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Background: In response to the penultimate article which suggested in what was meant to be an ironic manner that the EPL would investigate Arsenal’s win at Villa because it was impossible for a team so awful as Arsenal to win any game, a correspondent under the name wankerwengermustgo wrote a very negative reply in the correspondence column.  Here’s a reply.

By Walter Broeckx

I always find it interesting when we see someone from the very negative branch of Arsenal supporters over here at the site telling “the truth” in answer to an article.  Not least because it is a chance to try and analyse what they say and think. And as on other sites the voice of the positive supporters is often not visible or is being deleted or changed we cannot reply there. So I took the liberty to write my thoughts on what a very depressed person had to say on this site.

It went like this: We are supposed to be happy and satisfied because we beat a 3rd rate team – with a 2nd rate performance?!!! Absolute rubbish! Imagine if we played the way we did today against say – Chelsea or Man U. Would we have won?

And my answer to this is : Yes I am very happy and satisfied because we won. As every win is a reason to be happy and satisfied. Because if you cannot enjoy a win from Arsenal you are not a real Arsenal fan. I think you are one of those who enjoy every defeat as you can go around on the internet telling: see it, told you so. So in fact you are not a supporter of Arsenal, you are a supporter of your own personal you. You prefer your own ego before the joined ego we share as Arsenal supporters.

Now let us talk about beating a 3rd rate team. Now I don’t know what is exactly a 3rd rate team. A team that after 7 home games hasn’t lost at home is not a bad team at home I would think. In fact it is in fact a far better home team than us as we have lost 3 of our home games. So how do you rate us? A 5th rate team? So if our terrible team (your thoughts I think) wins there and give them their first home defeat I really cannot but feel happy about it.

And on another note I don’t think that a team that has managed to get a 0-0 against Chelsea (I guess a first rate team) really is that bad a team. And a team that just played 2-2 against Manchester United (I guess another first rate team) is not that bad. In fact that was a game that Villa should have won if the ref would have been good (it was Dean so no surprise he gave United some help). And as I have seen the game it was really a miracle that Villa didn’t win that game. I really felt sorry for them after watching that game.

But now when we win against them it suddenly is a 3rd rate team. I think this is coming from a 3rd rate Arsenal supporter to say such a thing.

Imagine if we had played like that against Chelsea or Man United.  Imagine if the sun was not the middle of our universe. Then what?

Imagine if Clattenburg would have done his job and cancelled the first Villa goal.

Imagine if Dowd would have done his job and not give the first foul which lead to the penalty.

Imagine if the ref in Braga had given the penalty for the foul on Vela and the red card.

With imagination you can prove anything. It is just what it says: imagination and we over here are trying to keep a bit to the facts. Not always but just as much as possibly can.

And then it continues: This win does not mean that Wenger is right about the squad. They will lose next week to Fulham- he will then come up with all the usual excuses – everybody’s fault, the referee, the 4th official, the opponents, injuries – everybody at fault; EXCEPT Arsene Wenger!

Now this is an interesting bit of course. We have here a clairvoyant. Could you please give us the numbers for the euro millions from next week. Our man in the knowing what will happen. And yes as it is football this could happen. In fact there is a chance of one in three that this could happen. A bit like if I would predict that it will snow this winter.

And then some inside information from our man in the knowing: He needs to go – but given that he is keeping the Board happy with MONEY (so that they can all pay themselves outrageous salaries and perks) it is unlikely that the Board has the balls to stand up to him – and they don’t really care about winning anyway!

Are you in the board? How else can you possibly know what the board is thinking. So just again your own thoughts projected on someone else. And we can see why in the next lines:

So what we have to do is to pressure them to go out and buy world class players. We need a world class goalkeeper, another world class midfielder (because Cesc will leave soon – so go get Ronaldhino), a couple of great defenders and 1 more top class striker.

And here we can see what is wrong. This fan just want bragging rights. This fan just want big shiny toys. And he even can give a name to the doll he wants to buy, wrong spelled, but he knows the name. And it’s not Ken he wants,  no it is Ronaldinho (that is how it is written in fact). Now I don’t know when the last time you saw Ronaldinho play my dear fan but I can tell you that Ronaldinho is way way way past his best time. He was overweight the last time I saw him and if you think Arshavin is a lazy bum (I don’t know if you think this so correct me if I’m wrong) but I can tell you that Arshavin is working like a mule compared to Ronaldinho.

