Who on earth would want to manage Arsenal with this atmosphere?

by Tony Attwood

Among the many comments made on this site after the Southampton game there was this one…

“Atmosphere at the Emirates is completely toxic now. Performances get worse and worse every week. It’s not going to get better under Emery and it’s absolutely not healthy. Sack him now before any more damage is done.”

I don’t agree about the atmosphere – it might be toxic in some parts of the ground but it wasn’t where I sit.  But obviously in general commentaries about Arsenal are very negative and there is a point at the end of that particular comment that is very telling and needs debating: “Sack him now before any more damage is done.”

This is very similar to the type of opinion that was expressed over Mr Wenger and led to him leaving the club before the end of his contract.

But the fact that the removal of Mr Wenger, at the behest of many fans, has been followed by a statement from one fan “Sack him now before any more damage is done” within just 18 month surely needs pondering.

Mr Wenger was removed because in the eyes of some he was damaging the club, and that anyone else would do better.  Now Mr Emery needs to be removed on the grounds because in the eyes of some he was damaging the club, and that anyone else would do better, according to some.  And what then?  Is the prescription that Arsenal should just go on doing this every 18 months until the club progresses?

The answer I guess would be “no, get the right man next time.”   Which I suppose might be ok, were it not for the fact that 80% of the Premier League clubs that have done that of late, are now in a worse position than they were under the previous manager.

Of course it can be argued that we should just go on sacking managers on a regular basis until we do eventually get one who can take us back into the top four.  But still there are two major problems.

Every match that passes the anger grows on blogs and radio stations, stoked up by the mainstream newspapers and TV channels, and this must surely be reducing the attractiveness of Arsenal as a destination for any top manager who happens to be looking for a job.  So the likelihood of finding an out of work manager who actually wants to come to Arsenal declines.

Second there is the question of what happens when Arsenal do reach the top four once again.  After all when Mr Wenger was delivering his final run of results before we slipped out of the top four there were no celebrations about 19 consecutive years in the champions league.  Rather we had the endless repetition of the phrase “fourth is not a trophy”.

In short getting back into the top four won’t stop the negativity any more than replacing the manager will automatically get us back into the top four or stop the ceaseless whining and moaning, anymore than the ceaseless whining and moaning, will encourage really good managers to apply for a job at Arsenal.

Managers know how tenuous their jobs are and are always considering not just this job but also the next.  “Failed at Arsenal” is not a good lined on a cv, and so increasingly as players consider Arsenal as not a good place to ply their trade because of the toxic atmosphere so really good up and coming managers do not want to risk their careers by putting out teams to play in front of what must be one of the most negative atmospheres in the country.

The simple fact is that the media has been knocking Arsenal since before Mr Wengerarrived and now they have got Arsenal fans doingbtheir dirty work for them.  They must be  laughing all the way to the pub.


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  1. Then again they might be thinking about how much better they could do with our squad. It’s still a massive job for someone.

  2. Emery is struggling and the team has not been playing well this year or the last 10 games last year. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t agree with that. Can you see light at the end of tunnel if we stay with Emery?

  3. Matt: Possibly, given that he has had success elsewhere, but my central concern is what happens if we change. then I think the circumstances could be dire.

  4. The current agitation of the supporter base is not going to discourage anyone from taking the Arsenal job if it becomes available.

    -Arsenal pay their managers better than all but a handful of clubs in Europe
    -Arsenal have more money to spend on transfers than all but a handful of clubs in Europe
    -Arsenal are located in one of the most desirable places to live in Europe
    -Despite shortcomings in the squad, Arsenal clearly have the talent to perform better than they are right now with little to no investment.

    It’s not pleasant hearing the boos raining down at halftime like they are right now, but nobody worth considering isn’t going to believe they can’t take this squad and these resources and make that end. The atmosphere around the club isn’t going to prevent us from getting a manager we want.

  5. Don’t blame poor team performance on the coach. The team knows the game and should play with intelligence. The coach does not make a team intelligent. He guides their training and offers strategy. The strategy cannot cope with poor officiating, but the clubs management must address the issues with lawyers in the available courts as these decisions make a big difference in the financial bottom line.

  6. A manager we want!! Emery is the coach not the manager. The royal ‘we’ couldn’t manage a piss up in a brewery nor pay a days wages of the wanted manager.

