Newcastle v Arsenal: the teams and the boycott

By Bulldog Drummond


The news that arose at the start of the weekend was that Mesut Özil and Sead Kolasinac had been withdrawn from the squad over fears for their security. 

With Hector Bellerin not back for a while yet many commentators are suggesting Ainsley Maitland-Niles will be at right-back.

David Luiz is thought by many not to be ready until the Burnley game, while Kieran Tierney is said to be out for around six weeks as he recovers from surgery.

Mavropanos who has been mentioned in dispatches by the manager, will be out of action for up to eight more weeks as he battles a recurrence of the groin problem which plagued him last season.

Here’s the Guardian’s reading of the situation….


Maitland Niles   Luiz  Chambers  Monreal

Guendouzi   Xhaka Torreira


Aubameyang  Lacazette

That would leave them with a beach made up of Martínez, Pépé, Sokratis, Mustafi, Nelson, Willock, and Martinelli

The Express came up with this line up


Maitland Niles  Luiz  Sokratis  Monreal

Xhaka Torreira

Mkhitaryan Willock Nelson


FoLo are also telling us that not only can we still sell some men but we are allowed to sign free agents despite the door “slamming shut” (it always slams shut, although I am not too sure if FoLo used that phrase this time – but I thought I would just throw it in just for old times sake).

They say Ceballos might get a run out as a sub but then so could Guendouzi and Joe Willock – although they are not putting Willock in the starting line up as the Express have done.

Meanwhile Talk Sport have made their position clear by saying “It will be a very competitive race for third and fourth but I suspect Manchester United and Tottenham will beat Arsenal and Chelsea to it.”

Bergkampesque tried a different route


Maitland Niles Sokratis Chambers Monreal

Xhaka  Willock/Torreira

Pepe Ceballos Nelson


One interesting twist sees the Daily Star quoting Football London as the source of its team prediction.   Where will it end?  According to our man in Downing Street Michael Gove is set to be referee, saying, “It is essential the officials are clear that we are leaving the European Union at half time.”  Or something like that.

NUFCBlog has “Boycott Arsenal.  Everything you need to know.  Timings, protests and where to watch the match.”   But just to be clear, they have nothing against us.  How could they after 2011?  With a quick nod to the referee..

And the Daily Mirror has a “provisional” squad for the game of 

Leno, Martinez, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Luiz, Papastathopoulos, Chambers, Monreal, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Torreira, Elneny, Willock, Ceballos, Mkhitaryan, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli.

Which by and large is total nonsense.

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  1. From the Daily Mail:

    XI: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Sokratis, Monreal, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Willock, Nelson, Aubameyang.

    Subs: Ceballos, Lacazette, Torreira, Pepe, Luiz, Martinez, Gabriel Martinelli

    With Martin Atkinson in the middle, I think we are likely to find Arsenal players in need of treatments, and Newcastle will likely not be penalised for kicking us.

  2. 13 minutes in, and the only foul commited is by Arsenal. At least according to Atkinson.


  3. Newcastle

    2 bookable fouls: Nothing


    1 bookable foul: Guess what?

    Same old same old.

  4. Some shirt pulling is allowed by PGMOL specially if it against Arsenal. VAR sees what it wants.

  5. Goal kick with opponent in the box? I was under the impression that opponent had to be outside for a goal kick.

  6. I thought that was adjusted rule. An attacking player could be in the box for that kick, but cannot interfere with play? But, as is typical – I am just reading commentary.


  7. Mkhi still asleep. Miss pass after miss pass and kicks for a conversion.

    Maitland Niles getting fouled incessantly but Atkinson just lets it all go.

    Arsenal top of the league already for fouls not given.

  8. Proper nasty challenge on AMN looked over the top foot left in, no re run at all. Phantom corner after shelvey hit post. Atkinson is disgraceful

  9. Yes our 2 bookings were warranted. So Atkinson is refereeing to the letter of the law.

    A blatant shirt pull. Definite yellow card.

    Arsenal player away on the wing gets shoved off the field. Professional foul. Definite yellow card.

