Aston Villa v Arsenal: ranting, and the form of the two clubs.

By Bulldog Drummond

I suppose our headline ought to be “Daily Mirror avoids punishment for Mikel Arteta rant but refuses to make any changes” after they ran the headline “Mikel Arteta avoids punishment for Arsenal fixture rant but TV schedule to change.”

But that would be a trifle silly, and a case of reducing us to their level.  As if saying that the schedule is a bit tough at the moment is a rant!   But such a commentary would make the point that it is managers who can be penalised for speaking out but not newspapers, which always seems a bit imbalanced and unfair to me.

A rant is defined as “speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way” and Mr Arteta can be impassioned but not angry, and his commentary was hardly “at length”.

One Reply to “Aston Villa v Arsenal: ranting, and the form of the two clubs.”

  1. If John Cross really wants to write an article about ‘rants’ he should look no further than the way Jorgen Klopp persistently loses his temper and takes it out on the poor old fourth official every time there is a decision he does not like. Now they really are ‘rants’ of the highest order, the latest coming in the match against us on Wednesday night when he went into one for some reason or another. Talk about Mr Angry. And to think poor old Arsene got sent off for kicking a plastic bottle of water.
    Or during the same match how about the Jordon Henderson ‘rants’ at the ref every time he gave a decision Henderson didn’t approve of. Swearing and gesticulating at Andre Marriner on a regular basis. On one occasion you could clearly lip read him telling Marriner to ‘f**k off’ whilst waving his arms indignantly when a foul was blown against the scousers, a decision which he didn’t agree with.
    But Liverpool and their manager are the modern day equivalent of Man U under Fergie…. completely untouchable and seemingly exempt from sanctions.
    They are the media favourites and are therefore treated accordingly by the Football League, the FA and of course Riley and his PGMO.
    And therein lays the difference. Cross and his employers always looking to discredit Arsenal but always silence on anything bad to say about Liverpool.

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