Arsenal make 2 signings, & Hleb enters the desert

The first summer deals are now being announced. As a starter, Cheltenham have confirmed that 15 year old Jamie Edge will join Arsenal immediately.

Edge has come through Cheltenham’s youth programme and has been playing for Arsenal in an under-16 tournament in Italy.

Chairman Paul Baker told the club’s website, “Cheltenham Town have reached a financial agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of Jamie Edge.

“We believe it is an excellent deal for the club both in terms of the money we will receive this season and next and further payments that become due depending upon the progress Jamie makes at both club and international level.

“It is a particularly exciting opportunity for Jamie who now has to agree personal terms with Arsenal before the deal can be confirmed.”

But I can’t find the bit that says what position he plays.

The Guardian is also saying Arsenal are signing a 15-year-old Swiss centre-half called Martin Angham, but here again info is in short supply. Please help me if you know.

Meanwhile Alex Hleb who left Arsenal for higher things one year ago didn’t make it onto the pitch for BarBarBarca last night. And while it was thought at first that he was on the bench, but had simply slipped off it while having a sip of water, it now appears that he wasn’t actually named as a sub, and so sat in the stand.

Still, it means he got to see the game.

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  1. Another youngster? This wont effect the summer plans to quest for experienced top player right?

  2. This is just the normal summer signing round – only a percentage of the kids make it, so there is a production line of youngsters who come in, and then some of them make it through. It has nothing to do with the plan to buy experienced players – if these kids ever do make it to the first team it won’t be for four years or more.

    Meanwhile, this has just appeared on Football 365 – thanks to the reader who posted it in elsewhere on the site.

    “The match against Barcelona proved one thing; that Fergie has passed his sell-by date. Let me explain.

    His team choice, tactics and substitutions were all symptomatic of the fact that the old geezer is simply that; old. Yes he is the best British manager ever. Yes he has achieved a lot. But father time waits for no one. Nothing can slow him down…”

    So it’s not just us.


  3. Olumide – it is not an either/or choice. Even if you believe that Manchester U’s approach to football is the best approach, you have to recognise that they have brought through a number of young players. You need a lot of them in a big club, because not every one of them makes it.

    And Jonny – where does the guy who runs Young Guns get all that information from? He endlessly surprises me. I did extensive and widespread research on Angha (ie I typed his name into Google) and got bugger all.


  4. i think arsenal should learn a lot from barcelona in the way that they pressed and put utd under pressure off the ball last night.what do we do stand back and watch them play.adebayor take a video of that game and look at the work eto’o put in up front,that our big problem i feel we dont win back the ball quick enough,you just see our players trotting back into a shape position.the very best wenger sides have put teams under pressure all over the field and play a high level of intensity that the oppostion could’nt live with.playing like that suits arsenal style better because when your on form you can finish teams of in the first 20-25m of games,we all remember wenger’s best sides could destroy teams early in a game.this team for me does not play with a high enough intensity especially at the emirates.

  5. FZ that would be a ‘yes’! hehe! When we win though Jame… I mean Mason will no doubt disappear.

  6. P.S. Tony That is harsh but I suppose fair about Hleb.

    Here are a decent link where you can watch my preferred Arsenal transfer target in action. A beast of a midfielder. They keep him in a cage and feed him raw meat.
    Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you:

    Lorik Cana

  7. We tried to get him before he went to Marseilles but he had visa problems. Watching the video though, how many minutes per game would he survive with the likes of Webb and Riley around?

  8. i like the look of cana but i dunno if arsene will… he’s a bull…just what we need in the centre of the pitch but i wonder if he’s what the boss likes… and i agree with Gf60… he’s gonna be another fellaini…ref’s will probably reserve a yellow card just for him…

    i hope we buy someone good upfront… i think its time ade made a gracious exit…

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