Arsenal v Brighton: media shows that honeymoon period for manager is about 15 mins.

by Bulldog Drummond


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Of course something has to give sometime, and it would be nice if it happened in a positive way to Freddie.  But Freddie knows that we are in the world of mindless gibberish set out as if it were sensible comment, so I doubt he is expecting any commentators to change their tune anytime soon.

And it is the fact that we live in a world of unrelenting pressure and anger that makes us indulge in things like the Sir Hardly Anyone commentaries and the reports on football from President Donald Trump.  At least by being utterly crazy they point out the sillyness of everything around us.

Indeed if you ever wondered about our humour, you should maybe try the comments of the being known as “P Scholes” who is reported in the fantastical newspaper The Daily Express in this way…

“Scholes wasn’t impressed by what he saw of the Gunners but was more irked by Ljungberg’s failure to wear a suit for the match.   He said: ‘You would think he’d be out in a suit to show a bit of proudness that he took the job.   To me, that’s a great start – shirt and tie to show some discipline. I don’t think he’ll be the right man’.”

So now we have what appears to me to be the utterly insane notion that you can decide if a manager is going to be a “good ‘un” by what he wears.   So Brian Clough never won the League and European Cup twice, I suppose because he wouldn’t wear the right clothes.  What an idiot!

Jamie Carragher thinks that Calum Chambers should be at centre back for the rest of the season while Football Fancast have found a few twitters who want Pepe on one wing, Martinelli on the other side and Aubameyang in the middle.  They run the headline “Lots of Arsenal fans are all saying the same thing about Gabriel Martinelli” although that is a definition of the word “lots” that I am not familiar with, given the number they quote is under a dozen.

Next up, the predictions of the team, and why the kick off is at such a stupid time.

But the big news is that knocking the next Arsenal manager, in the same way that Mr Wenger was knocked at the start and finish, and indeed Mr Emery was knocked at the start and finish, has started BEFORE HE HAS BEEN APPOINTED and when we don’t know who he is.

“‘Emery 2.0’, ‘Terrible defensive record’ – Many Arsenal fans blast links with ‘pathetic manager’ “
screams the semi-skimmed Transfer Tavern.   That is about Marcinello, and it clearly makes the point to all managers of what they are going to face if they come to Arsenal.   Indeed why not go somewhere where the media is less antagonistic before you’ve even been appointed?

As for Poor Freddie, he didn’t even get a single game’s period of grace, despite his previous popularity.  The Metro chimes in with…

“Why are you picking Shkodran Mustafi? When are you going to learn about Calum Chambers?”

Actually I think Chambers is injured.   But we also have

  • ‘I also cannot understand how David Luiz is in the team. He just doesn’t want to run. He is only interested when he gets the ball at his feet.
  • Sokratis Papastathopoulos is a shocker and Mustafi is even worse. Granit Xhaka also cannot run. It is such a huge mess.
  • I honestly thought Freddie would not be close to getting the job, but now, I do not know how long he will have in charge. In the end, it may not be their number one target who they end up getting.”

This bunch of turnips was allegedly “written” by Charlie Nicholas, a man who has no coaching badges and has never managed a team.   The Metro thought it was worth running though, just in case Arsenal had not been criticised enough.

2 Replies to “Arsenal v Brighton: media shows that honeymoon period for manager is about 15 mins.”

  1. I know you’ll call me a pedant Tony but surely we should call out Scholes for his command of English?

    ‘You would think he’d be out in a suit to show a bit of proudness that he took the job’.

    You might think he’d show a BIT OF PRIDE, Paul you Mancunian tit.


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