Having a laugh: Arsenal consider signing Indian ball control genius. (Warning, contains humour)

By Brickfield Gunners

Having been an avid reader of this blog form almost from the beginning of its inception ; and also being a very occasional contributor of articles, but a regular commentator here , I have observed first hand the gradual mental decline of many Arsenal fans and the anguish and the utter confusion of some other readers on this fine blog.

While I also observe that many simply just don’t have the maturity and intelligence to understand the various issues that beset the Arsenal, there is an alarming number who are simply going off the rails . It is to this latter group that I would like to offer my help . While I’m neither a certified psychiatrist nor a psychologist, I feel that I am certifiable in other ways! After all, my motto is, and always been “Medicine is the best laughter!”

Many of the more older and regular followers of the blog may remember that I was the self appointed Director of The Medical Division of UA, where I used to post humourous articles and jokes almost daily in my noble efforts to keep up the spirits of Untolders . This was the period when Arsenal were not winning anything, and that stupid media mantra of ‘ X number of years without a trophy’ count was on going .

And not forgetting those Black Scarf Movement, the Black Baggers and ‘ARSENE OUT ‘ printed posters clowns were trying to derail us.  Sometimes I do regret that I did not try to reach out to them then  and help them in understanding their stupidity, but I was laughing so hard at them, watching them wallow in their crap.

I feel that now is a very opportune time for me to get back to basics, and offer my services to those who would seek it . Please do write in to Brickfields Gunners c/o Untold Arsenal , or just ask you questions and queries on any of the posts, and I will get back to you soonest. I am sure that some of our more qualified Untolders will chip in with the benefit of their wisdom . And humour! I will try to make it a weekly forum to answer all your doubts and misconceptions .

To start it all off we have an intriguing query from an older fan , who was pleasantly shocked , but thrilled by this clip on YouTube – watch it here.  And here is a hint.  It gets very funny after the one minute marker.

His question is – “This cow playing football , its close ball control and running off and with the ball , and its haughty stance over the ball reminds me so much of Cliff ‘Boy ‘ Bastin , the former Arsenal legend of the thirties . Am I just going senile, imagining things or is there really life after death, ie reincarnation ? ‘

I truly don’t know how to answer this . But having seen ‘The field of dreams’, and it being one of my favourite films, I like to think that there is truly an Arsenal Heaven , and that those loyal fans amongst us will get to watch our legends parade and display their skills , and reward us with great entertainment there.

But I will leave it here for now, and hope that someone could answer this gentleman’s question. Nicky ?

Keep those questions coming .

Cheers !
Brickfields Gunners

PS  from Tony: Just in case you want to watch it again and don’t want to be bothered with running the tape back to the beginning here is the video of the cow for a second time.

What do you mean you don’t have to rewind?  You do on my equipment!

9 Replies to “Having a laugh: Arsenal consider signing Indian ball control genius. (Warning, contains humour)”

  1. I’m sure there must be a joke in there about having two left feet which some “fans” could readily use about one or two of our players!

  2. OT: Article at Arsenal.com

    When I read articles at Arsenal.com, there are no pictures. they are all just white rectangles.

    Who is this Carly Wilde?

  3. OT: Article at Arsenal.com

    So there is no reason I might recognize this person, if I could see the images that were in the article?

    Why I ask, is that I too am affected by autism (I have Asperger’s Syndrome). I am high functioning. Things like family gatherings are starting to “bother” me because of all the noise.

  4. Fotballs being usually being made of cowhide , could the said cow sense or smell an old friend , a family member or an old love, reincarnated in the ball ?

    Is there a 3 eyed raven – yes,you Bran!,a shaman, a witch doctor, a bomoh , or someone of the ilk solce this mystery ?

  5. Having played golf frequently on a course where cows were permitted to graze, soft pats were a constant hazard.
    I have no real love for an animal who cannot control it’s natural urges…..especially when it’s connected to my golf ball.

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