Newcastle v Arsenal: predicted line ups; Saka told to move on from Arsenal

By Bulldog Drummond

The Evening Standard predict the line up to be:


Cedric, Tomiyasu, Gabriel, Tavares,

Elneny, Xhaka,

Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli


The Mirror however has decided to turn the game into a bickering battle by citing Antonio Conte’s comment about Mikel Arteta that “I listen to him complain a lot.”   Quite why Conte listens to Mr Arteta given that he finds it of no interest in what the Arsenal manager says, was not asked, but then that is typical of the Mirror.   Two points in one article is perceived to be too complex for their readership.

But they are suggesting that while some have told Saka  to move to Manchester City, Bacary Sagna, who did exactly that in 2014 – has said that he thinks Saka should stay with Arsenal, adding,

“You have to play to develop, I’m not sure he would have the same impact with City, the same type of play at City. But it’s personal, it’s a personal choice of his and how he feels and what he really wants.

“Of course, there’s a bigger structure at City as you have two top teams in one. At his age, he should take more time to think about what he wants, he should make sure he becomes a better player for his club before thinking about moving.”

Moving on, Sports Mole offer us this lineup


Cedric, Tomiyasu, White, Tavares;

Xhaka, Elneny;

Saka, Odegaard, Smith Rowe;


So that it White in for Gabriel and Smith Rowe in for Martinelli.

As we have noted before Newcastle have not been particularly brilliant at home through the season when compared to Arsenal…

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
4 Arsenal 18 12 2 4 30 16 14 38
9 Newcastle United 18 7 6 5 24 27 -3 27

… but of course, the problem is that Arsenal are playing away.  This raises the question, who has actually managed to beat Newcastle on Tyneside

Date Match Res Score
15 Aug 2021 Newcastle United v West Ham United L 2-4
17 Oct 2021 Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur L 2-3
30 Oct 2021 Newcastle United v Chelsea L 0-3
19 Dec 2021 Newcastle United v Manchester City L 0-4
30 Apr 2022 Newcastle United v Liverpool L 0-1

As we can see, four of the five defeats came last year and only Liverpool have notched up a win on Tyneside this year.

Newcastle can’t get relegated and can’t reach a position high enough to enter into any of the European competitions so they have nothing particular to worry about, although their players will be playing to be part of next season’s team.   By the time the season starts again in August we can expect the club to have bought anyone they fancy, given that they have the entire sovereign wealth fund of one of the most depraved countries on the planet in terms of human rights.

However, for Arsenal anything short of a win very much hands the final top four position to Tottenham, leaving Arsenal playing in the Europa next season.  But at least not in the Europa Conference as Tottenham did – before they were kicked out for not fulfilling their fixtures.

Back with the teams, the Guardian go with


Cedric, Tomiyasu, White, Tavares;

Xhaka, Elneny;

Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli


so here we are back with Martinelli from the start.  I wonder what the thinking is between Martinelli and Smith Rowe – my own suspicion is that Martinelli might make a greater impact as a sub than Smith Rowe does at the moment so he could nick a goal in the last 30 minutes as legs begin to tire a little.

But it is interesting, in that SB Nation also has the lineup including Smith Rowe instead of Martinelli.  Has someone high up in the club been slipping out information?

So that is about it.  But just in case you missed the last episode with all its videos of past glories against Newcastle that is available here.

And the one it was worth waiting for Arsenal 7 Newcastle 3

31 Replies to “Newcastle v Arsenal: predicted line ups; Saka told to move on from Arsenal”

  1. It is annoying that the press produce headlines, such as “Arteta told to buy X, Y or Z”, or “get rid of A,B, or C”; or Saka, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli etc “told to leave Arsenal”.

    This is especially so when the people issuing these orders are such great authorities with such brilliant insight as Agbonlahor, Sutton, Sherwood, Merson, Carragher, Neville (and a whole load of other similar “experts” who have either never been managers or have tried it and proved to be total failures.

