A very sincere thank you to everyone who has supported Arsenal this year

by Tony Attwood

Happy Christmas, and thank you.

Supporting Arsenal is never easy because of the remorseless criticism that the club gets from the media.  But of course being a positive supporter it is easier in the good times rather than the hard times.   And this year we have had some hard times indeed.

Not nearly as bad as the latter part of Bertie Mee’s reign, when we looked like we were heading for relegation in 1976 and 1977, just to pull away with a set of wins near the end of the season.  Nor to compare with six games in a row without scoring a single goal in George Graham’s 1986/7 season, nor the five goals in 12 games in 1993/4.  And personally I don’t think we are going to end up as low as 12th as we did in 1994/5.

But still it has not been the best of times.

And yet we are still Arsenal supporters, and that means trying to do our bit for the club, counteracting all the rampant negativity from the media and trying to show the team that we are still Arsenal no matter what.

This is of course the day in England when those of us who can do, gather with friends and/or family and have a jolly time, forgetting all the negativity that is thrown at our team and whatever upsets have happened during the year.

What we can do for Arsenal is not much, but we can know that being positive supporters can help the club, and can do something to counteract the resourceless negativity of the media.  And really that’s all I am trying to do here – to counteract the negativity.

Next month will see the 12th anniversary of the start of Untold Arsenal.  Also in 2020 we will publish our 10,000th article, all being well.  Throughout we have tried to be positive about the club, on the basis that being positive can help, being negative can only make things worse.  Christmas Day seems a good day to remember that aim.

Have a super day this Christmas Day, and thank you for reading Untold Arsenal.  If you weren’t, there wouldn’t be much point in my writing!


12 Replies to “A very sincere thank you to everyone who has supported Arsenal this year”

  1. With Arteta now our Head Coach, we are all AKB’s again, and that brings me to the notion that his influence is still pretty strong at Arsenal.

    Arsenal Director of Football – Edu – a former AFC player, Wenger signing

    Head Coach – Arteta – a former AFC player, Wenger Signing

    Assistant Coach – Ljunberg – a former AFC player, Wenger Signing

    U23 Head Coach – Bould – a former AFC player, former assistant to Wenger

    Head of Youth Academy – Mertesacker – a former AFC player, Wenger Signing

    So the, WOBs trying to get Wenger out of the club ended up with Wenger men from top to bottom.

    What an irony…..

  2. Merry Christmas all , I moan to myself but still support .
    Tony keep up the good work

  3. Merry Christmas to the untold team.
    @Rosiscky, we don’t mind pal, we’d even take the pre-2006 Wenger all over again. It’s never been about Wenger or whoever is there, but about the work they’re doing. Emery came in, didn’t do a good job, got booted out, did you see the WOB complain? Naaa

  4. Quite agree with you Tony, on the need to continue to sustain a positive outlook towards AFC. I join you in wishing all of the supporters of the Club, including the AAA and the toxic media folks, a very Merry Christmas.

    Emery started off his tenure very well but got tripped up by so many things, I suspect mostly by the negativity of the media towards the Club. No doubt the shoe size he sought to fill was way too large for him. Arteta’s appointment holds a lot of good promises for he could grow into that role with time and surpass our expectations as he is young and seems enthused for the function of head coach.

    I think there may be no where else to go but onwards and upwards for AFC during Arteta’s time. COYG.

  5. Merry Christmas in Tony, all writers and readers of untold. You keep this site going all year round and I wish you all the best of the season.

  6. Rosicky

    Great post 👍

    Thanks Tony and keep up the good work 😃

    Merry Christmas one and all 🥂

  7. What do ya know?
    Turns out after all the antics of WOB, Wenger is everywhere!
    It’s a Christmas miracle I tell ya.

    Wonder if Le Boss is smiling to himself somewhere?
    Hope so.

    Thanks to all who make UA what it is, hope Christmas is/was wonderful and 2020 brings us all something nice.

  8. @Rosicky,

    even better AKB works as well with Señor Arteta….. ;=)

    Guess Mister Wenger must be smiling….

    Great post !

    Merry Christmas to all

  9. Every echo off every wall
    Chapman’s bust in the entrance hall
    The kids, the girls, all the staff
    Sad of parting, glad of change
    Things were different this past year
    are back in line with le professeur
    The kits may change
    the catering too
    But the constant legacy is you know who

    Enjoy the games left for this year
    2020 will make it clear 😉

  10. A belated and Merry Christmas to all ye faithful . Keep the faith, the good cheer and Untold on forwards !
    Thank you , your Lordship , for steering this blog to stormy seas . Many of us have steadfastly stayed loyal to UA , and to the pursuit of the truth . We will be vindicated soon.

    And since we ought to be in good cheer , in this season of being jolly , I shall refrain from firing a broadside to all those we KNOW are hindering our noble club.

    That being said , I do hope that all our deteractors be showered by copious amounts of snow .
    Mucho , mucho amounts !

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