    No cards. WTF

    And not a dicky bird from either commentator.

    Worse, when AMN gets fouled yet again they say “sometimes all you can do is smile”.

    Look, I know we’re not playing great but our performance is a different conversation.

    But already, match day one, and as usual how we are refereed compared to our opponent is as if we’re playing to 2 different sets of rules.

    An absolute joke.

  10. @markyb,

    I’m sure the pundits will explain that all of Mr Atkinson’s decisions are entirely within the newest iteration of the rules. After all he isn’t that kind of referee is he.


  11. the refereeing is awfull
    NC should allready been booked twice at least
    the attacks on AMN unpunished
    no wonder team play with full confidence against Arsenal if they can knock us around without repercussions

  12. Was Arsenal fortunate to hold fort when Joelintion twice threatened to score in the 1st half? Should Auba’ learn to beat the offside traps in the 2nd half if he’s to make a positive impression in the match for Arsenal? Iwobi is off to Everton, but how far has Nelson shown in the game for Arsenal that he’s capable of stepping into the shoes of Iwobi at the left wing? I expect Emery to introduce Martinelli into the game in the 2nd half to replace Nelson. And Ceballos be brought on for Guandouzi?

  13. rondejonge

    “no wonder team play with full confidence against Arsenal if they can knock us around without repercussions”

    That and the way we just know any slight mistiming of a tackle by our lads, even without contact as we’ve already seen today, and we’re in the book.

    I’ve suggested both of these have contributed tour poor away form.

    Get in !!!!!

  14. Another bookable foul.

    Again no booking. Again not a word from Smith

    We may be one up but it seems nothing changes.

  15. Anther shirt pull. No booking.

    Bad foul on Mika. No booking.

    STILL nothing from either commentator.

    This is getting beyond a joke.

    Whats the odds he books a couple of Newcastle players when either the games over or the last 10 mins.

  16. An away win anywhere is good.

    Winning with so many out injured.

    Winning when not playing great.

    An awayday clean sheet.

    All positives.

    Mihka and Xhaka giving the ball away on a frighteningly regular basis…not so good.

    Just a word for Monreal. Again quietly went about his business with an almost faultless display. His enthusiasm is infectious.

    So glad he’s still with us. Love the guy.

  17. Very happy… our first game… away from home…never expected a clean sheet!
    Always lush hearing 1-0 to the Arsenal!
    Well done boys – brilliant result!

  18. Interesting listening to the last 10 minutes of the game on BBC Radio 5 just to see what they were up to – very positive comments about Xhaka. What’s going on?

  19. What Nitram said.

    I just have to add:

    in the last two official games we haven’t been able to count on three important players respectively because of their nationality (Mkhitaryan) and the fact they avoided robbery (Kolasinac & Özil). That’s beyond bizarre.

  20. Sue

    “Always lush hearing 1-0 to the Arsenal!”

    I always love to hear those golden oldies as well !!!

  21. WOO HOO , HOO ! 3 points , a clean sheet and an away win. Well done , guys.
    Up the Gunners !

  22. The media and Arsenal fans were united in choosing the best team for this game. Where as I think it possible the team for this game and our home game against Burnley are with reference to games 3 and 4, away at Liverpool and home to spuds.

    Liverpool were streets ahead of us in their match preparation and and as Villa tired so spuds showed what they are capable of. We have one more game in which to reach their level and fend of two thrashings.

    But for one Newcastle mistake the score might have stayed at 0-0. I take nothing from great play by Niles a great cross and PEA, his ball control was special .

  23. Arsenal13 and Nicky

    In the news in the last week or so, was a note that even in recovering from surgery, Tieren had outjumped Aubameyang (I believe) in the vertical jump. Tieren had done 55cm to Aubemeyang (if my memory is working) doing 53cm.

    I have no idea if the vertical jump Arsenal is talking about, is the same vertical jump that basketball and Olympic lifters (snatch, clean and jerk) are doing.

