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September 2021
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September 2021

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Supporting Bob Wilson’s ‘Taking the pain out of sport’ campaign won’t cost you a penny.

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By Tony Attwood

As I have made repeatedly clear I was never a footballer, but even after I gave up my pointless escapades on grass after finishing as a student, I continued to play (I use the word in its most childish sense) five a side off and on.  Eventually I fell on my head, got very frightened by the effect on my eyesight and was zoomed into hospital where it was suggested that maybe I was a bit old for much more of that sort of larking about.

But I have done enough of other sports (and more particularly the more vigorous forms of dancing, if that can be called a sport) in later life to know what the pain of activity can be like – not so much the pain of a one off “carry him off the pitch” injury in my case, but just the pain of wear and tear on knees, elbows, back muscles etc as one gets older.

And of course this season we introduced the Injury Analysis by Dale,  on Untold which does keep tabs on who is hurting day by day – which reminds us all of how dangerous the whole thing can be.

So with all that background I read with interest about Arthritis Research with their new ‘Taking the pain out of sport’ campaign.

Obviously they already have an infinitely big marketing campaign given that the wonderful  Bob Wilson launched the show, and don’t need the 23 million readers every five seconds that Untold offers, but still it does seem to me to be worth a mention here – especially as there is something you can do, and it wont cost a penny.

In a nutshell, the campaign aims to find out more between the link between sport and exercise/sport related pain and injuries and the onset of conditions such Osteoarthritis (OA) (which can very much affect young people), as it’s very much an area we currently don’t know enough information about.

To improve medical knowledge into the prevention and management of sports injury, Arthritis Research is simply asking people to share their experiences of playing sports with them via a quick survey on the campaign site,  At the end of the survey, people can enter a free prize draw to win £250 of Nike vouchers as a thank you for taking part.

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There is a also a survey ‘button’ which you could upload to your own site if you so wish, plus they have a video of Our Bob talking about his experience of OA.

The research shows more than half of the UK’s active public has sustained a sports injury and many have concerns about the long term consequences for their joints and future mobility.  The organisation is aiming to keep people active and playing the sports they love for longer so any support you can give by filling in the form would be much appreciated!

And, here’s the bit from Bob Wilson

“Although my playing days are behind me, I still feel the strains of a top-level career which, as a goalkeeper, meant operations on both hips. I wasn’t aware that osteoarthritis could affect me at such a young age when I retired, and this view is shared by many people who aren’t fully informed about the risks of sport on the joints of the body. I am backing this Arthritis Research UK campaign to raise awareness of osteoarthritis as a result of sport, and hope others join me in bring this neglected condition to light.”

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6 comments to Supporting Bob Wilson’s ‘Taking the pain out of sport’ campaign won’t cost you a penny.

  • Menace

    The Human body does not recover as quickly as one imagines. Joints are used particularly harshly in sport. The important thing is to ensure a good diet and a level of intelligence to avoid problems.

    Soups from chicken bones or fish are excellent in joint lubricants. Berry juice and particularly Cherry juice are also a preventative for joint problems. The juices aid the kidneys to process acids that would otherwise crystalise in the joints. Milk is one of the prime sources of joint food and as long as one can tolerate milk, one (particularly sports people) should have at least a pint a day.

    Rest and warmth also help joints recover. So my advice is rest as much as you can and always ensure you cover up well in the cold.

  • Wrenny

    Which is why footballers are quite right to wear gloves, thermal vests, etc. in these bitterly cold conditions.

    It really irritates me to hear commentators make disparaging comments about players wearing gloves or ‘Snoods’, as if they’re somehow not manly or “hard’ enough. Such ridiculous macho nonsense. It makes perfect sense to conserve heat and energy this way, to keep your muscles and joints warm to reduce the odds of injury.

  • Terence McGovern

    Sorry I havent been about for a while but creating anti-IMF cells is busywork lol.
    I apologise for going off topic but if memory serves lord Triesman had to resign for saying to a female companion that:

    “Everybody knows that the Spanish are looking for Russia’s help to bribe officials so that they can win in South Africa and in exchange they will support Russia’s bid for 2018”

    This was pre World cup 2010 in SA.

    Spain won in South Africa without receiving a yellow card before the qtr finals and Russia’s bid was successful.

    Perhaps they should give Triesman his job back. It seems to me that he was the smartest guy the FA ever had.

  • nicky

    My experience may be of interest. Played most sports all my life but mainly golf. Had a horrible swing but got down to 2 handicap on 6300 yard links course. In 1991 I had the first hip job (had a repeat on the same hip in 1998). Chatting to the surgeon who did the first op., he made the point that “all this madness for jogging on hard surfaces means that guys like me will never be out of work”.

  • Gf60

    TMcG. Time for Tony to resurrect Fick Fufa? How to stop players melting might be a theme? 2 votes?? England (The Times; Panorama; Andrew Webber; Wednesday night; (?? Untold Arsenal??)) upset lots of delegates hmm? How dare you accuse us of being crooked?
    Time to chuck the whole sorry bunch of the delegates overboard.

  • tahsein

    tony,whenever i comment on untold my comment pic shows a sad face.i don’t like it at all!can you please give me a cool pic. Or atleast a happy one.

    In the last few days,le twat is very very quiet and untold has published a lot of article.i love it!