Why the media are desperate to see Liverpool thump Arsenal next weekend.

By Tony Attwood

If ever proof were needed that the media really does like to knock Arsenal but finds it nigh on impossible to be positive about the club we only have to look at the coverage of Arsenal these last few weeks. 

By way of background we might remember that last season when Arsenal lost the first two games, everywhere one turned there was shock and horror followed by raging stories about how Arsenal were 17th (league tables endlessly printed) and more than likely to lose the third game (against West Ham) and that the last time Arsenal lost the opening three was…. Well, different writers disagreed as to when it was that Arsenal lost the opening three, but it was maybe 50 years ago.  Or perhaps 70.  Or maybe 90.  Anyway it was lots.

Of course as it happened, Arsenal did not lose the third game at the start of 2018/19, and instead went on a rather nifty unbeaten run that lasted almost until Christmas.  The shock-horror stories had to be set aside for another day.

Then having put the club down week after week after week, the media waited with festering anticipation for the start of this season.   For having been made to look utter mugs by giving mass publicity to the story from the Arsenal Supporters Trust, Black Scarf, Arseblog and others, that Arsenal only had £40m to spend on transfer fees they have been desperate to let people forget how wrong they had been.  And two straight wins at the start of the campaign was the last thing the anti-Arsenal Arsenal wanted.

They did have another bash at Arsenal with the Iwobi tale, in which apparently Arsenal let him got for £25m less than they should have got (forgetting that some negativists had been saying Arsenal should just give him away as the player was so awful.)   At first it was suggested that deficit had only £20m, or was it £15m, or maybe nothing since the whole story was based on a notional value for Iwobi, nothing more.  And besides we really had been told he should be sold for nothing.  But based on the notion that their readers are idiots with the memory span of a gnat, same papers took our loss up and up.

Also there was the ongoing story that we were stupid in not having sold Mustafi.  And then suddenly it appeared that we were crazy for letting Reine-Adelaide go when any moron could have seen that he was worth £millions…    With as ever, no one ever bothering to research how many players other top teams have let go from their youth setup who later became superstars elsewhere.

Oh and in case you missed it, the result was Aston Villa 1-5 Arsenal U-18s 

And that is the point – no one does proper research.  That is the point that we raised concerning the AST moaning and whining about the empty seats at the stadium, as much as we did about their nonsense of a £40m budget for transfers which was researched by their accountant – who I trust has now been sacked.   How many empty seats are there actually, and how does this compare with other stadia?   They haven’t bothered to do the research, but well, maybe that’s for the best as the answer would probably have been 65,000. 

Then the point is raised – why does Untold bang on and on and on about it?   And the answer is simple – because very few other people do – it is why we are “Untold”.   The negative stories are here day after day after day – often with blogs and papers running two or three such tales a day  (or in FoLo’s case one every half hour), but when Untold runs a positive story, we are the ones who get rubbished!

So with Arsenal winning the first two games of this season, it was perhaps not surprising that no one in the media or on the blogs made much of it.  Two wins, so what?   

Of course there might be a temptation to say that this season was easy – we have played teams we were expected to beat.  Well, ok.  But if that is the case, surely there was no excuse for the mass celebrations in the media for our two defeats last year.   We had a new manager who had no previous experience of the English league and who was struggling with the language.   And we were playing two teams that were, at the time, seemingly stable top four clubs with access to absolute mountains of money, the likes of which Arsenal had never had.

If we lose next weekend it will come as a great relief to the media, for they will be able to forget the embarrasment of those childish “only £40m to spend” and change the tale to the fact that Arsenal spent £95m but still haven’t got a decent defence.   If we win away to Liverpool, even then it won’t be a joyous rebuilt Arsenal that is commented upon.   We will have ground out a result, and Liverpool, having played deep into the end of season with their Champions League final, and then being “forced” to play the traditional extra game for the winners, at the start of this season, were “tired”.

Also they didn’t spend as much in the transfer window as we did (forgetting what they spent the summer before).  

It’s a lose-lose situation for Arsenal.   

So, it seems, nothing much has changed.  Except this season we won the first two league games.  Which I rather enjoyed.

The top four…

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Liverpool 2 2 0 0 6 2 4 6
2 Arsenal 2 2 0 0 3 1 2 6
3 Manchester City 2 1 1 0 7 2 5 4
4 Brighton and Hove Albion 2 1 1 0 4 1 3 4


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  1. It’s pathetic is what it is all that nagative bashing is plain to see that the media is sacred of a dominant arsenal bullying the league like we did back in our glory days, Yet that is it they are very uncomfortable at just the idea of that happening we we’ll soon be putting opponents in a chock hold and blasting them in the face with the cannon

  2. Ha Ha thats the joy of being a gooner! You forget to add all the one sided decisions. Saturday a prime example, that odious Mike Dean giving us two yellows for inocuuous challengers. However Burnley seemed to go around like Burnley RFC fouling our players without caution. Dych moaning again, this time we appear to be falling over, despite the fact that he has sent his players onto the pitch to “ruffle” us up. Take what you want from that!

