meet you next time I am in UK. Can’t wait for part 3, and forgive my English.

    • Tony

      Q8 – I get to Arsenal quite early for most games – because I travel from the Midlands to London and have to allow for bad traffic. Just email me when are coming over and we’ll try and meet up.

  27. MustafaB

    You better write this in a book because I’m going to buy it! 😀

  28. Filip

    Great article. I am just curious what Wenger`s theory about injured players actually is.Can you write an article about it as well ?

  29. GoonerForLife
  30. Tony

    The final part is now on the site and there are links to all three parts on the home page http://www.blog.emiratesstadium.info

    As the man says in the stadium when announcing the crowd, “Thank you for your support”


  31. A Casual Observer

    LOL – Tony, me too – I’ll wave at you as I’m belting it down the M40… I’m near Ludlow – up until a year ago I was living in Holloway N7 and it was 5 minutes from sofa-to-seat – still got the residents permit though!


  32. Egbert

    Good website.

    The rest of this email didn’t seem to have anything to do with the article – but I thought I’d leave the first two words in. Tony.

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