    I think the biggest numbers I’ve seen for vertical jump for Olympic lifters are around 112cm (44 inches). By and large, these are big people and not built for speed. But, as a byproduct of such large vertical jump results; they will typically beat the best 100m runners on a 10m race.

  24. Atkinson gave up the struggle for fairness a long time ago, his bias unchallenged by doubt, self-reflection, his employers, commentators. The game passed him by, the shirt tugging so continentally dirty and foreign he barely blinked a response. Arsenal were to be traduced, the PGMOL were to shine in the rain. He had his instructions so deeply hewn he never gave the impression he saw two games were being played, and he was backing the loser.

    A good win. Chambers impressive, much matured, much more decisive. Monreal solid. A goal of such luxury the taste of it lasts for hours – the first day of the new season a classic goal. I would have been content with a toepoke stab a yard out to win, as would Aub, who does whatever is necessary.

  25. People at the blogosphere thinking we have done brilliantly at the TW sigingng Pepe Luiz and Cabelos and get riding of Ramsey Mustafi and Iwobi etc will soon find out that we are weaker than last year.
    A weakened Chelsea and a stagnant Manu may give us a chance to get into top4 but people prausing the management for doing good biz will soon be dumbfounded.
    Letting Ramsey go alone will prove fatal for Arsenal forrunes this year.
    The idiots at Arseblog Aftv Legroan etc who think Raul and Emery can outsmart AW at TW and the touchline will fail miserably as they failed last year as I predicted at numerous occasions on this blog.

  26. A good hard fought win and a clean sheet to boot.Well done Arsenal.” Some things never change on this site as sure as nigh follow day and they are that all the referees are against us and that we would be better still under Wenger..

  27. Zedsaunt

    The double standards that Atkinson applied with his bookings was so pronounced as to be unmissable yet I didn’t hear either commentator make a single reference to it.

    It’s as if they’ve been told ‘if Arsenal are being screwed just ignore it’

    I don’t know if it was mentioned post match or on MOTD2 because I didn’t watch, but I’d be amazed if it was.

    That performance from Atkinson and the subsequent acceptance of it from the ‘pundits’ does not bode well for the future.

  28. nick

    Atkinson cheating and you being happy with it.

    Yep you’re right, nothing ever changes on this site.

  29. nick

    And it’s ONE person who has said he thinks we’d be better off with Wenger. ONE.

  30. And show me one comment that says ALL referees are against us.

    Please feel free to exaggerate make stuff up.

    And if you’re not, be sure to list ALL the guys who’ve said ALL the referees are against us and ALL the guys who’ve said we’d be better off with Wenger.

    Shouldn’t take you long.

    PS I’m not ‘abusing’ you, simply asking you to justify what you have said.

    Have a nice day 😊

  31. Sorry I couldn’t write a match report as I was not at home but could still see the match.
    We may have VAR but Atkinson is still a Mr. Bean at the whistle performing Blackadder VI. Sorry Rowan for linking your name to Martin…

    So we won despite Atkinson but we didn’t play good but that can improve when we have all our players fit and ready to play. PEA is worth his weight in gold and looking forward to see him line up on the same field with Pepe and Lacazette.

  32. Walter

    Apparently according to some Atkinson’s performance was perfectly acceptable.

    Maybe we were watching a different match, either that or we should just put up with that kind of performance and not say a dickybird?

    Personally, win lose or draw I will never stop calling these pigmob muppets out for the cheats they are whenever they put in displays of such blatant bias.

    If others are happy to accept it that’s up to them.

  33. Rosicky , you have to get over it for your own sake . Wenger has gone and just as I have got over the loss of managers and players going back to Jack Crayston . I thought my world had ended when Joe Baker left but it didn’t and Arsenal just as it did then went on . Could be that Emery will turn out to be another Billy Wright or a Terry Neill but also he might have the organisation of Bertie Mee or the footballing nous of George Graham .Time will tell , that’s what makes it interesting.

  34. @Walter – what are the changes with regards to Goal kicks?

    Why is VAR not independant from the PGMOL?

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