Schizophrenic FA shows contempt for Eduardo

Eduardo, as you may recall, was violently assaulted while playing for Arsenal against Birmingham City.   As a result the player who committed the assault was given a three match ban.

Now Hleb, the Arsenal player, has been given exactly the same punishment for a dainty tap on the face of a Reading player.

So there we have it – you can lunge at a player so badly that he almost loses a leg and won’t play for nine months, and get a 3 match ban.  You can give a little tap to the side of of the face  which hardly makes contact, and get a three match ban.

Worse, when FIFA tried to intervene to give a much higher penalty to the Birmingham “player” the FA and their comrades at Birmingham City told FIFA that they would fight such a proposal – in the courts if necessary.  FIFA backed off.

Whatever else football is, it is certainly not ruled by people who have any sense of fairness, decency or virtually anything else.