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  1. Mark Mywords

    Buying a player who is injured is not that unusual. Think Kanu and Marc Overmars. I’m sure if you looked at the medical records of professional footballers, you would see that most are carrying one thing or another. Celtic wanted the money up front. Again, any business would want the same. Wouldn’t you? Apparently, Arsenal have been following the boy for a number of years and was prepared to stump up the cash, which was low by today’s standards. It doesn’t seem that Tierney was angling for a move or being disruptive, so Celtic stuck to their guns (no pun). All in all, a pretty routine bit of business. Where’s the mystery?

  2. Robert

    “There might be things wrong at Arsenal (indeed there are things wrong in my opinion, as I have tried to point out myself on occasion) but the net spend on players since the debt for the stadium was paid off, has not been one of them.”

    This isn’t the first time you’ve claimed the stadium debt has been paid off. It hasn’t.

    Quoting Swiss Ramble: “Arsenal had £217m debt remaining in 2018 with the majority only due to be repaid in 2029 (£50m in 2031).”

  3. Zhord

    “..something that makes Arsenal Supporters’ Trust’s claim of a limit of £40m or £45m for the summer of 2019 not just wrong in itself, but historically bonkers.” No offence but you keep repeating this. We know that already and I’m sure everyone who believed it will not fall for something similar next time. What you’ve never mentioned is the other issues AST raised in the open letter. I really would like to know what your opinion is as regards those.

  4. Tony Ikpo

    The other issues raised in the letter include indifference to supporters by the owners, lack of communication or truthful communication by the management and a request to the owners to sell their stake in the Arsenal to other people who may be willing to match the spending of other clubs with their own funds.
    Mr Attwood has severally addressed these.issues. YOU CANNOT FORCE Mr Stan to sell his stake in what is actually private property! Fans support the club. They don’t own it. While it is nice to hear from the owners from time to time, they do not owe anyone that obligation. Fans always have the choice to withdraw their support anytime, for any reason . Finally, the club heirachy are obligated to address the public at the end of every financial when it is publicly owned. Now however, Mr Stan owns 100% of Arsenal so………..!
    As fans let’s support our club and make suggestions to help better the club we so love . We must also learn to manage some of our expectations concerning the management of the club because we supporters are not owners.

  5. Gideone

    Thank you @ Tony Ikpo. Succinctly put.

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