The world class goalkeeper and the other great defenders we should buy have no names so it would be interesting to see who you mean and also that top class striker is interesting to know who you want to see arriving at Arsenal. Spend it, spend it, spend it, spend it all. Never mind the future: I want it NOW.

And then suddenly we even see you trying to analyse the game:  The Arsenal defence looked shaky everytime Villa launched an attack. They do not look reliable. Our strikers do not convert the opportunities that they get – no other team in the league creates as many opportunities as we do in a match – but how many goals do we score? Come on Wenger – shape up or ship out!

So finally I thought we would read something of importance and then you go and spoil it all by adding those last words. Why should a manager of a team that is second in the league just 2 points behind the leader be sacked? Because you want it? Now excuse me that is a bit thin for a reason to sack the most successful manager we have ever had at our club.

I really feel sorry for you as you really must have a really miserable life. If you cannot enjoy the fact of being second in the league equal on points, and winning a game from your club than I really do wonder why you pain yourself in this way. Maybe it would be healthier in the long run for you  to try and enjoy a win for what it is: a win.

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59 Replies to “Reply to the correspondent with the rather offensive nom-de-plume”

  1. What is it with you extremists?!! LOL
    You’ve got to enjoy the win after the rotten 7 days before it!

    It’s no secret that I have “fallen out of love” with Wenger over the last 6 months or so. I see that the Sunday press are linking him with January moves for players that I felt we should have signed in the summer. Fingers crossed for Jagielka, Cahill and a keeper

  2. @bexxy
    why do u waste ur energy coming here, if we sign cahill or jagielka where will tv5 go when he comes back???
    keeper doing fine.

    Personally i think wenger should look at MLS or some other leagues for loans. That way we can solve our conundrum of central defence and bring in a song like dm until diaby and tv5 return.

    walter u r spot on. These misery brigade are not supporter of arsenal, they are supporter of themselves and serve only to their ego. Either they are new, which means glory hunter(mostly) or too old to remember arsenal without arsene wenger.

  3. Again superb and endlessly relevant work.

    A lot of our so-called supporters want Wenger out for all the worst reasons. I can’t imagine why they call themselves Arsenal supporters, because all they want is for The Team to lose so they can say “I told you so.”

    We’re here to support the team – in victory, in defeat and whoever plays for it. I don’t care who plays for the teams your friends support and I don’t care that you’re embarrassed by our team or our manager. I’ve seen to many people say “Wenger better sort it out or else!”… or else what? You’ll boycott maybe?

    I tell the Wenger Haters that if you’re not happy to support The Arsenal, just stop and support someone who fulfills your criteria. You’re not married to The Arsenal. The Arsenal doesn’t need or want you. You’re clearly against our success, so why stay? Just go support Man City or Real Madrid. Simple as.

    This team is great and it’s steeped in history and tradition far beyond the understanding of glory hounds and fanboy, plastic fans. If the Arsenal is nothing to you but an extension of your ego then you vastly overestimate your importance.

  4. I think i’ve said it before, our real test will come against the likes of Chelsea and United. If we have to win the title, then we have to beat both of these teams atleast once in this season. Only then, we can bid a serious challenge to epl title.

    And honestly, looking at our present team defence, we look weaker than Chelsea and United.

  5. I am not a new supporter, but when I level criticism at the way Arsenal play, its not coz I hate the team. I want the team to improve. The centre-back pairing of Squillaci and Koscienly has not geled well enough compared to that of Man U and Chelsea. To win the league, we need a strong defence. I appreciate the win, but still have my concerns. I do not want the anxiety of watching the game imagining when Arsenal will concede a goal. I want to trust my team, but with that suspect defence I fear for the future.

