Edu has gone into hiding, apparently


It must be great being a technical director. You join a club, they give you a mobile phone and a budget of millions, then say go forth and multiply our playing squad. Of course, the role itself is a little bit more complicated than that, simply because the business of buying and selling players is inherently challenging. In his role at Arsenal, it’s fair to say that Edu knows that just about as well as anyone.

Football these days is about much more than just eleven players on the pitch, it’s about squads and having players to suitably cover every position, giving the manager not only options to rotate but also cover injuries and suspensions. The role of a technical director is to help find players to fit the needs of the manager, typically working on profiles rather than specific names in many cases, looking at what each individual can bring to the collective.

We can all throw our tuppence behind whether we like or dislike certain signings, although in the grand scheme of things, there’s usually some method to the madness of transfer activity. From the outside, whether we’re fans with an axe to grind or maybe, as is often the case, journalists looking for a clickbait headline, the reasoning behind certain transfer dealings is not always abundantly clear.

Now it seems that “Arsenal technical director Edu can have nowhere to hide,” according to the Express, suggesting his latest transfer mistake is now clear for the entire world to see. They claim the Brazilian is “under increasing pressure” given the Gunners could “only finish eighth” last season, following those titbits by stating the club merely “attempted to revamp” the squad, going into the 2021-22 campaign.

It’s all right there in just one paragraph, succinctly making it clear the rest of this article will bestow a damning verdict upon Edu’s efforts as technical director. However, the actual topic of this article appears to be about Tammy Abraham, a striker who this particular journalist believes Arsenal should have signed. The fact this move didn’t happen is “Edu’s monumental failure” says the writer.

Interestingly, when Edu gave a detailed interview to Sky Sports just after the transfer window closed, the Brazilian was clear and concise about his process of laying foundations, bringing in younger players and working towards a long-term plan. Insofar as attacking options are concerned, “we really believe in the players we have in the squad,” he insisted. “We have a striker there who delivers us 25 goals every season. We have another one who delivers 15-20 goals every season,” underlined Edu.

“We believe in them and our squad,” Edu pointed out during his interview, regarding the capabilities of Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bukayo Saka, Nicolas Pepe, and Gabriel Martinelli. Those words were used with conviction and confidence, regardless of how results have been going, with both Arteta and Edu himself aware that fans are habitually impatient about getting results.

While that may not satisfy a certain writer from the Express, who is clearly a member of the Tammy Abraham fan club going by his gushing appraisal of the player now at Roma, the explanation from Edu is entirely valid. Why spend more money on another striker, when the manager appears to be happy with his existing attacking options? What are the guarantees that Abraham would have slotted in and achieved wonders at Arsenal? There are none.

For anyone considering backing the success of Arsenal this season, finishing within the top four or even top six could be a tall order. Bookmakers look at a variety of factors and so do expert site reviewers, whenever they recommend the top football betting sites. Alongside appealing promotions and offers, good value odds are just as important, while reputation and history should never be ignored.

Insofar as the reputation and history of Arsenal is concerned, for sure, fans will always expect much better from such a high-profile club. Yet where is the patience and understanding that establishing a successful team takes time? What’s the point of criticising someone for players they didn’t sign? If they are given the time to see this job through, both Edu and Arteta could build something spectacular for the Gunners, with the players they have signed. Although it seems in short supply these days, perhaps the answer is just a little patience?


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