The shape of things to come: a north American view of the aftermath that is to come

by Don McMahon

There are many dire and some less morbid predictions being mentioned by the desperately understaffed media as to the future we face as a human collective.

Some media figures like the Muppet in chief in Washington, are inventing their own future based on their most recent brain-fart. Others, whose intellectual gifts and capacity to think rationally, are still functional, are painting a rather diverse and less fantastic picture.

I fall somewhere in between as I am an older gentleman with a greater capacity to find the cloud behind every silver-lining and a profound propensity to distrust anything the ¨authorities¨ propose. But just in case my visions are real, here is s taste of what I forecast for our future;

1. Football will try desperately to return to ¨normal¨ with the competent authorities (this is an oxymoron) pretending that this hiatus was an unanticipated but normal bump in the otherwise cash cow that is modern Football. FIFA has already issued a directive that requires current professional contracts to be extended until well into the summer (end of July?) and therefore have abrogated the legal rights of contracted players, to the delight of their real masters, the rich clubs.

2. The sweet FA and other national associations, EUFA and FIFA, all now faced with a serious cash shortage because their cash cows, the national associations, the professional leagues and the plethora of sponsors they had, are all suffering serious shortfalls in their financing and cash flows.

These noble authorities of world Football are scrambling to come up with ways to get that cow milking again, including rushing back to full operations leagues and competitions that have been prematurely ended due to covid-19 threats.

It is 100% clear to me that these fine people don’t give a tinker’s damn about the supporters, fans, players and team employees, all of whom are vulnerable and unprotected. What the hell, all those potential deaths won’t be visible in Zurich or Nyon, Switzerland nor London for that matter.

3. The PIGMOB, quarantined in their individual pigsties, are feeling the pinch because I am not sure they are being paid or will continue to be for much longer. This is an area that bears further investigation but we’ll leave that for later… assured that they aren’t studying the Laws of the Game but St.Riley’s manual on screwing The Arsenal.

4. Now for other changes we might be facing. The first one will be the enormous costs of fighting this virus and the subsequent debt that panicked politicians will eagerly run up, in the vain hopes that people will forget what constant f**kups they really are and how their pandering to the right-wing nationalists and Brexit fanboys have cost people their lives and livelihoods.

I am sure this applies equally in the UK as it does in North America. Their only hope is that the electorate, who they consider as sheep and morons, will forget their collective incompetence and re-elect them. Indeed it seems poetic justice that Boris has the virus, when it is his policies that have exacerbated this crisis in the UK.

What changes can we expect? The debt will be swept under the table and paid for in increased taxes on the middle class and the poor. The NHS, stressed to the breaking point, will continue to be understaffed and under-funded while the authorities trumpet how great their management of this crisis was.

The real heroes of this disaster, the health care workers, the police, the essential services and volunteers trying to help everyone, will be ignored and life will continue as before…..the rich will find a way to profit off this crisis by downsizing their corporations and companies while raising prices and working their employees even harder.

They’ll close as many offices as they can because working from home was so successful, profitable for them and offers them the option to demand more from their employees for the ¨priviledge¨ of WFH. They will probably try and rehire their employees as free-lancers without any benefits…..we will see.

5. The shift from the cities to WFH will have enticed many people to consider moving away from the expensive and crowded metropolises and their daily commute in tight quarters with others but there is the social communion we enjoy with our workmates and management that will be missed.

Is there a middle ground where partial WFH arrangements can be made to lighten the burden of companies and reduce the risks to their employees?

6.  The presence of your children 24/7 and their need to be educated, entertained and kept from becoming victims of parental voluntary homicide will have two positive outcomes. Teachers will finally be appreciated for the heroes they really are, and the homeschooling positives will become more apparent.

Here is a compromise that we might see; part-time presence in school and a robust online educational option that allows teachers to educate their students from afar, thus reducing the risk of infections and dangerous contact by orders of magnitude.

This is complex and might not please working parents but if the WFH and online schooling can be coordinated, then it could work. Don’t depend on the competent authorities and management to organize this, they aren’t capable of organizing a simple school field trip, never-mind a paradigm as complicated as this….leave it to the teachers and parents…they know what they’re doing and what they and their charges need.