    I am afriad we seem to get the rough end of the stick on many, many occasions however we plough on. A joy to see one of the best debuts by any Arsenal player on Saturday. Dani was magnificent as was Joe Willock and Reiss Nelson. The futures bright, the futures RED and WHITE!!

  3. Well said lads.
    Always good to read your blogs. Haven’t heard much from Mourinho since his statement of why we needed Ceballos either. Liverpool will be a good test for the new look team
    Tony (cockney born aussie)

  4. The most positive thibg I cab say about the anti-Arsenal media is they are f****** scum

  5. Hi Mr Attwood,

    I like reading your intelligent take on how the media find ways to always have a slant against Arsenal no matter what they do.

    I know it is only banter, but many loosing supporters chant ‘same old Arsenal _ always cheating. Strange when Arsenal gave Sheffield, not sure which one now, I think it was united, another game to resolve an FA cup tie Arsenal had actually won. This came about when Arsenal scored a winning goal from a throw in by one of our new players, when, as a Sheffield player kicked it off, most probably so a player could receive treatment, as you know football etiquet states it should have been given back to Sheffield United.

    My point being: how many other teams would have done the same? I realise this is a question has no answer apart from assumption. This is also something the media did not like to talk about.

    But how many times have they Harper on about iggs running through the Arsena defence in that cup tie when all of the players were tired. I am not even sure if he ever did that again.

    Regards Drew. Sorry if I went on too !ong.

  6. Undeniable facts and forthright analysis. Thank you. However, one so far away in Africa would love to have an explicit explanation regarding this mountain of negative press about MY GUN_GUN_GUN. May the hateful cults perish. Go GO GO Gunners. Smash the egos of your haters.

  7. The media is scared of a resurgent Arsenal coz we leave them a bitter sweet taste in their mouths quite often,The referees have also ganged up,opposing teams can get away with breaking our players legs,no caution no card Xhaka’s case comes to mind here…Go gooners go.,,we are fighting the world.The canon reloaded!

  8. Good post tony. See this all the time in the media. You know what it is ? Jealousy. Plain and simple. Lot of it comes from ex players from our rivals over the years. Liverpool Man U etc. Specially pool ex players. Still sick over 89.always putting us down. Who won the league at spurs pool and Man U. We did. Cause we’re a class club. Onwards and upwards. Sod em. COYG.

  9. Just to add perspective perhaps, I have an American friend who is a Swansea city supporter. He is no longer posted on some of their fan forum sites as he usually suggests positivity and temperance when offering critique of their games or players. Whilst the media negativity may be specific to the Arsenal, we are not alone in having fans who seek discontent amongst the fan base. I can’t help but to think they would not be particularly happy with any aspects of their lives. I am an Arsenal supporter because I enjoy football, surely that should be everyone’s motivation. I would suggest to anyone who is just turning up to games just to moan and complain that I would gladly take their place at any match and vocally support the team as I do on those rare and special occasions when I can afford to go to a game.

  10. Love or hate VAR .it does have one positive for me.That is it should keep a close eye on the “ dodgy decisions” so often given negatively against us by the likes of Dean,Atkinson etc.Their bias has to be a lot more cautious now & they may not be able to get away with blatant game changing decisions as they’ve shamefully done in the past.Two exceptions being their discretion to issue cards as game changers & extra time working against us as should have had more or less.And yes opposition fans who trot out the same old tired chant of Arsenal always cheating lol! Really?yet our fans don’t respond? It may sound petty but really we should…..

  11. It is strange how the media report last year defeat. They fall in love with the word trash, trash, trash… But the truth was all about defensive mistakes and two soft penalties which certainly were not given had it been for the opposite side. Frankly Lacazette was denied a penalty as well. Long live VAR! VAR the savior of football. but again I expect Liverpool commit more fouls but arsenal get as twice yellow cards.

    As for young talents Arsenal fans are good in identifying young talents due to Wenger effect. The fans were furious when Gandry and monaco boy were sold. Fans were also furious about Nelson and chambers last season.

  12. I would personally enjoy it if the media keeps labeling us underdogs in everything as we continue to “grind out” results and then before they know it, like the Leicester City team of a few years back, they wake up to see us running away with the trophy under their noses

  13. It just another game nothing more with a maximum of three points on offer. Of course we would like to avoid defeat. What I feel is most important is continuous improvement in all departments including determination and a positive attitude; You can’t just switch on when its convenient and switch off when the going gets tough.

