Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 7

Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 7

By Dale Higginbottom

The weekend before an international break has been a time where we are usually able to field quite a strong team, well at least stronger than the game after an international break. This time around it could be different with so many players out on the brink of a return we could have quite a strong team for the Birmingham game. Obviously that doesn’t help matters when comparing the weekend’s games but at least it’s something to be hopeful for.

Gameweek 7 brought us the following games and injury lists.

Chelsea Vs Arsenal

Chelsea (4 injuries)

  • Goalkeeper – No injuries reported
  • Defence – Bosingwa (7)
  • Midfield – Lampard (4), Benayoun (2)
  • Attack – Kalou (2)

Additional issues: Mikel and Alex picked up late injuries but played the vast majority of the game.

Arsenal (9 injuries)

  • Goalkeeper – Almunia (1)
  • Defence – Vermaelen (5), Gibbs (2)
  • Midfield – Frimpong (6), Ramsey (7), Fabregas (3)
  • Attack – Bendtner (7), van Persie (4), Walcott (4)

Additional issues: Diaby passed a late fitness test and started.

Sunderland Vs Man Utd

Man Utd (4 injuries)

  • Goalkeeper, defence – No injuries reported
  • Midfield – Hargreaves (7), Valencia (3), Giggs (1)
  • Attack – Rooney (2)

Additional issues: Scholes was a doubt before the game but started and played the whole game.

Tottenham Vs Aston Villa

Tottenham (6 injuries)

  • Goalkeeper – No injuries reported
  • Defence – Dawson (4), Kaboul (2), King (2), Gallas (2)
  • Midfield – O’Hara (7)
  • Attack – Defoe (5)

Additional issues: The injured Woodgate, not in the 25-man squad, is not included in this list.

Liverpool Vs Blackpool

Liverpool (3 injuries)

  • Goalkeeper, midfield, attack – No injuries reported
  • Defence – Aurelio (4), Agger (1), Konchesky (1)

Additional issues: Torres picked up an injury after 10 minutes and was unable to continue.

Man City Vs Newcastle

Man City (7 injuries)

  • Goalkeeper – No injuries reported
  • Defence – Richards (2), Bridge (6), Kolarov (6), Zabaleta (1)
  • Midfield – Wright-Phillips (2)
  • Attack – Balotelli (6), Tchuimeni-Nimely (4)

Additional issues: Lescott was a doubt before the game but started and played the whole game.


It is always difficult to take a defeat, particularly against our championship rivals, but considering the number and quality of players missing through injury you have to think that it was a great effort by our players to be within a good chance of points up until Alex’s free-kick in the 85th minute.

When we get such a difference in injury fortunes it makes you wonder just how things might have been had the situation been reversed?  I’m sure that an Arsenal team missing just Fabregas and three players who would usually be on the bench would have been a tough challenge for a Chelsea team without Cech, Terry, Lampard, Ramires, Anelka, Drogba and Sturridge (equivalent to Almunia, Vermaelen, Fabregas, Ramsey, Walcott, van Persie and Bendtner). A lot of hope must be taken from the performance and if we can beat Man City on 24th October it will feel a bit like points shared, considering Chelsea’s defeat to City last weekend.

Tottenham’s injury worries seem to have eased slightly compared to previous weeks and that was reflected in the result. They have a worry in central defence but Gomes returning probably helped organisation a lot.

Man Utd showed that they are at least consistent. They have played four away games in the league this season and have four points from four draws. Rooney has not played in any of those games (well against Bolton his body was on the pitch, his head wasn’t) and they have struggled.

I keep saying that they are reliant on his performances and could continue to drop points and slip away if his personal troubles or fitness issues continue. The break comes at a good time for them, maybe Rooney can build some form with England and they will be more competitive come October 16th.

Liverpool’s performances continue to surprise me. I honestly thought that they would improve on last season and be challenging more for a top-four position. Their worries are not injuries but financial concerns and that must have an effect on the players. Just three injuries this week plus the early withdrawal of Torres is not enough to blame a home defeat to Blackpool on.

