When one simple football question about Arsenal fooled the Sun completely

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

A little while back, for reasons that will not become clear at this point, the Sun, an alleged “newspaper” of a fanatical right-wing persuasion, ran the rather bonkers headline “Gun-fusing”.

Beyond that they had another headline reading

The Sun got it even more wrong by saying, “In 1913 they dropped ‘Woolwich’ from their name and moved to Highbury, but kept both the name ‘Arsenal’ and nickname ‘The Gunners’.”   Nope.  When the club moved to Highbury in 1913 it played as Woolwich Arsenal, emphasising in the programme that it was a continuation of the club of that name that had played in south London.

Of course by this time in their article it is quite clear the Sun is, as ever, just making it all up.  And when it asks, “Why are Arsenal fans called Gooners?” it suggests “this dates back to the days of hooliganism in the 1970s.”  But no, it dates back to the days when the noisiest supporters of the team on away games were the guys from the torpedo factory on the Thames.

So there we are.  One simple question generating around half a dozen wrong answers.  Can you imagine getting one question so wrong?

5 Replies to “When one simple football question about Arsenal fooled the Sun completely”

  1. Terrible! The Sun newspaper is misinfoming, miseducating misleading and betraying the rust of the people. What a farce! I think Arsenal should make a demand to the Sun newspaper editorial board to retract their absolute wrong news claim stories about Arsenal FC which are false claims that rubbish the club. And also make demand for unreserved public apology from the Sun which must be printed and published boldly in the front page of their daily circulation for three consecutive days. But failure to do these by the Sun within reasonable time limit, I think Arsenal FC and the Gooners should institute a court case against the Sun for Liable.

  2. OT: Leicestre 4 0 AVilla

    Oliver is the PGMO twit. Fouls were 16:10, and cards were 2:1. Leicester inflict a treatment on AVilla at 48m, I don’t believe Sargeant Oliver Schultz sees anything (Leicester gets a free kick 1m later?). About 10m later, Leicester bring Jamie Vardy off the bench. 2m after that, Oliver gifts Leicester a penalty, which Vardy converts for Leicester’s second goal. At 74m, AVilla inflict a treatment on Leicester, Sargeant Schultz sees NOTHING!.

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