6.  The Health Care system will require an immediate paradigm shift from the passive, underfunded and poorly managed pantomime that it is now, to a dynamic, well-funded, well-prepared and proactive national network which can prevent the spread of infectious diseases, manage the flow of patients and especially home-bound clients (the aged, handicapped and physically challenged) while at the same time developing rapid research facilities and thoroughly networked delivery mechanisms for such emergencies.

Does this describe anything the pusillanimous, narcissistic, greedy, passive political dupes you currently ¨enjoy¨ are capable of? I cannot speak for the UK but in North America our leaders were and still are vane, arrogant and dismissive of the gravity of the situation and their misguided protection of their rich bum buddies has enraged a large percentage of the population, as they watch people die for no reason, other than the political incompetence and greed of their elected officials.

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8 Replies to “The shape of things to come: a north American view of the aftermath that is to come”

  1. Hi guys. this is a once in a lifetime post. I feel that you have hit many nails on the head. As the New World Order try a final push to get their program finished.
    people need to wake up to the fact the government’s don’t rule, they are just the puppets of corporations, who have no compassion or morals that we would recognise. People say follow the money to see who is the perpetrator but ultimately its about power to control. Think about this, if you had to find a way to control the population of the planet and reduce the numbers down massively wouldn’t an airborne virus be the best way to do it? Looking at most of the virus’s that have plagued the world the majority have come out of China. The best test bed to have, a population who is controlled very strictly, and do without thinking when told how to behave through fear.Forward to todays pardigm what have you got. In my oppinion it is the practise run for the real thing. Heavy or percived to be possible? guys stay safe keep well and fit. I love your blog as I am a avid Arsenal fan.

  2. Richard, yes under capitalism governements have to consider corporations because corporations pay the taxes and employ the people.

    But when you say, “Looking at most of the virus’s that have plagued the world the majority have come out of China” that I think needs some evidence. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention states that there is not universal consensus regarding where the 1918 flu virus originated, for example.

  3. The PIGMOB, quarantined in their individual pigsties. Brilliant.

    PS. A bit of friendly advice. An auto-fill on the comments section would probably bring in more comments.

  4. I agree with Kenward Garg The PIGMOB line is sheer genius. I thought that the PIGMOB was the virus and hope that everything is being done to isolated and remove it from anywhere it may come into contact with humans. If football is to come out of this crisis stronger that must surely be the most important target. Stop the PIGMOB virus now to save the game.

  5. Talking about ways to get the cash Cow milking out money again for the beneficiaries. A suggested suggestion that has gone viral on the internet by someone influential in the football circle, or is it by a PL club side? I can’t really say. But nevertheless I think the internet story is authentic. This suggested suggestion says the remaining 2019-2020 Premier League season’s suspended matches should be moved to China where Covid-19 pandemic attack appeared to have receded to acceptable endurance. So that the remaining matches in the PL can be played to conclude the current season’s campaign. Which if accepted by all the 20 PL club sides the lives of those who will be connected with concluding of the season may not be threatened by the infectious Covid-19 as the Chinese are looking to have sterm the virus attack.

    I think in the spirit of globalization, more so, in football I think the FA, the Premier League and all the PL club sides should look into this suggestion with the view of considering it for approval. This is because as things currently looks in regards to Covid-19 pandemic in the UK no one can really predict the time the spread of the virus will be contained that will allow the suspended PL season’s campaign to resume and concludes. But what of the conclusion of the 2019-2020 FA Cup season? I think that could also be moved to China to conclude. So therefore, let’s wait to see if China will officially submit a financial bid to the FA and PL to host the remaining matches in these 2 competitions to complete the suspended season’s campaign. But what of the conclusion of the EFL season? I think this can also be worked out successfully.

  6. Actually Richard, most if not the vast majority of pandemics did NOt come from china. The spanish flu apparently started in a military base in Kansas, the Plague probably came from the Middle East from rats onboard ships (that is still debated) and most other pandemics were of unclear origin but certainly not universally from Asia.

  7. We have enough misinformation coming from the ‘authorities’. Not a time to be adding to it. FACTS PLEASE! (no such thing as alt. facts)

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