  6. Our defence is weaker than Chelsea’s? Er, did you see the goal that Newcastle scored, I was crying with laughter!

  7. I cannot imagine that any of the so called fans that are calling for “Wenger out” have been fans for longer than the 13 or 14 years that Arsene has been in charge Pre Wenger fans who suffered through the 70’s and 80’s praying for a good cup run, know the pain and the patience that is needed and required, sure I would love us to be winning more silver ware, and we probably should be, but 5 years, try 10 years for just an FA Cup plus 3 finals defeats, or 8 years for a league cup or 18 years between Championships. When you’ve known those times and compare them with now, then come back and talk to me about who you want in charge of this team.

  8. In attacking terms, i think we are on par with Chelsea and United, though i’d hav preferred a fit Van Persie over Chamakh. The Midfield too is as good as Chelsea and United. The defence is where we start to lag behind. Fabianski is in no way in the same class as Cech or Van der sar. Our Right back -Sagna maybe in the same league as Chelsea n United’s right back. In the left back, Clichy is more error prone than both Patrice Evra and Ashley Cole. Plus both of Evra and Cole are superb crossers of the ball. The centre backs of United look the best with Ferdinand and Vidic combo. Chelsea has the next best with Terry and Alex combo. Our centre back combo of Squillaci and Koscielny is probably the weakest among Chelsea, United and Arsenal.

    So its the defence as a whole which looks to be the weak point of Arsenal.

  9. Arsenal,s defence has two weaknessess,namely Sagna and Clichy ,two defenders cum wingers who cannot put over enough quality crosses into the opposition box for Chamakh and Bendtner to head home for goals ,cannot concentrate for too long at a time ,cannot resist their ball watching tendencies ,cannot shoot on target and how many goals have they scored between them for Arsenal during their combined years at the club ?

  10. Personally I believe you are totally wrong Walter, and just cant understand why you want see it, you are uninformed and you don’t know what you talk about it. But I will tell you the truth.

    Yes Villa is 3rd rated team. And only reason why Manchester and Chelsea couldn’t beat them is because they didn’t want to bother with it. And only reason why we won is because they underestimated us (as we all know, no one really respect Arsenal anymore).

    Of course we will loose from Fullham because they are a way better side than we are and have better manager. In fact everyone have better manager than we, if you don’t believe me check stats. Wenger only won 3 PL, 3 FA cups, played only once in CL finals and once in UEFA cup finals (and only 14 times qualified for CL).
    And we all know those are minor competition. If he is such good manager why he never won some major trophy’s like League Cup?

    I am sometime ashamed of Arsenal, all other teams have some players who screw wives of their best buddies,or have drug problems, or their players are in commercials for chips or they are fashion gurus. We don’t have any such player, and you know it is hard because when I am with my buddies I don’t have what to talk about, except how Arsenal preform on field, and you know how sad it is. And what hurt me most, every normal team in EPL have debts and it is super to have debts, but no Arsene don’t want allow us to have debts. You don’t have even slightest idea how hard it is, to be supporter of team which is not in financial debt.

    Sorry for long post, but I will once more underline, if you don’t think as me you are not real Arsenal supporters or you are blind, and you don’t wish well to our beloved team. Or you don’t know anything about fashion.

  11. I think football management games have a lot to answer for in some fans deluded vision of how football is run, how transfers are made and how easy it is to manage a football team. I always chuckle to myself going onto other blogs and seeing the lists of players Wenger should buy, championship manager fantasy world.

  12. Posters like that have nothing worth reading about Arsenal, or for that matter anything else.
    It does amuse me though that they spend so much of their time on what for them is a lost cause. Fortunately,Wenger is going nowhere until he decides and no internet troll, fake fan or bitter Gooner is going to change that

  13. The major problem I have with Wenger is that his team shows an incredible naivety on occasions as with the away match against Braga.

    A draw was clearly enough to see us through the group stages, yet we insist on pushing for a win against a packed defence who were just looking to counter attack.

    Why did we not (as other more pragmatic teams would) just sit back and not commit so many players forward and thus commit suicide.

    Wenger then speaks of the team in the third party as though it was a team decision rather than Wengers own setup.

    Having said that I feel he is a tremendous manager and he will only be recognised as such when he leaves.

