The craziest Arsenal headlines of the last few days, and one piece well worth reading

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Well, well, well, as they say at the watering hole, what have we here?  Another load of old bananas plus one piece that, even if you don’t agree with it, really does have a few thought provoking (as opposed to mind numbing) moments.

Of we go, and gibberish first…

1.  Arsenal fans are looking forward to one thing after finding out their Carabao Cup draw fate

Football.London is at it again with this one.  They told us…

“On Wednesday night, fate brought Jenkinson back to the forefront of Arsenal fans’ minds, as the Carbao Cup draw took place, with Arsenal picking up a home fixture against Jenkinson’s Nottingham Forest.

“Arsenal fans were quick to take to Twitter following the draw, and will hope to welcome home their “King” in under a month’s time.”

Really?  I mean, REALLY????

2: Arsenal suffer another injury to potential backup left-back amid Monreal sale

So reported the Daily Cannon perhaps having run out of ideas and so deciding to take one of FoLo’s crazy inventions.

Arsenal suffered another set-back in their left-back options (they told us) with u23 starter Tolaji Bola suffering an injury against Northampton. [Untold was at the game, we saw it happen, and we’re not too sure he is out for months… we shall see.]  And actually he was playing for the under 21s at the time, but let’s not bother with details when there is a headline to be written.

And let us not worry about the availability of Kolasinac and Maitland Niles (who can play left and right) both fit, at least at the moment when that article was written.

Which reminds me of this one from Talk Sport who back in April said

SIGN ONE : Arsenal transfer news: Five left-backs the Gunners should target this summer, including Champions League semi-finalist

They then proceeded to give us the low down on these fine players…

  • Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)

One of the more obvious targets for the Gunners this summer…

  • Angelino (PSV Eindhoven)

Once on the books at Manchester City, the full-back has flourished in the Eredivisie – and the Champions League.

  • Alex Telles (Porto)

Now 26, the Brazilian has been on the radar of top European clubs for some time now.

  • Alex Grimaldo (Benfica)

Sold by Barcelona in 2015 for a small fee, due to an expiring contract, the Catalans were cunning enough to get a future sale clause in the deal and they should be suitably compensated when he eventually moves on from the Portuguese giants.

  • Ferland Mendy (Lyon)

Well, you don’t really need to read on and on do you?   They had free range in this article and couldn’t even get close to the young man Arsenal were going to sign.  I mean, not even a mention.  They went for five and got all five utterly WRONG.   Was it worth writing the article?  And what makes them think they can make predictions, when they get it all so very wide of the mark.

3: Questions that don’t need to be asked

It is a growing problem – the asking of questions that could more easily be answered than asked.  For example…

What time is the Europa League draw tomorrow?  That was from The Independent.  Why didn’t they just say?

4:  Wenger’s Arsenal had no Plan B – Emery’s seems to have no Plan A

So says Gunners Town.  It is funny though, that the writer of that blog who may not have had much employment in football can see the faults in both Arsene Wenger (who holds the records for the most years of any manager in the Champions League group stages, and for being the only manager to have had a unbeaten league season in the last 120 years, and for having  won two League and Cup doubles).

And he can see the faults in Mr Emery who did rather well at PSG so I recall.  And his club before that.  Was that all without a Plan?  It seems unlikely.  But if it were true, why not REVEALED: THE MANAGERS WHO WIN STUFF WITHOUT ANY PLAN.

Actually if you do want a serious analysis of Arsenal’s tactical approach, the Telegraph published one which is well worth reading.  And yes it is true.  I have just recommended an article from the Telegraph.

5: Oh god not again” – these Arsenal fans are having nightmare flashbacks following EFL Cup draw

Sometimes it would appear little short of psychiatric support is needed.   Nightmare flashbacks over a football match?  When that has happened it really has stopped being fun.

A bit like reading those blogs.

Anyway here are the dishonourable mentions…

  • “David Luiz makes bizarre point on Salah penalty & extra large shirts” (Empire Of The Kop)
  • Unai Emery told he is ‘not the right boss’ to lead Arsenal back to the top” (Daily Mirror)
  • Arsenal legend less than impressed with Emery’s Liverpool tactics   (The Independent)
  • Arsenal boss Unai Emery blasted by Danny Murphy after Liverpool run riot again (Daily Star)
  • Take north London bragging rights, clear out fringe players – Arsenal’s to do list (Football.London)

There aren’t you glad you didn’t waste time reading them?

6: Why was Alexis no good at Man U

Because they wouldn’t give him enough playing time.  That’s from Playing for 90 mins.  (It’s exciting stuff, I am sure you will agree).

7:  And one that is just plain cheating…

“8 transfers that didn’t happen this summer and why the big-money deals collapsed” 

The article goes through a list of players who did not move and asks why not.   It is a long and tedious read from the Daily Mirror, whose website is now a direct copy of the style and approach of Football.London which it owns.  The reasons are

a) No one wanted to buy

b) The club didn’t want to sell

c) The selling club was asking too much money

d) The selling club couldn’t find a replacement.

Revolutionary stuff, I am sure you will agree.

3 Replies to “The craziest Arsenal headlines of the last few days, and one piece well worth reading”

  1. Arsenal manager don’t know what he is doing you can’t play 3 holding midfield you need creative players aswell and he should have start Dani and ozil

  2. OT: Unusual football site

    To me, it looks like a science person (physicist?) also happens to like football. Has the odd article which mentions Arsenal.


    There are some spudSupporters who think that in the most recent NLD that Arsenal were pushing spuds all game long, and that their players never pushed any Gunners.

    That comment also came along with the expected Kane doesn’t dive comment.

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