English football: it is incompetence and a lack of leadership that is the problem.

Earlier today we published an article by our  Swiss / German friend Christophe “The day Arsenal broke the Premier League” reflecting on how the English media is reporting the current football situation in England.

Now we have a letter by our regular correspondent Don McMahon, a retired referee, from North America.


Dear Tony

You and Christophe have hit the nail squarely on the head in your articles. When we look at the lack of leadership and incompetence of both the sweet FA and the EPL, we know that the required organisation, management nous and conviction won’t come from that quarter.

That leaves the EPL club management and Boards as well as their owners, to come up with a viable solution. Since self-interest is the EPL motto and profit-taking seems to be the business model for so many clubs from Liverpool to Leicester, what can we hope for? Here are a few rays of hope for the sport:

1) Supporters and fans, including season ticket holders unite for once as a bi-partisan force to demand that the clubs unite to pressure the EPL and sweet FA to make the drastic financial and managerial changes needed to survive, including possibly salary caps, better protection for marginal players, more vigorous treatment of the greedy agents, greater financial support for the lower leagues, reduced ticket p^rices to encourage increased match day attendances, increased standing areas in the stadia, a review and rehabilitation of the PIGMOB, etc.
2) Corporate sponsors be petitioned and ¨harassed¨ by supporters and fans to spread their sponsorships more equitably and to promote football at all levels, League and non-League alike. As well, a campaign to entice more sponsors to join the football family and to finance more football events, repairs and renovations to fields and stadia, especially at the amateur levels, and to promote greater participation from youth and adults in the Game.

3) All supporters and lovers of football band together and put extraordinary pressure on their local, county and especially national political representatives to start taking the game seriously and stop playing ¨talking head¨ politics where what is said is vacuous and insincere.

Taking the game seriously means much more strict and focussed supervision and surveillance of the ¨competent¨ football authorities like the PIGMOB, the sweet FA, the EPL and particularly the setup for amateur football in England. Starting with the national teams and evolving to the training and protection of match officials, the need for decent football pitches nationwide, the absurdly ill-managed coaching certification fiasco as reported by UA and other sites, the urgent need for reform at all levels of the game and a serious examination of the ridiculous FA’s obsession with spending taxpayers money for World Cup fantasies, etc.

4) Encouraging and supporting the players to participate in the above reformation of football. Most, if not all the players enjoy being with their fans and supporters and with anyone who loves football. Why can’t they be encouraged to participate more fully and extensively in rejuvenating the game in England? When they join a club they should be told that part of their contractual obligations includes possibly some promotional and coaching, training opportunities at the amateur club levels, and for those that feel ready to try it… perhaps officiating.

Every player should also be told that they will have to take a basic coaching course or alternatively a referees’ training. They could even be told that a small percentage of the millions they make will be put into a fund to promote and support their local amateur football organisations. 1% of the billions of pounds/euros they earn would still be a tremendous boost to local football.

5) The useless twit media could be encouraged to run articles and stories about the above activities and to promote grassroots football at the same time. In so doing they might actually see firsthand what a cock-up the sweet FA has made of English football and what a narcissistic band of trolls the PIGMOB really is.

Honestly, I haven’t a hope in hell that any of the above proposals will be taken seriously or even noticed. Will the partisanship and tribalism of fans and supporters sink any possibility of collaboration and united efforts to redeem Football….maybe?

Will the sweet FA and the EPL put self-interests aside and agree to update, upgrade and improve the Game, not likely! Will the PIGMOB be exposed to the light of day by the media or political scrutiny? Highly unlikely!

Will the politicians suddenly grow a backbone and demand full accountability for the sweet FA’s incompetence and stupidity?   Very unlikely as they’d have to do the same for themselves.

Will the owners work together to finally corner the authorities and demand major improvements to the game in the interest of their fans, players and themselves, maybe?

We need leadership from all levels and a certain degree of outrage and agitation to have any hope that this coronavirus crisis will help reform Football in a positive way. We need an Arsene Wenger and Herbert Chapman type to stand up and lead a reform movement, but where can we find such people?

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  1. OT: Things named Arsenal, that don’t involve Arsenal

    Apparently someone bought the “Arsenal Inn” in Elizabethtown, NY, USA 6 months ago. And they never thought a pandemic would come along.

    I would guess this place in NY State, USA is close to Berlington, Vermont.

    The new owner of this place; probably hasn’t a clue as to who “Arsenal” is. Maybe they will clew in?

    The owner has had to bring in things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. They decided to sell these supplies to the local public at cost, since they are not allowed to function as a restaurant due to the virus.

    Three cheers to the owner. Maybe at some point in the future, they decide to watch Arsenal playing football?


  2. OT: Dumb bloggers

    Headline (not cut and pastable) is How can Arsenal GET RID of Alexandre Lacazette and get the most value. What Arsenal needs to get rid of, is the blogger. Not Lacazette.


    Arsenal players are Gunners. I guess we need to call ex-Arsenal players Moaners. An ex-player from some other team, devoted an entire article to what Wenger did right. Imagine that!


    The Postsmouth medja outlet/drainpipe is blaming Arsenal for 5 of their players now testing positive for Coronavirus.

    Other than Arteta, I don’t remember (I could be wrong) any other Arsenal person testing positive. The only possible contact for all these Portsmouth players is Arsenal? ReallY?

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