  14. “We love you Arsene Wenger, he is the king and he gave us style”

    I don’t agree with absoloutly everything AW does but I know he is always doing it with the teams best interest in mind and he has access to a far bigger picture than anyone not on the inside does.

    On topic, in this league EVERY result is important, look how close the table is… so not to be pleased about a win is…. well it’s beyond comprehension, would you of been happy if we lost? I assume not so we won and your still not pleased with the result? I can understand concerns with the performance, I have some great concerns with the performance, I’m not sure about Squilaci starting currently, I think Djoure and Kocheiny could form and excellent partnership due to the personal attributes and how they would blend, a defensive partnership is sometimes very much about blend, personally I don’t think Squillaci has been great recently, and also the attitude is a concern, we become a little complacent sometimes when we are in the lead, this has to be eradictaed, there’s a few areas, but if we improve upon them then we are in a good position in EVERY competition right now… crisis is an extreme exxageration, infact it’s just an all out lie… there is no crisis, if we were out of the league, champions league, and the cups already and in the relegation spots then I’d understand but not when we are 3rd, joint 2nd if you don’t count goal difference, are in the champions league still, and in both cup competitions… we could win the quadruple still… calm down…. no crisis, should appreciate what you have cause most teams would kill to be in our position right now.

  15. Bill from OZ

    To Critic,

    Not so much of the old supporter please. I am 73 years old and have proudly supported Arsenal since 1947, and would not dream of supporting any other team. Keep the faith and you will see trophies come soon enough.

  16. @Fred Matsheza “The centre-back pairing of Squillaci and Koscienly has not geled well enough compared to that of Man U and Chelsea”
    Em, clearly? they were both in completely different leagues last year & have never ever played with each other before? give them a little time. Its hard to adjust coming from the French league and the Spanish league to the Premiership anyway. Let alone be thrown into the mix straight away

  17. Let’s keep the positive energy, and let’s not respond to the negative comments. These critics are simply living negative lives, and this is just another part of it. The team needs our collective support.

  18. walter,standing ovation for you!now i am feeling alot lighter.a few days back i was called a fuckwit,creepy bastard for commenting against someone at le twat.though that was a positive comment it was deleted and i got myself banned.

    i wonder where is le twat right now!probably doing some black magic against us so that they can say”I TOLD YOU!”

    this is why i love untold,i love tony,i love walter,i hate doomers and most importantly i love the ARSENAL FC.Arsenal is my first love.i guess if Arsenal were a girl i would’ve said…’till death do us part”!i know that sounds creepy but that’s how much i love gunners.

    COME ON ARSENAL!piss on the doomers face!





  20. @ critic
    Why do I come here? This site suits my opinion and beliefs of both Arsenal and Wenger. Quite frankly, I can’t stomach the anti Wenger abuse tolerated on other sites. True, I no longer worship the man, but support his efforts despite recent errors of judgement.

    Where will TV5 go? Well, he would either win back his starting place or provide cover for the inform pairing. Not rocket science, is it!

    Keeper doing fine. Again, a new keeper would have to dislodge the inform keeper. Or should we not bother and settle for the fine keepers that we are blessed with?

  21. I can not support Wenger in everything he does, I’m afraid.

    I do not ALWAYS support his team selection or tactics. I fail to see how any fan can honestly support any individual in EVERYTHING he does.

    Wenger is the best man for the job, but Wenger and team have not been at their best for at least 6 months now. I have a suspicion that should Pat Rice retire that this may well be a blessing and bring about a shake up.

    Even the best bred can go stale. See what I did there (bred/bread) LOL

  22. I think another problem that our players have is the complacency that creeps in. Partly you can blame Wenger for it bcoz Wenger has a lot of confidence in his players even after they fail. The best example can be Almunia – he has been error prone for a long time now but still Wenger doesn’t give up on him. That gives a msg to other players that they are quite secure in their team even if they dont perform to the full potential. And hence complacency creeps in. The loss to Braga, West Brom, Shakhtar and Newcastle clearly showed that. If you see managers like Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, you can see that they dont allow their team to become complacent so easily. The players in United and Madrid know that they might lose their job if they dont perform well, and hence they never become complacent.

