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  1. Hadley Godden

    Fair play to you guys for this article, I hadn`t even realised it was a whole 100 years!! Shame the club aren´t making more of it.

    • Tony Attwood

      As the history of all clubs shows us no one club dominates forever – one can look at Liverpool’s era of success, and the fact that they have not won the Premier League ever, or Manchester City’s run from 1968 to 2011 without winning the league, and so on. For myself, I found getting the record number of FA Cup wins in the era of not winning the league was a fairly good achievement.

  2. jjgsol

    I note what you say, but are you not, somewhat, missing the point?

    People, like myself, are concerned at the way we are playing. As far as that is concerned that is more important than the points at this stage because it does not auger well for the next 32 games.

    Just like last season, the 22 games unbeaten run misled many into believing we were playing well, when, in truth, we weren’t.

    Now, I accept that you have the advantage over me, in that I have not been to any games and have only watched a couple on TV.

    However, in your heart of hearts, can you honestly say that you are happy with the current situation and standard of play that our team has produced this season?

    Whilst you are to be admired for your positivity, are you not also concerned at the way the team is being managed, whether by UE or by the multi-tiered level of managers and directors?

    Can you honestly say that you enjoy the matches and are not nervous whenever the ball enters our half?

    I suspect that we have all got the message now that the number of points after 6 names is not an indicator as to how the season will end.

    What I for one, would like to know your real thoughts about how the team is playing and how you see the season will go if they continue to play like this.

  3. GoingGoingGooner

    Xhaka as captain…I think we can all agree that he makes mistakes on the pitch and sometimes big ones. What we cannot agree on, because we do not sit in the dressing room, is his place on the team amongst his teammates. Being captain is far more than being the best player on the pitch. I think the loudly disaffected should accept that they do not have a clue about the inside workings of our team and SHHHHHHHHH.

  4. Gord

    An ongoing blathering point in the medja, has been player confusion. NPR has an article _today_ about how over-training can impact decision making by athletes.


    There is no reason to think that our players are any more confused than other team’s players; the medja has an interest in bashing us. But it is interesting to see that over-training can affect decision making ability.

    Another thing to keep in mind, is the point where any given person starts to exhibit over-training is unique. What I used to look at, was resting heart rate. If someone’e resting heart rate had risen 10% above baseline, it was an indication of over-training. A day of rest was called for.

  5. goonersince72


    Not being football fans, I don’t think the current ownership understands the difficulty, and therefore, the significance of staying in the top division for 100 years. Unfortunate because it truly is something to celebrate. And thanks for the work putting together the tables. So, so many of the clubs on the the lists haven’t had a sniff of the Premier League or even the First Division. Thanks for the reminder.


    On The 22 matches unbeaten run Last Season, it comes to an abrupt end because of Negative football on display at Old Traford when Jose Mourinho set up his team not to play but only to be kicking Arsenal FC players around, They only comes alive to Play whenever Arsenal scored. We left O.T with 2 goals for, 2 goals against, 1 Point, but with Lots of Injuries to some and knocks to some of our Players that will later become full injury to most of them. And eventually end to our decent run in the league then.
    We are on a Decent run that some called unbeaten run then, before the Old Traford tie, after that, our season come to an end gradually and dramatically.
    I remember one Man U midfielder pulling Guendouzi hairs as he gained Ball in midfield. I hope that will not happen this time around.

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