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  1. Maxcat
    25 November 2020

    Guess we are only Human.
    History repeating.


  2. abz
    25 November 2020

    very balanced article.. good read


  3. Nitram,
    25 November 2020

    Very well said. By coincidence this is what I had just said in the previous thread regarding our current trials and tribulations:

    “Look, I’m not blind, I don’t think we’re playing great. Our defence looks better, at least the goals conceded, Villa accepted does, but we are still conceding too many shots on goal. Our offensive play is, to be brutally honest, lamentable. So no not great.

    But the attitude looks to of improved dramatically, again Villa accepted, and the spirit seems fine.


    I don’t know. and that’s the truth. I don’t profess to be a manager, tactician or phycologist so I’ll defer thoughts, judgements, and more importantly solutions, to those that are, and keep supporting the team I love no matter what, because that’s what I believe true supporters should always do.”

    And I stand by that absolutely.


  4. Brickfields Gunners
    25 November 2020

    Thank you for a great write up.This is my 50th year as an Arsenal fan. Like you as I have aged and my priorities change , I too have become mellow in my support.

    I now tend to not get so worked up when the club is not doing well. A loss still hurts , as do dropped points. A win in turn gladdens the heart.

    With the so called normal of Covid 19 , I try to stay away from most people as well as the crap in the media.

    I look forward to the day Arsenal fans really dish it out at those you have mentioned above . And not display toxic displeasure at the players,manager or other fans.

    Will it happen ? Probably not , but then being an Arsenal fan is to hope for better luck , or whatever the next game.

    Up the Gunners !


  5. gunner1578
    26 November 2020

    This is a wonderful and unique article, infact it is a sort of an education for the “angry” arsenal fans. I have been supporting arsenal for 20 years or there about coming from a country where football is not a major sport. Anyways, i saw some of the greatest football played by arsenal under wenger and it was truely like a dream for me. I was probably one of the very few people who were not “wenger out” since i still wanted arsenal to play some scintillating football anyways, all good things come to an end, and maybe it was Mr. Wenger’s time to go. But the way our fanbase had been abusing and disrespecting him over the last few years, it was very disheartening.
    Infact, in your days, you could just abuse/berate the players on the field and the players would then go away from it all and relax. These days with the social media and print/electronic media selling specific agendas / propagandas, just imagine how difficult it is to be a player for a club like arsenal.

    When pepe made that stupid mistake and the replays were shown i was 100% certain he will be shown a redcard and obviously he should know better. But afterwards , what i saw from some of our fans on social media and how the media is portraying a single red card linking him with a career ending scenario , it is totally ridiculous.

    Similar thing i predicted would happen when auba signs the new contract on a big pay packet. How the media would start to get on his back as soon as he stopped scoring goals. and thats now happening, just a couple of games more with no goals for auba and our fan base and media alike will label him a mistake and failure.

    Well to sum it up, i guess we can not control the intolerance that has been embedded in all societies of the world and these things should be dealt with by the club to educate specially young players coming in from the academy and young players coming in from foreign countries. Currently, im worried for our new boy Saliba since he was being portrayed as a savior and now arteta is putting him through an educational cycle which is important for his career but the media is already labeling him as a failure.

    Anyways , lovely article. Best wishes


    • Tony Attwood
      26 November 2020

      Thanks Gunner 1578


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