    Thats why i feel Wenger should be a little more strict with his players. Protecting them always is a major contribution to their complacency. If he can be a bit more stern then Arsenal can be the most feared teams in epl.

  23. @DP

    Couldn’t agree more. Complacency has been a major problem both on and off the pitch. Looking forward to tomorrow night. Hopefully this week will banish the lingering memory of last week.

  24. Come on tony, pls allow all the AAA to comments here~~ don’t delete them so that we can all laugh at the short sighted…

    Will I want SAF to manage Arsenal? maybe, but he spends so much on so much useless players, we could have won afew more trophies but our club will have to pay his 600 million debt for the next 15 years.

    Will I want mourinho to manage Arsenal? hell no, he’ll come to us, spends lots of money, win quite a number of trophies for his own name, and we won’t see him ever again.

    Will I want Rafa? Carlos, Pep? lol, they won’t win anything without 100million.

    Wenger do have flaws, but he is a big and long term thinker, he assemble a team that can win the league now and for next year and the year after. And most importantly, on the sad day he leaves us, Arsenal will still be strong, can you say this about UTD?

    And for the sad folks who ask for wenger sacking, lol~~ u have no idea the number of managers we have after Graham, grow up short sighted people!!

  25. @Dark prince, @Bexxy,

    Lol, how much do you know about Arsenal players? have you been to their training? have you been to their locker rooms?Wenger ain’t strict? complacency?

    There is no manager in the world who can compete with Wenger in terms of grooming players, and that is because Wenger gives them chance when everyone was giving up on them. You name them: Vieira, Henry, lehmann, parlour and the list goes on.. If wenger don’t give them the opportunity to get it right and discards them, Arsenal will need 2 arab prince to finance us!! But look at it, he knows when to give up and gives others a chance at the right moment.. we are talking about senderos and jeffers etc!!

    And as for the winning, I will want to trust a 3 times PL winners, than a football manger wannabe~~

  26. I also actually starting to doubt whether the ‘secret affair’ episode that has been going around since a month had an effect on Wenger. Arsenal have been playing poorly since last one month and its been since that story started in the media. Has Wenger got affected by that?? Dont know for sure but it cud be a possibility. We lost 4 matches this month. And honestly none of those losses cud hav been predicted.

  27. @only 1- its foolish if you’re comparing Henry, Viera, Lehmann or Parlour with our current bunch of players. They are legends of the game. And they delivered trophies very quickly.

    But good you gave me some examples bcoz i’ll want u to look at them yourselves. If you remember, Henry, Viera, Parlour were probably the most hungriest to win. If you compare the same with the current team, u’ll come to know what i’m talkin about. People use to fear Arsenal when these players played. Can u say the same about d current team? I dont think so.

  28. hi Dark prince, fyi,
    the commentators for the champions league final claims “Lehmann” is the weak link in Arsenal. And many fans have been criticizing him just like Alunmi and Fabi,

    2. Henry and Viera was a Seria A reject.

    3. Parlour was having lots of trouble,

    4. Not many players dare to pass to Cesc when he first started playing for Arsenal at 16..

  29. To continue with that i believe that its not only that other teams dont fear Arsenal players now a days but also the managers of mediocre teams are also not afraid of Wenger as well. Mediocre Managers never use to criticise about Wenger but now a days even managers like Pulis, Allardyce, etc take a dig at Wenger. I feel sad that we lost the fearsomeness that we used to have.

  30. @only1- here r ur answers,
    1. Lehmann was way better than Almunia and Fabianski.
    2. Henry and Viera were Serie A rejects but achieved more trophies than this current team. Also especially that Henry and Viera did it within their 1st couple of years.
    3. Parlour is an Arsenal legend and his experience was vital in important games.
    4. I wont argue about cesc bcoz i believe he’s d only guy at Arsenal who show’s true passion to win and that hungriness that the likes of Henry and Viera had. Thats the reason why we are dependant on him so much. If cesc has a bad day, Arsenal too probably has a bad day.

