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  1. frOOm

    On another subject:
    I am sick of all these ex-Arsenal players who are talking shit about our favorite club. Do they realise how much damage they do? They are not different than those who are spreading all this negativity around. Yes I have just read that Ian Wright thinks Aubam deserves better than Arsenal and that angered me. What I think? Arsenal deserves better treatment by its ex-players and even more now because the club is on the right track to regain his identity and his confidence. Ex-players from other PL clubs are always defending their own club even when what they say is ridiculous but they show that they are proud to be an ex-player. Sadly it seems Arsenal is the only club that is knocked at every corner by its ex-players. Shame on them! If they don’t want to support us, they should say nothing… They don’t want Arsenal to win !

  2. Chris

    well that’s it then.
    The PL is shut down until April

  3. mick shelley

    What a terrible shame for Liverpool, on the brink of their first Premier League title ever, if the season is unable to be completed and consequently declared null and void and they are denied their open top bus parade. (Banned smiley)
    I have nothing against the scousers but the current superior attitude and smugness of most of their supporters (my daughter is one of them) and the ex Liverpool pundits has really irritated me.

  4. Gord

    Headline: Greatly Reduced Sports Betting “Contrails”

    When 9/11 happened, airline traffic greatly decreased. A consequence of this, was that contrails from aircraft almost disappeared over huge expanses of North America (and elsewhere). Some new knowledge came out of this unplanned event.

    If there are people or groups who are “addicted” to sports betting, this sudden shutting down of huge swaths of sports (yesterday, I heard that World Womens Curling event scheduled for Prince George, BC, Canada has been cancelled) is going to cause problems. And this may give bodies looking to stop sport corruption a chance to better understand the problem and identify the people and organizations driving this corruption.

    Will any members of PGMO or The (sweet) FA get caught up in this?

  5. Gord

    Headline: Greatly Reduced Sports Betting “Contrails”

    MARCA has a blurb about shutting down the “sports economy” in Spain.


  6. Gord

    This article is on cricket, but is probably equally true for any sport. It seems to work if you s/cricket/football/g;


  7. Nitram


    Absolutely spot on.

    Wright is a disgrace.

    He has a history of this b***ocks of encouraging players to leave. He used to do it with Henry all the time, as well as others.

    As you say, other clubs, with much worse records than Arsenal, including Liverpool and Spurs, don’t seem to have their ex players encouraging their best players to leave.

    Wright constantly promotes himself as a fanatical Arsenal fan, dancing around in the studios when we score, but why on earth would an Arsenal fan ever encourage one of our stars to leave?

    I mean even if he does think Auba could do better for himself, why would he do that?

    I’ll tell you why, because the mans a bitter and twisted little p***

    Arsenal fan my arse.

  8. Steve Vallins

    For some reason I can’t open the next article “ Why Arsenal’s could well be over “.
    The top title in red appears and remains then the script appears briefly and disappears .

    • Tony Attwood

      The article became the most read article about Arsenal on the day it was published, and as a result the servers couldn’t cope with the volume of people trying to access it. Sorry. It was our most read article ever – in all 12 years.

  9. Gord

    With so much football shutdown for an indeterminate period of time, the EPL, The (sweet) FA, UEFA, FIFA and a bunch of similar organizations should take the time to get rid of the crap that is in their systems. For the EPL, they should be looking to replace 😈 Mike Riley and a big chunk of the Select Group referees (Dean, Atkinson, Taylor, …).

  10. Gord

    I believe that mental giant, Gary Neville, was against shutting down leagues for COVID-19. Can someone please get Gary a volunteer position at a care facility so that he can experience what getting sick is about.

  11. Chris


    I believe this article was victim of it’s own success. it was No trending article on newsNow, which means probably the server can/could not handle all the requests.

    Nice to see that Untold is trending…

  12. frOOm


    Yes he does. Ian Wright is a disgrace by saying this kind of things and I didn’t know for Henry. Does Wright fear to lose his place in the goal for Arsenal record?
    Now I get why he is invited on Tv shows. So are all Arsenal ex-players saying bullshit about their club or is it TV that only invites those who spread negativity around the team. I think it is the second option, they have to stick to their agenda! But that does not excuse Ian Wright at all.

  13. Nitram


    As one of the regulars (sorry I forget who) said the other day, for all the sycophantic arse licking of the ex Liverpool players that work in the media, I have to say I begrudgingly admire their stoic support of the team they so obviously still love, especially when you measure their behaviour against the constant negativity, insults and abuse, emanating from just about every ex Arsenal player plying their trade in the main stream media, and Wright is one of the worst.

    Historically I have been given stick on here for expressing my dislike (and that’s putting it mildly) for Wright in the past.

    I think at one point I said his statue should be removed and “I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire”, and to be fair my views have changed, because now I would actually fan the flames.

    Honestly, I cant stand the nasty little man.

    Arsenal fan my arse.

    Legend my arse.

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