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June 2021

Arsenal’s reasons to be cheerful 5: The media

 There is little doubt that the collection of ex-players and failed managers who make up the pundit trail, have got virtually no idea what makes Arsenal tick.  

 Their prediction for 2007/8 was universally one of failure – failure to secure a European place next season, failure to get within a million miles of Man U, failure to develop any more amazing youngsters.    (Interestingly they also made a big thing about Tottenham taking over 4th spot in the league, and we can see what happened to them as well).

It has been incredibly funny to watch the journalists who made these predictions try to cope with the season – with phrases that, “Some questioned whether Arsenal would be able to compete this year without Henry” which translates as, “I, and everyone else, questioned whether Arsenal would be able to compete without Henry, because it seemed like a simple and easy way to knock Arsenal.”

Not one journalist has popped up and admitted that he or she got it totally wrong – and the latest story (the fans are calling for Wenger to go) is just so laughable that it is not really worth playing with.

But the fact is that Wenger made idiots out of the press this year, and he will do so again.  They’ll continue the “Arsenal are finished” stories as we show once again that Wenger can do it all in his own wonderful way, and take on and beat everyone.

Coming up in part 6 – the injuries, part 7 – the ground, part 8 – why Wenger won’t spend billions.

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