  31. @Dark Prince,
    Argh, you finally understood what i meant. When players are not playing well, people calls them names, not good enough or complacency,mediocre etc~~ When they play well, the same peeps calls them legend,passion and hungriness or whatever, u know 🙂

  32. Walter, I do admire your insightful articles, and while I no longer read the blog-sphere extensively, as the so-called arsenal supporters who are of the mindset of buy,buy,buy and sack,sell,cry do not appeal to me..What I have noticed, however, is a certain anti-arsenal thread through all aspects of the British media, and I would like to know from where this emanates.. Ever time I listen to the commentary, the obvious bias against Arsenal is so apparent…In the last game against Aston Villa, a cross was sent into the box and appeared to strike an arm, and they went on about a penalty appeal for so long…It continues at the referee level,that allows quite a bit of indiscretion, but we get penalized for minor infractions. These things annoy me, but are not taken into account by fans who really want instant gratification with new toys, who may not work.. I have seen so many high priced flops in my time, that I wonder, what when we buy these flops, what do we do then, will it be Arsene’s fault or can we blame the moron who recommended it.. The responsibility of running a high profile football club, and making decisions to which you will be held accountable, and affects so many people is above the scope of the mindless morons who bicker and purport to be Arsenal supporters. Arsene is not perfect, but he is a wonderful manager, and I am proud to be an Arsenal supporter, irregardless of what happens, because its not in all cases that the end justifies the means..

    Vive La Arsenal…Joga Bonita

  33. Trying to make sense of Armin’s rant makes my head hurt!-other teams have players w/drug/prostitution/trust problems, but he is more ashamed of Arsenal? Go figure.
    I just get tired of “supporters” with very limited or no knowledge of the inside machinations of the club, and even more limited understanding of football, who “know” more than the management. They always seem to know what players the team needs; what the board thinks; etc.

  34. Correct, a lot of the media is anti Arsenal. A lot of the London based media hacks support Spurs and Chelsea. Spurs are THE media team, especially at the moment.
    Alan Hansen has never forgot a certain game in the late 1980s were we snatched the title of him and his team with the last kick of the season. He needs to let it go!
    Much of the media grovel to or are scared of Fergie.
    Maybe a bit of xenophobia at play as well with Wengers much perceived anti English thing
    No the media do not like us, hopefully suits Wenger and the team just fine – nothing wrong with a seige mentality.

  35. hi brigi,

    pardon my quoting from u:

    “Arsene is not perfect, but he is a wonderful manager, and I am proud to be an Arsenal supporter, irregardless of what happens, because its not in all cases that the end justifies the means..”

    excellent and succint, summed up my long standing sentiments perfectly.

  36. @Only1- you hit the nail in the head in ur last statement. Atleast you admit that our team is not playing well and the team we had a decade ago played awesomely!! 🙂

  37. Dark Prince,

    move on. You’re boring. The past is always better. You sound like a Liverpool fan.

  38. Walter this article is a good riposte, often people don’t bother with the truth and facts when they want to have an idiotic rant about Wenger.

    @ Mandy Dodd – I totally agree with your posts.

    @ Bexxy – Critic asked a good question about why you post here. You constantly contradict yourself, on the one hand you support Wenger and this site for doing so and on the other you slam this site for their pro-Wenger stance and say you haven’t supported Arsene and the team for months. Very strange.

  39. judgment day is coming, Manager of all Managers, one and only one Moirinho and his “wish if we bought them” team got only 5 goals.

  40. Armin, I watched the game and found the game difficult because I can’t stand Jose Bore-hinho and Real’s football ethos and obviously after the summer saga I no longer like Farca. However I do like Pep, therefore I am slightly pleased that Farca won.

    I think a 5-0 loss in a ‘derby’ is called a spanking. No actually I think its called a ‘special’ spanking. Real Madrid are known to go off their managers pretty quickly and this huge embarassment must have them thinking about succession. Since Jose takes full credit for every win, I wonder if he will do the same in a loss or focus on individual poor performances. I personally never want Bore-hinho at Arsenal, we have evolved beyond his brand of uninspiring football.

    To even things out a bit, maybe Farca can lose the next 5 games or something.