    Arsenal should announce before the next home game: 😉 😉

    ‘If any supporter wants to manage this club please leave the stadium and get an education. If any supporter wants to boo, please leave the stadium and don’t come back. There is a long waiting list of supporters wanting season tickets.’

  7. I think Emery must go, however the problems at Arsenal go far deeper than the manager. They have for years.

    The real issue lies with the club’s ownership.
    Since Stan Kroenke got involved in 2007 the club has stagnated and declined despite having moved to a new stadium which was surely supposed to boost arsenal.
    For all the committed wengerites – I was one for years-commpare the period working with David Dein to that working with Ivan Gazidis under KSE.

    Since wenger left Josh and Stan have revamped the club and put in place a completely new management structure and hired a number of high profile back room staff.

    But let’s be honest here, we’re actually looking worse.

    It’s ultimately all on Kroenke and co.

  8. Menace, the team are following his instructions. They get dropped if they don’t do as instructed. How can he not be responsible?

  9. Tony and crew l, he who should not be named again.

    Can I say I told you so yet? Ytumpneill have to jump or will get pushed. Regardless of the general, there will be a 14th referendum, and a challenge to both Parliament and then Lords

    Kidnapping, helping kidnappers for economic gain, infltefering in y e political affairs of a 3rd party state, war crimes galore, I won’t sy who but we are talking 5 acconplices.

    As for Wenger, he is now Empower, and I have 8t on good authority, someone took out the sponsor for the 4 leagues below the EPL and total sponsor for SPL. Daylight rule for offside or at least a reasonably margin or maybe a couple CM, how do I see accross the line if I can’t poke a head out? Use my armpit obviously.

    Watching the PGMOL try and undermine VAR is hilarious l, 8ve seen 5 ARS games in a year l,, don’t get on them and have a median 100 accuracy l, minimum 33% return and 66% on failed bids l, I’ve not managed lower and I’m up 400% and should have won £35k except the reprobate left me in France and bid alone and lost everything while i got 15/16 Correct CL results.

    Oh and Sevilla won the EUropa, as the strongest entrant, he managed to create disharmony in Paris and lies a lot.

    I said it straight away l, so now I return, Arteta is backed by Pep to succeed him, Vieira and Henry, Co mamangement.

    Sheworeayellowribbon indeed.

    Once a….. Impossible to not be. But I’m backing Everton and City whilst astranged from the wife I don’t recognise.

    He is trying to get to a 4 3 3 Pepe one side and Lacazette ahead of something totally fog in midfield.

    Je plans to use 0ur youth to generate the cash l, what the owner wants.

    Its been obvious, but you are generally so arrogant.

    When Bayern and Fifa offernwhattnrhy did, know what you reject.

    As the Muslims say inshallah, or translated God willing.

    Noe you don’t attend l, and the atmosphere, I touched on, but at least my finances will make me Premier ticket holder soon.

  10. People paying Harrod’s prices expect Harrod’s quality. If not they complain to the management.

  11. I think a manager looking at the way the PGMO acts might think twice about joining us

  12. Menace
    With all due respect you are complete wrong about Emery. He isn’t up to this standard. He has managed in LaLiga and League Un where their style of football is slow. We have players who have had it drummed into them to turn back rather than turn forwards. Not sure if anyone noticed Laca refuses to talk to Emery bear the end when Emery was talking to Tierney when one of the Soton players was being treated for death pretence. There is something wrong in the camp. I agree Tony that changing doesn’t mean success but you can’t tell me we have improved under Emery. Our league position is an indicator of that??

  13. Why not try and respond to the points I was making? Are you happy with Kroenke as owner and custodian of Arsenal football club?

  14. Let us Gooners be calmed and remain calmed on the not good enough results that Emery’s coached Arsenal have been getting in their Pl outings so far this season, for, these unacceptable results could suddenly out of the blue start to improve for Arsenal starting from their Norwich match at away in the PL this weekend.

    If it is sack, Arsenal head coach Emery, has already been sacked but unofficially many times over by the media and the disgruntled Arsenal fans this season. But Emery is still on his head coach job at the club trying to do his possible best to improved on the doldrums in PL matches results that Arsenal are currently been obtaining for some weeks now. But these not good enough results in the PL that are being obtained by Arsenal can still change to become more than good enough results for the club this season but if us Gooners don’t loose our patience to endured and persevered the hard time with Emery and the Gunners to see results in the PL for Arsenal are improved upon significantly as there is still sufficient time for the improvement to take place.

