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May 2022
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May 2022

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Premier League Betting and Odds

How Arsenal got into this mess, and the one thing they must now do.

By Tony Attwood

Slowly, very slowly, there are a few people in the media who are starting to consider the wider issue of the Kroenkes influence on Arsenal in recent years. The issue that is slowly, very slowly, being raised is, is the downturn in Arsenal’s fortunes of late due to poor management by […]

As Arsenal sink lower changing the manager again is not the answer

By Tony Attwood

And so we have now had the first suggestion that we should get rid of Mr Arteta and bring in… Brendon Rodgers. That’s the media’s idea of course, I’ve no idea what other Arsenal fans think of it. Not something I’d like to see.

But it goes on and on. We got […]

Another Arsenal put down: why do journalists hate us so much?

By Tony Attwood

The journalists don’t exactly say that we are a lower form of life, but there is constantly something within the way in which they describe fans that suggests that we are, as a group, of low intelligence, limited attention span, and lacking in any ability to understand, discuss, debate, consider…

We are […]

Are Arsenal really awful at holding onto talented youngsters?

by Tony Attwood

There has been of late a growing number of attacks upon Arsenal over its transfer policy. And one regular line of this assault concerns the allowing of young players to leave. Players who then go on and have a great future with another club – Serge Gnabry is often quoted in this […]

Deluded Arsenal fans shamelessly exploited by misleading publisher

By Tony Attwood

Untold Updates videos

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There seems to be no end of ways in which websites, newspapers and broadcasters can mislead – but seizing hold of comments by two or three supporters which are simply untrue, and then republishing them as if […]

And so now we know what their victory looks like

By Tony Attwood

And so now we know. Just as our ancestors allowed the Hill-Wood family and their allies to force out Henry Norris – the man with the vision of a club owned by its members, and with the best manager in the land – so our generation has allowed that combination of journalists […]

France, Rio, Russia, corruption, strikes, cheating, implosion, health risks, terror. Just a coincidence really.

By Tony Attwood

Huge gatherings of sports fans for international events. Great fun. Big TV event. Why not?

Well, if the current round of huge gatherings is anything to go by, the answer is because they can be rather troublesome.

We have the Euros in France organised by Uefa, a body that is renowned for […]

The protest from the NBL – much ado about nothing

By Blacksheep

I was at the game with Tony but (as he said in the last post) seated downstairs in the North Bank Lower tier. I didn’t count the A4 cards but it wasn’t many and Tony has a better view than me.

There were a few directly behind me but they moan most weeks […]

Don’t shoot the messenger but we’re in a funk

By Blacksheep

Those that know me (not that many of course) or that have read things I’ve written before (a few more perhaps) will [hopefully] be aware that I’m quite a positive person when it comes to most things including Arsenal. I’m pleased to contribute to this blog because it supports the club, the team […]

Arsenal v Burnley: you don’t win things with kids, you don’t win without kids


By Bulldog Drummond

Burnley were relegated from the Premier League and are now looking to come back up, so an FA Cup run is not the primary thing on their mind – promotion is much more important, as is not getting anyone injured at this stage of the season. The income […]

Gunners vs Villains: five of the best (and worst) and a new hero emerges

By Blacksheep

Today was a five star performance from the Arsenal against a Villa side that might need to readjust to life in the Championship if they can’t get their act together soon. But I’ll leave the match report to Walter when he gets back from leading Arsenal Belgium to the Emirates.

I experienced 5 […]

Le philosophe et le professeur: looking though Arsène Wenger’s eyes

By Le Mouton Noir Soixante-trois


One of the constant brickbats hurled at our illustrious manager is that he supposedly only sees incidents on the pitch he wants to see and conveniently ignores those dubious decisions that work in Arsenal’s favour.

Indeed in 2009 the ever reliable Daily Mirror wrote a whole piece entitled “I […]

“Nightmare scenario” scare mongers fail to grasp fundamentals

By Tony Attwood

I have just read an article in which it is suggested that Arsenal may well be heading the way of Liverpool, and that unless the manager is changed that is where the club is likely to end up.

It is an interesting proposition, and one that requires some analysis.

Liverpool FC were […]

“You don’t know what you’re doing…”

By Phil Gregory

Nope not Arsene Wenger, but Matt Law who is apparently the Chief Football Writer at the Mirror and recently penned a bit of a hatchet job on Wenger.

Thanks to the wonders of the web, I had the dubious pleasure of reading his critique (you wouldn’t catch me dead reading the Mirror) […]

The non-striker heading for the all time goal scoring record. Wenger does it again.

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“Making the Arsenal” – is available on Amazon, Arsenal on line, the Woolwich Arsenal site and in the Arsenal store.



By Walter Broeckx

Robin Van Persie couldn’t score. Robin Van Persie is not a striker. Robin Van Persie is too soft. Robin […]

Norwich / Arsenal – all the things they might have said, but the agenda won’t let them

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“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s rebirth


Tony Attwood reflects on the way the broadcast media reacted to our win at Carrow Road.

Played 12, won 10, drawn 1, lost 1 is not a bad headline but you would have struggled […]

Untold at the AGM; what Mr Wenger really said

—————————————– The Christmas gift for the fan with (almost) everything —————————————–


Arsene’s Speech at the AGM


After hearing Arsene’s speech at the AGM in full, I decided that it should be transcribed and submitted (slightly edited) as a full article. Overall, Arsene touched on many relevant issues that are discussed regularly on this […]

Do we need for a defensive coach, or not?


The Christmas gift for the fan with (almost) everything


By Walter Broeckx

We know that one of the things that some part of the fans throw at Wenger is the fact that he can’t organise a defence. And that he is stubborn. And then they come up with the […]

Mr Wenger is worth between £100m and £400m to Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal are the only leading club in the Premier League to make money from buying and selling players during the years of foreign ownership (which we take to mean since Roman Abramovich at Chelsea).

Since 2003/04, Arsenal have received £21 million more than they have spent, and this is a figure that […]

If Mr Wenger went, would anyone take the job?

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History of Arsenal with a new series on the Rioch year, and onto the Wenger years.

Making the Arsenal – the book of Arsenal death and rebirth

By […]

The mini league table – Arsenal on top

By Walter Broeckx

One of the big issues in recent seasons was our form in the top games.

Pundits and a lot of fans blamed Arsenal and Wenger for not winning the top games. And this was in their eyes the reason for Arsenal not winning things.

So after all the top 4 games being […]

Let us try to be critical

By Walter Broeckx

After the Stoke game someone asked us to be critical for Wenger. Saying things like: It won’t be the end of the world if you also highlight the mistakes he has made over the last decade.

So after my evening training of some 6 km (because I have to be in good […]

Groundhog Season: where did it all go wrong?

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Groundhog Season

By Sammy The Snake

Writing something positive about Arsenal is a real challenge these days. As some of you may have noticed, and most of you haven’t, I’ve been quiet for some time. As the saying goes, if […]

The difference between what is said and what is meant

By Walter Broeckx

Here we go again. What is the matter with some part of our fans? Do they have no brains? Or are they just like me from other parts of the world where English is not their mother language and so they misunderstand things?

But even I as a non-English speaker can grab […]

Arsène Wenger has three hands – don’t let the media fool you.

Arsène Wenger has three Hands!!!

By Paul Blythe

The Phrygian sage Epictetus said: ‘Everything has two handles, one by which it can be carried and a second by which it cannot’.

There may even be a third handle, often not in clear view and the major problem being you need a third hand […]