  41. Another excellent article Walter! Please check my response to Tony’s piece to see how I recommend that we deal with jerk-offs like this bloke…Mind you I loved the way you dealt with the matter so perhaps your way is perhaps the better way (0;

  42. Ah, I see you haven’t published my response. But thank you for having taken the time to produce your piece mocking my initial comments and taking it seriously way of context.

  43. @ goonergal

    Simply not true. I have always stuck by the team. I criticise individual players at different times. I also choose not to gloss over Wenger’s erratic last 6 months.

  44. Mr Wank, you sent in two comments one of which was published one not. The one I chose not to publish seemed to me (and of course it is just my opinion) to be a reiteration of all you had said before, with a lot of criticism of the fact that, as you saw it, people had looked at what you said, analysed it, and written critical replies.

    Since critical analysis is a major part of what this site is about, it seemed to me rather pointless to print something that simply repeated all that had been said before (although I must admit, this time with more exclamation marks) given that you were criticising the very essence of what the site does.

    For me it is fine that you don’t like the way the site is run, and don’t like the essence of the site (supporting Wenger totally), but I can’t quite see the logic that would lead us to publicise something so utterly contrary to the philosophy of the site.

  45. The farmer had 2 bulls and they were surveying their herd from atop a hill .The younger ,frisky and impulsive bull ,eyeing the new comely heifer ,said to the older bull,” Let’s run down the hill and fuck that new cow !”
    The old ,wiser bull replied ,” Why don’t we walk down the hill and FUCK THEM ALL ?”
    With age comes wisdom.

  46. @Dark Prince

    I have to agree about the complacency that seems to creep in the team. Wenger should sort it out. I’d go further and say Wenger shouldn’t have to. The players should sort themselves out. However, the mentality of a team/player is really a fragile thing and hard to manage. Berating a certain player or making him fear for his position may work in some cases or destroy him in another. It varies not just from person to person but with each instance. Pointing to Alex Ferguson and Mourinho isn’t really the way to look at it though. They both spend way more resources in terms of getting players into their team, and Mourinho doesn’t even really build teams. Thus, they can afford to be short with their players because they’ll just go out and buy new ones if they don’t perform. Don’t think that makes them better managers though. Just different.

    Also, I’m gonna take the ‘I told you so’ route, but actually in support of our team. A few weeks ago on some post on this site, I’d commented that Chelsea actually defend too deep and that their last ditch tackles are being passed off as brilliant defending, but that it would catch up with them during the course of the season. At the moment, bad as we are, their defense is shocking.(though they do have a brilliant keeper) And with Drogba suffering recently, their attack isn’t doing too well either.

    Anyway, my prediction for the season was, IF we can stay within 4 points of the leaders by the new year, we will win the league. Fanciful? Maybe.. But isn’t that also sort of the point of it all?

  47. Oh and though I say bad as we are defensively, we still have the 4th best defensive record, along with the second best in terms of scoring. Room for improvement defensively for sure, but we aren’t horrible overall.

  48. @Tony

    Just a minor gripe with the site. The articles come up so frequently (which is much appreciated) that it makes it hard to go back to older articles and look through the comments again. Also, very often it means that I don’t know where to post a comment so as to get a response from you. The newest post, or the post which talks about that topic.
    I just remembered that I’d posted a link recently, before the spurs got their stadium clearance or whatever, that someone from spurs was claiming that Arsenal had received public funding for building our stadium. That was the first I’d heard of it and asked you if it was true. Don’t think you responded to it, but couldn’t go back to check either.

    No biggie and maybe it’s just that I’m being lazy and not looking through your site very well. Just wanted to let you know though.

  49. @Shard- Dont get me wrong, I dont want Wenger to manage a club like Ferguson or Mourinho does, but i’d certainly would want him to be a little more stern on his players on their performances. Maybe it might be counter productive or it could be a good effect, but it will show results much more faster.

  50. @dark prince

    fair enough.I too would like Wenger to be more ruthless with this side now. They’ve been nurtured and brought along and rightly so. Now they need some pressure applied on them and deliver. So guess we’re on the same page there 🙂

  51. @Shard- lol yea…i think our players need a little push ahead. Very few show leadership qualities. They seem to have lost the ruthless quality which they used to have a decade ago.

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