    Let me remind many of us Gooners that the football coach job apprentice Mikel Arteta the erstwhile Gunners captain who when he was playing for Arsenal for 5 years was always on the sidelines at the club with a chronic injury that turned him to become a injury prone Gunner. And apart of this his obvious failing at Arsenal, he was known for his passing sideways and backward style of footballing for Arsenal that was adherent in him whenever he managed to play for the club. And he turned the Arsenal offer to him down to become one of the club’s coaches to go to Man City. Now that Pep Guardiola his coaching mentor at Man City is trying to pull a fast one on Arsenal by showering him with acolades and cleverly tailoring him to Arsenal to employ him as their head coach in case if Emery is fired. This is a ploy by Guardiola to continue seeing Arsenal in no major title win zone. Because Guardiola knows very well that Arteta doesn’t have the requisite head coach capacity yet that will make him a successful head coach at Arsenal if employed now. Therefore, Arsenal should not contemplate giving Arteta the head coach job at the club because unlike Frank Lampard who is now coaching Chelsea but was a major title winner for the club, Arteta has never in his playing days won the PL or CL or even the ELC titles I suppose for any of the clubs that he has played for before in the past. So, he’s not the kind of a past major title winner that could propel him to make Arsenal win the major titles if he becomes their head coach. And he even lacked the individual top coaching incharge experience at the top level of game to at a top club before that could allow him jump into a top club of Arsenal status to manage them successfully.

  15. Emery coaches a team to stand your ground when a player puts the ball past you. PGMOL call it a foul and many on here don’t see that it is a foul against the player standing his ground. So now Emery sholud coach his players to move aside for opponents to glide into our goal?

    Tierney was being fouled by Ings (a saint on the side of evil) but PGMOL see the 50% they want to and give a penalty. Luiz was fouled in the saints box but PGMOL didn’t give that though they did see that. That was more of a foul than Tierneys. Now thats all down to Emery isn’t it?

    Pepe’s decision making wasn’t effective and should have got us at least one goal. Aubas shot at goal was stopped by a hand that should have had a red card, before Lacazette scored the rebound. The VAR should have advised the Referee to issue it despite the goal.

    When you guys open your eyes and observe the corrupt officiating you will then realise our coach is not to blame for the result.

    I accept there are several aspects of the way we play that is down to him but he cannot carry the can for corrupt officiating.

    Get you acts together and write to the FA and to the Press, that the officiating is corrupt in that they make their own laws. Not all of it will be listened to but some just might make a difference. Changing our coach will only please the idiots and PGMOL who seem to work on a selective agenda. The next coach will get just as bad a run unless he is from the same corrupt club as most PGMOL are.

  16. Incidentally, it is our right to comment and criticise and boo but it is not in our remit to decide when the coach should lose his job. We don’t decide when you should lose your job. If we did you would be mega miffed. To my mind the system at the Ems has changed and the coach ends up being the stool pidgeon rather than those who control the business.

    I was never in favour of Wenger going and I’m not in favour of Emery going. I would rather see less supporters (without the stupid fair weather glory hunters) and a team that still has a heart.

  17. I am in support of what menace has said as I keep reading the comments and rarely post as most despite having a love for arsenal seem to think the issue is the manager the manager or our players are shit. Well that’s not it at all our team as been good enough and our previous manager for sure was qualified enough to lead us to a few more titles and top finishes but when the pitch is tilted against you for your morals and not being in the same cartels as the ones running the league then being good at your job will not matter as they will still find a way to make you look bad. Pep is dealing with it at city despite how good his team is think early arsenal Vs fergie and his lot up north. Mariniho is no longer in there good graces so his last stints at Chelsea and United made him seem like he had lost it. Now I ain’t a fan of his but he was targeted to look bad. As for Emery no he is no Wenger but that’s why he is finding even harder to counteract the bias shown against us simple for not towing the line. Fans need to wake up and stop being spoon fed media tripe only then will you realise what’s going on in front of your faces and truth be told you may never truly understand as it doesn’t fit the agenda.

    The following below is not my words but just some of the truth that’s being overlooked.

    This was the weekend when VAR was supposed to be used professionally and with integrity by the pgMOBsters who officiate our Premier League games.