Man City follow us closely on injuries now and despite having 7 players out they could still get a win at home to Newcastle. There appears a bit more balance now that Boateng is back which helps a lot. Managing high numbers of injuries can be made a lot easier if they are spread evenly around the team and players are not forced to play out of position so much.

The International break is now upon us and considering our current injury list it is at a great time. All of our current list should be back within the next 2-3 weeks and a lot of their recovery will be during the time when no Arsenal games are played. It may for once be beneficial to us to have this break and providing no other players come back crocked we’ll be stronger next game.

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11 Replies to “Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 7”

  1. how many players will we have back after the international break?
    i thought it was:
    van persie
    gibbs (possibly)

  2. Gooner92

    I think you can add Vermaelen and Almunia to that as well. So hopefully quite a strong team to face Birmingham.

  3. Arsene said Walcott was 2 – 3 weeks before the chelsea game,so that rules out him out of Brimingham…Hopefully we will have in him bench against Man city….If Arsene says 2 weeks that means 4 weeks…But in Van persie’ case he is yet to fix a date…

    Bendtner will be back,but not in first team…Im expecting him to feature against either shatkhar or newcastle in carling….

    Vermlean -Only in novmber…So we are all set to have our complete team in November,which according to wenger is always the worst month in terms injuries

  4. The team that played chelsea should be same to phase birmigham however rosisky and eboue should be given place after 65min because they are good at killing off the game

  5. I think we have to accept that Dogboy and Chelski will score impossibly weird/wonderful goals against us.We had a chance till that freekick went in .Hope there will be no injuries this week.
    Did a double take on seeing you picture ,your Lordship .Very distinguished (photoshop innit?).

  6. “…but considering the number and quality of players missing through injury you have to think that it was a great effort by our players to be within a good chance of points…”

    In all honesty I think that it is only Fabregas who could have made a difference in the game. And maybe RVP and Vermaelen but marginally. I don’t think it was a huge defensive mistake in the first goal. Rather it was incredible effort from Drogba something that I have grown to expect from a player of his caliber (arguably top 5 in the world). Is true that some years ago AW considered to bring him to Arsenal but decided against it?

    As for Fabregas and RVP it feels like Arsenal have to get used to play and more importantly win big games without them. With their injury history especially RVP they are almost never there for team. Not that they were that much of a difference last year against MU (RVP) and Chelsea (Fabregas).

    Maybe just maybe Fabregas and RVP (him in particular) have become a luxury Arsenal can no longer afford. Lets face it: it is not a sustainable situation your tow best players struggle to stay fit for more than 50-60% of the season on average.

  7. Do we know who’s been withdrawn from international duty? Cesc says he’s fit again on twitter, but I’m hoping he gets a rest from the Spain squad, and Wenger said on the official team site the other day that Diaby won’t be fit to play with France.

    I noticed that Barca let Xavi sit their last game (they drew with Mallorca at home, I think) so that they could withdraw him from the Spanish team for “fatigue and accumulated injuries”. I think Arsenal needs to be more savvy about encouraging players to withdraw from midseason games due to fixture congestion. All of the first-choice team (except Almunia, because Capello prefers Robert Green, and Koscielny, who hasn’t yet made up his mind) are full internationals, and they’ll surely be picked for the big summertime tournaments whether they play qualifiers in the Baltic states or no…

  8. Rusty – last I heard Cesc wasnt even included in the Spain squad for this interlull due to his injury. I havent seen anything to contradict that yet, so I will assume that is still the case.

  9. I cant see us getting 3 points away to city, we need to defend better as a team it is not a case of our defence not been good enough they are. We need someone like keown back teaching defence.
    As for injuries its a case of wait and see but it would be nice if they are all back for man u away and chelsea at home just to see where we really are in terms of challenging for the league.
    The squad should be good enough against the rest of the EPL.

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