    One evidence from last season, Liverpool is even more convinced they are champions in waiting and one or two slip-ups from near-Perfect City is all the invitation they need. Well … .City have dropped points and Liverpool would love nothing more than to hold on to and even widen the two point gap.

    That’s the “mentality” we are up against next weekend

  14. Bad news sells! And with the globalization of the fan base of European clubs, especially English (EPL) sides, it is the intention to sow unrest and negativity amongst the fans, who willingly lap up the lies and/or dis (mis?)-information. Our fans did feel a bit entitled and needed someone (anyone) to corroborate their concerns and that’s where social media came in with blogs engaging in fantastic headlines for the ‘hits’, click-baiting gullible fans into believing the worst of our team and players; same fans will turn around wondering why we can’t “offload” our players or get good value for them.
    The fact Iwobi got such great value proves his haters wrong, but would they be willing to admit it?

    I feel the media should be prepared to lick its wounds over the next two games as I fully expect we can get a minimum 4 points from both. A draw at Liverpool will be welcome while a win will be a dream.

  15. Oops..:)


    19/08/2019 at 4:09 pm

    What about, Same old (team doing chant) always bleating.

    LOVE IT!!

  16. @Melto I agree to an extent. I don’t mind Arsenal being overlooked; I do mind Arsenal being slated. Perhaps I am splitting hairs but there is a difference in saying that Team A is a favourite and saying that Arsenal or Arsenal players are horrible. After all, if finishing fifth is horrible, what are the other 15 teams?

    As for the Liverpool match, the pressure is actually on Liverpool. They are the ones who think they have to win every match to keep pace with Man City. They are the ones playing at home – not us. They are the ones with the settled squad – not us. I actually think this will be a good match for us. It’s too bad that we have the injuries we have but it will be a good test for our youngsters and our new players won’t be kicked off the park. Game on!

  17. OT Manure get a goal against them and VAR looks at everything to rob Wolves of the goal.

    The amazing Moss books Neves for a challenge he didn’t see & lets Maguire off a very obvious foul.

    VAR what is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing.

  18. AS for players going down Dyche should see the Manure divers getting a foul for every ground breaker from Moss.

  19. The media constantly praise Chelski, Manure and the Spuds for playing young home grown English players but completely ignore the Gunners.
    Chambers, Holding, Willock, AMN, Nelson to name but 5 (with more to come). The bias against Arsenal continues.

    Dyche is just Tony Pulis MkII. He has schooled his team to kick lumps out of the Arsenal boys, because “they don’t like it up ’em”


  20. Why does Gary (the shithead) Neville have to slam exArsenal Alexis Sanchez? Why can’t Gary (the shithead) Neville slam current ManU Alexis Sanchez?

  21. VAR:

    Recently we have controversies about handball with VAR.

    Apparently, officials (such as the twits from 😈 Mike Riley’s PGMO) like to use “slow motion” to see if handball happened.

    If I had a robot set up to kick soccer balls in an indoor stadium (no outside/unpredictable air currents); I could (possibly) arrange things such that a “hairy” object (such as a person’s arm) could get arbitrarily close to the path of the ball. And possibly one could see if the ball hitting N hairs caused the path of the ball to change in a measurable way.

    If the change is not measurable; there is no point in calling handball. There is no way to prove contact had an effect on the trajectory.

    Wasn’t Sir Isaac Newton English? Surely he could shed some light on this?

    Let’s assume the hand of the player is motionless (motion complicates things; but doesn’t contradict what is to be presented).

    If we have frames of video at (nominally) equally spaced intervals of time; we can determine if the vector of the ball before and after the “collision” is different. And likewise; we should see that after the “collision”; the motionless arm is now rebounding from the collision with the ball.

    We don’t need to rely on some (PGMO idiot’s) _EXPERT_ opinion as to whether the hand touched the ball; the ball and the hand will tell us if the collision actually occurred.

    If there is no transfer of momentum in the collision; the collision didn’t happen.

    Classical mechanics (as outlined by Sir Isaac Newton) is all that is needed to solve this problem.

    Oh, The (sweet) FA; Sir Isaac Newton was English.


    Born: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, England
    Died: Kensington, Middlesex, England

  22. Oh, I don’t think Sir Isaac Newton was ever registered with The (sweet) FA as a player. So, it is possible that the The (sweet) FA will rule that Sir Isaac Newton was not “home grown”. And will then go on to suggest this means that he wasn’t English.

  23. I am ignoring a whole pile of complexity in this description, as video frames do not correspond to a single moment in time. The result is unchanged. Having some _IDIOT_ spend time looking for the 3 frames which surround the collision (as it is highly unlikely that any frame will actually show the collision) is a waste of time; Having the frames analysed to determine the motion of the ball and arm will show if a collision happened.

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