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  1. Dublin Gooner
    16 December 2021

    Puts things in perspective. On the other hand, Xhaka did seem (my recollection) to have a history of making particularly unnecessary and costly fouls, and ocassionally dwelling on the ball, which didn’t help him.
    In the Euros Xhaka was a standout player, and this was widely recognised in the media. And seems to have killed off the cheap “nicking a living” comments.


  2. goonersince72
    16 December 2021


    Thanks as always for the work you put into getting the facts. This nonsense about Xhaka is more media bilge. It started when he came over. Early on he was prone to mistakes. But he’s always been a worker in the middle of the pitch and, as you say, it’s his job to tackle and hit people, FFS. The FFS being mine not yours. I rate him. His emotions got him and he lost the armband but not the spirit of captain. Very often his foul will be a ‘professional foul’ as in you take it for the team. If Declan Rice got the better of him I must have been watching a different part of the screen, lol.
    So, we need him, his cards are in line with his position in the team and some are harsh.


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