    Mike “Kipper” Riley, the CEO of the pgMOB, told us improvements were about to happen.
    Neil “Kickback” Swarbrick, the Head of VAR, praised himself and predicted a 9/10 just around the corner.

    And instead we got…
    Fake VAR in favour of Liverpool, denying Palace a point.
    Fake VAR removing Raheem Sterling’s goal for Manchester City.
    A whole collection of fake nonsense against Arsenal by Attwell of the pgMOB.
    Mike Dean with his own take on reality in Brighton vs Leicester.
    Bizarre interpretations of the rules by Hooper & Mason at Bournemouth vs Wolves.

    In Italy’s Serie A after the introduction of VAR, just one in every 20 matches had the result altered due to refereeing errors.

    In the Premier League this season, nearly 30% of games have had referee/VAR-error induced fake outcomes.

    When any of our network undertake consultancy work at clubs we always introduce the concept of the Real League Table – adjusted for the inputs of fake officials.

    It used to offer competitive advantage but most clubs do it now – Bournemouth, for example, use it to determine the ‘real’ quality of the opposition as opposed to the version offered by the ‘actual’ league table.
    It helps with tactics and strategy.

    Let’s see the Real League Table after 128 games (a third of the season):

    1. Manchester City 13-31
    2. Liverpool 13-31
    3. Chelsea 13-26
    4. Arsenal 13-26
    5. Leicester 13-24
    6. Burnley 13-21
    7. Wolverhampton 13-21
    8. Sheffield United 12-18
    9. West Ham United 13-18
    10. Tottenham 13-17
    11. Bournemouth 13-17
    12. Brighton 13-15
    13. Everton 13-15
    14. Newcastle 12-15
    15. Aston Villa 12-11
    16. Norwich 13-11
    17. Manchester United 12-10
    18. Southampton 13-10
    19. Watford 13-9
    20. Crystal Palace 13-7

    In the top four European leagues, no leading team had been targeted as heavily as Manchester City…
    … and none has been so favoured as Crystal Palace.

    The League Table Always Lies.

    There should be serious questions in the media about Solskjaer and Hodgson rather than the focus on pseudo-journalism elsewhere.

    Riley & Swarbrick should be sacked and the police called in.

    But the Premier League systemic corruption template is on borrowed time now that Arsene Wenger’s new role at FIFA gives him oversight of IFAB and the rules of the game.

    Kipper Riley is to meet Wenger soon and schadenfreude will be on the menu both for the stolen EPL title in 2015/16 and for all of the matchfixing against Arsenal while Wenger lit up the English game

  18. I can see why you are nervous of change, but if we hadn’t of cut our losses with Rioch there would have been no Wenger.

  19. I agree entirely with always a gunner.
    Mybpiint is that we are been systematically dismantled by the powers that be whos aim I believe is to get the club relegated. The problem is not enough people care or question when so many decisions are going for or against a club. It’s put down to the rub of the green. Why are we not permitted to hear the conversation between the ref and the var assistant if indeed there is a conversation. Or are they simply told.
    Everything about Premier league football stinks.

  20. The title is absolutely right and Tony nailed it. Honestly, this is the most toxic times I’ve ever seen at Arsenal in my lifetime. From the very moment when Arsenal missed chances, the fans managed to unsettled the players with their constant moaning and screaming. I knew Arsenal will not win this game based on that. All I care about now is the sacrifice and loyalty of the true fans who kept cheering for the team despite being surrounded by the toxic ones. This game is gonna be significant when new managers decide to take the Arsenal job. I even doubt world class players even consider moving to Arsenal now. Oh my god, if even the most positive website like Untold being harassed by toxic comments, I can barely imagine the poisonous atmosphere at the Emirates now.

  21. After 16 years, Riley and Co. are just getting into their stride, but their increasingly brazen behaviour is now being noticed more frequently and by more observers. The overseas media seem to be making noises about it. VAR was the perfect weapon for the referees, but like so many tools, it has been put into the hands of people who really have no business being in close proximity to a power outlet.

    The way I see it, there were at least 3 stolen titles in that 16 year period – probably more. The media will have a real job on their hands trying to explain/justify their silence/compliance when the cracks become too wide to accept fresh plaster.

    Let us hope that Mr. Wenger is in a position to agitate some molecules.

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