What happened to Arsenal on 21 March?

The Arsenal History Society Files have no less than 20 significant events that have occurred in relation to Arsenal on 21 March.  These include:

  • An international match for Arsenal’s first ever international player
  • Nine wins in ten games to save Arsenal from relegation, but also…
  • The start of an eight match run without a win which did relegate the club for the first and only time.
  • John Radford scoring on his debut.
  • 10 games without a win in 1970 – and we all know what came in the following season
  • A 21 match unbeaten run with Bendtner, Diaby and Nasri scoring on this day.
  • Seven goals in the last six games for Giroud

The complete set of Arsenal events on 21 March are published on the Arsenal History Society’s site today along with links to match reports and player details in many cases.

There’s also a video of the match against Newcastle on this day which was part of a 21 match unbeaten run, with Bendtner, Diaby and Nasri scoring.

The Arsenal History Society files are published each morning on The Arsenal History Society site at https://blog.woolwicharsenal.co.uk    Just click on the link and then the first article on the left under “Recent Posts”.   On that home page you will also find links to the numerous series we have written which dig deeper into Arsenal’s history than you will find anywhere else.


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  1. Headline: Top Goal Scorers in European Football this Last Week

    Aubameyang 0
    Lacazette 0
    Martinelli 0
    Nelson 0
    Nketiah 0
    Ozil 0
    Pepe 0
    Willock 0

    And I will add one more

    Mustafi 0

    No player in top European football has scored more than any of the above players, who all happen to be Arsenal players. 🙂

    Good shooting there Gunners!

  2. At least Spurs should be happy if this season gets cancelled as all it would mean to them is just another year of failure.

    A little quiz for those of you already bored senseless self isolating.

    What do the following figures represent for our noisy neighbours?

    58 would of become 59.

    35 would of become 36.

    28 would of become 29.

    11 would of become 12.

    Good luck.

    But in all seriousness, in these difficult times I would like to wish all our hosts on Untold all good health, as well as all the regulars and occasionals, no matter who they are, freind or foe.

    These are tough times so I just want to wish evryone the best of health. Keep safe.

  3. I think the last one is, how long has it been since the spuds last won a trophy.

    24th February 2008

  4. 62 months ago, Graham Poll I believe had this in the Daily Mail:

    If referees’ chief Mike Riley was a manager he would be sacked

    Do you have a similar headline?

    If referees’ chief Mike Riley was a officer in the armed forces, he would be shot for treason.

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