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  1. James LeBlanc

    Another classic let’s label the headline of a negative newspaper article with ARSENAL! ………. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/former-arsenal-striker-convicted-stalking-19912880

    Arsenal appearances 0
    Celtic appearances 135


  2. Nitram


    What a great example.

    In reality that story has absolutely nothing to do with Arsenal yet the Mirror simply can’t resist an opportunity to put Arsenal into a negative headline.

    I think people who write this sort of thing off as unimportant simply don’t understand how this constant drip drip drip of negativity aimed at us seeps into the pyschi.

    No matter how ludicrous something may seem if you repeat it often enough it becomes the reality.

    It’s how propaganda works because it’s how the mind works.


  3. Mikey

    Stokes has actually been on the books of 10 clubs in the UK (including loans). The only one he never made a first team appearance for was us. And people wonder why Arsenal supporters moan about the treatment we get from the media!


  4. Jesse James

    Here’s an idea for anyone who likes to write and wishes to start off their own bloggetta:
    A soccer bloggetta that calls out the crazy media and blogs. Plenty to work with here. Can be done without advertising a support for Arsenal, yet many of the pieces featured will be about Arsenal.


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