The Lawrence award for misleading information designed to put Arsenal down

By Tony Attwood

Christophe Jost spotted a comment by Bixente Lizarazu after Arsenal’s last match which intrigued both of us.   Lizarazu, as you may know played for Bordeaux and Bayern Munich and got 97 caps for the French national team.  So one might think he is a man who most certainly has earned the right to comment.

Speaking on on “RMC Sports 2 tonight” at the end of the Arsenal game vs Norwich he said that “This is only the second time in 2020 that Arsenal have won by four goals.”

Now I believe Nitram used this as an example to describe the newly created Lawrence award.

‘The Lawrence award for the most ridiculously contrived set of statistics deliberately taken out of context simply in order to make Arsenal look bad award’.  You may recall that Amy Lawrence herself created that by complaining that Arsenal only had two players scoring in double figures one season, whereas that was a remarkable achievement.  Very few teams could match that.

So let’s try and validate how silly this comment that Arsenal have ONLY won by four goals this year.  And since Liverpool! have won all the accolades this year we ought to start with them.  When have they won by four goals?

Date Match Result Score Competition
01 Feb 2020 Liverpool v Southampton W 4-0 Premier League
24 Jun 2020 Liverpool v Crystal Palace W 4-0 Premier League
02 Jul 2020 Manchester City v Liverpool L 4-0 Premier League

Twice is the answer, but as the list above shows, they have also lost by four goals.  I thought I would add that to give the bigger picture.  Detail is important.

Manchester City are the next BIG TEAM on the list.  What of them we may ask?   Well yes, they have outshone Liverpool and Arsenal by winning by four goals four times this year.  So twice as good as us and them.   Although one of them was a Cup match, and we’ll come back to that later.

12 Jan 2020 Aston Villa v Manchester City W 1-6 Premier League
26 Jan 2020 Manchester City v Fulham W 4-0 FA Cup
22 Jun 2020 Manchester City v Burnley W 5-0 Premier League
02 Jul 2020 Manchester City v Liverpool W 4-0 Premier League

Leicester are third in the league, and so what of their record of winning by four or more goals this year?    Well it seems to be just once against hapless Villa.

09 Mar 2020 Leicester City v Aston Villa W 4-0 Premier League

Next in the League table we have Chelsea, and, oh, they’ve only done it once also.

08 Mar 2020 Chelsea v Everton W 4-0 Premier League

Moving further down the table today we get to Manchester  United

11 Jan 2020 Manchester United v Norwich City W 4-0 Premier League
26 Jan 2020 Tranmere Rovers v Manchester U W 0-6 FA Cup
27 Feb 2020 Manchester United v Club Brugge W 5-0 Europa League
12 Mar 2020 LASK Linz v Manchester United W 0-5 Europa League

Now as we can see they have exceeded Arsenal by winning by four or more goals this year four times, but … well beating Tranmere, Club Brugge and LASK Linz is running on your luck, to the extent that you have to be drawn against these clubs to have a chance to knock in the goals.  And I am not sure Tranmere are in the Premier League are they?

Two more clubs to go before we reach Arsenal.  Here is Wolverhampton

20 Feb 2020 Wolverhampton Wands v Espanyol W 4-0 Europa League

Just one for them in the Europa League.  OK it was four and no restriction on competitions was stipulated so they can have that one.

The last club in the list of clubs above Arsenal in the League is Sheffield United.  And here we have no occurrences.  Not a sausage.

Now the point of the comment that “This is only the second time in 2020 that Arsenal have won by four goals,” is to put Arsenal down, without having to be bothered with any evidence.  Yes it was a truthful statement, but it had that clear implication that a lot of clubs had done far better.  In fact we find a league table of clubs in the top section of the league that have won games by four goals or more as

  • Manchester City 4*
  • Manchester United 3*
  • Arsenal 2
  • Liverpool 2
  • Chelsea 1
  • Leicester 1
  • Wolverhampton 1*
  • Tottenham Hots 0

*Means the total includes at least one non-League game.

So it wasn’t a very helpful statistic was it?  Only two teams have won matches by four goals or more this season more than Arsenal, and if we restricted the count just to league matches we would have a table of…

  • Manchester City 3
  • Arsenal 2
  • Liverpool 2
  • Chelsea 1
  • Manchester United 1
  • Leicester 1
  • Wolverhampton 0
  • Tottenham Hots 0

So what was meant as an insult in fact when questioned shows we are doing rather well.



10 Replies to “The Lawrence award for misleading information designed to put Arsenal down”

  1. The weird thing is that Lizarazu has not, to my knowledge, played in the PL, does not comment matches on british TV, is not the descendant of any PL or english player (as far as I am aware), in short, no relation to the PL, english clubs, british TV at large.

    He commented that on RMC Sport, the organisation that has the rights to the PL for France.

    If there is a link and I am missing it, I’d be happy to know. The only link could be that while playing at Bayern he may have played against Arsenal in the CL. Maybe Arsenal players were not nice with him ? So payback is done in this (cowardly) way ?

    So what is the reason behind that (negatively) misleading comment ? Has the PL inserted some contractual obligation for foreign (silly)talkers to bash Arsenal x number of times during any given game ? He did not stop making fun and being overtly critical of Xhaka as well.

    Or maybe that attitude we see in the PL on english broadcasts and the (so-called) press is contaminating outside of England ?

  2. Chris

    And as I keep saying, it’s not ignorance, these people know these facts as well as we do, it’s just malicious shit stirring.

    Strangely if it was ignorance it wouldn’t be so bad.

    mick shelly

    Great news indeed, and there I was thinking all our youngsters were leaving.

    Surely the media wouldn’t be just shit stirring about that as well ?

  3. OT

    Anyone else having problems with UA on there devices, especially my iPhone ?

    The ‘Empty stadia…..’ article has disappeared completely.

  4. @Mick Shelley,
    Martinelli’s signing is indeed good news. One of the best prospects for many a year.

  5. I think that most of the foreign media commentators and the so called experts have work out for themselves (Hurray!) , that slagging off the Arsenal adds to their viewership.

    During most of the EPL matches , there is very often references to Arsenal’s inaptitude in most things , even if Arsenal are not playing !

    If ever I hear any praise about the Arsenal, I’m truly shocked , but then very soon they revert to form and restart their disparaging !

  6. Nitram – 03/07/2020 at 10:26 pm – That article is playing hide and seek on my computer too.

  7. @ Brickfields Gunner
    The same article is playing hide and seek with me as well
    I’m using an iPad

  8. Nitram etc
    Probably Amy’s revenge for the crap she has to put up.

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