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  1. LE GALL

    not sure about the 2015-2016 line of your first chart, tony … weren’t leicester ‘incomers”, and chelsea “outliers”? about arsenal’a away form, we might start to have a clue after the watford game; although we’ll probably be able to assess the team correctly, only after bellerin/tierney/holding are back


  2. Josif


    2015-16 was indeed a turning point.

    Leicester won the league, Southampton finished 6th with West Ham just behind them. Liverpool finished 8th, mostly because their new manager Jürgen Klopp was brought in a few months into the new season so they focused on the European campaign (lost EL Final to our own Mr Emery). Chelsea also finished outside Top 6, mainly due to Mourinho’s antics. It was also the last season for Pellegrini at City and Van Gaal at Man United.

    What happened next was years of serious investments in Pep’s and Klopp’s machines to fit their respective philosophies. Arsenal, United, Spuds and Chelsea have also spent some money themselves strong enough for Top 4.

    More importantly, they ripped apart teams that finished above them or around them. Southampton sold their best players to Liverpool (Van Dijk, Mane), Tottenham (Wanyama and, via Atletico, Alderweireld). Leicester lost Kante and Drinkwater to Chelsea and Mahrez to City. West Ham were done once they became Tax Payers FC.

    Last season, rest of the league became more competitive v Top Six only when fatigue and latter stages of European competitions kicked in.

    Now, we can say there are three tiers in PL:

    Top Six
    Seven to Ten (Wolves, Everton, Leicester, West Ham)
    Rest of the league


  3. James

    Well as far as untold is concerned, I’d say top 6 entered the your vocabulary 3years ago, after arsenal dropped out of the champions league places. Prior to that it used to be top 4.


    • Tony Attwood

      Most people expand their vocabulary over time. Not everyone is able to, but I think the majority can


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