  2. Let xhaka partner White on defence,tomeyasu and teveres as left and right backs and lukongo partner Elneny in mid assisted by lacazette.Martinelli,saka on wings pepe as number ten with nketia striking then we win 3,2

  3. Provided Gabriel’s unfit, I’d like a 3-4-3 setup (I can/will explain!!)
    1. 3 at the back, Tomi on the right:
    I’m cold-sweatin’ at the idea of Cedric being on his own against Saint-Maximin, who I fear might turn him into a whirling dervish at the end of the night – Tomi has to have his back.
    As for Tomi himself, I think there is no other choice but playing him central tonight; he has played there before or so I hear, but it’s been a very long time since he last did, and he never did for us – playing him left CB for his first time would be asking too much from him, I’m afraid.
    “3” because White will play, but I have doubts about his fitness, he’ll need help and Granit’s the only one among the available players who can play left CB; his vision, technique and long passes from there will give us a tremendous boost too, when in possession
    2. 4-man-midfield:
    I think that’s where Martin’s future lies anyway: his technique, commitment, maturity are jaw-dropping but as I watch him “playmaking” I often get the feeling he somehow lacks power, speed, and is not enough of a goal threat from there.
    Bukayo left-WB: even though the boy looks like a real-life M. Night Shyamalan’s “unbreakable” David Dunn, he’s finally running on empty, and has become relatively easy to tame on his right wing. As a left WB, just like Granit, his vision, technique, positioning will considerably upgrade the quality of our possessions.
    3. Upfront
    Pépé and Laca are already gone I’m afraid, so there’s not much choice there; Marti can wreak havoc on the right, providing Eddie with cutbacks like a vintage winger; as for Emil he’s our top scorer from open play, isn’t he?
    Last thing: I wouldn’t care much about ending 5th (actually this young bunch would benefit a lot from a victorious run in the Europa League imo) – were it not for the PGMO minions who would overtake us then!!

  4. I really don’t see us getting fourth,if you watched yesterday’s game maybe a Miracle as miracles happen.
    The penalty given to Spurs you wonder what is coming in for us.
    Fingers crossed.

  5. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu, Gabriel, White, Tavares
    Elbeny, Xhaka, Odegaard
    Smith-Rowe, Nketiah, Saka

    Leno, Cedric, Swanson, Oulad M’Hand,Lokonga, Patino, Martinelli, Lacazette

  6. No intensity, like sleepwalkers.
    They are not physically into the game like Newcastle.
    I’m just not seeing how we can win this one.
    Let alone get a tie.

  7. The way the match is being officiated I can’t see our players surviving let alone winning. England letting everything from Newcastle go. Arsenal don’t look very good nut the ref doesn’t help. A yellow to White for 1 tackle? Don’t know if I can watch anymore.

  8. Chris
    The first half display was all part of a dastardly plan to lull Newcastle into a false sense of security. I expect us to come out in the second half like a whirlwind and sweep the Magpies away with ease.

  9. how’s that for a bumpy ride?
    i agree with you chris, something’s amiss about the lads’ fitness
    martin and bukayo in particular, are skating on the thin ice of their worn-out athleticism
    we could shift to 4-4-2 and invite laca to a last dance:
    but the boys seem to be made out of crystal at the moment, and we would be under the threat of another injury, of being one man down at some point
    so, “win ugly or bust” it’ll be, i guess

  10. @Le Gall,

    I believe our players are ‘cooked’. No idea why.
    And just not up to the challenge physically.
    Maybe because so many are young, they are not yet as capable of handling the physical intensity over a long time ?
    And we have a small squad, little changes and visibly return to fitness accellerated which creates the next injury like Tomy.
    Defintely, the squad needs mpre players.
    And if we lose, all the usual dickheads will start to ask for Arteta’s head, require a wholsesale change of squad and foeget where we came from.
    Anyway, I’m still convinced the CL is a bridge too far for Arsenal.

  11. Another combination of seemingly less than honest refereeing by another FIFA accredited incompetent plus a poor performance. No CL next yeat unfortunately. We will have to get used to Thursday/Sunday football I guess.

    I to.d a good friend of mine weeks ago that we wouldnt be allowed to finish fourth, I am very sad to be proved correct.

  12. Behind the pace from the off and never got into the match. Disappointing performance. Squad just can’t overcome injuries. A bit more quality needed. Maybe as LE GALL an Chris have suggested, our young front 4 looked completely knackered.

  13. I had hoped that our absence from European football would have given us an advantage in the too 4 race. It probably did but we were just not good enough to capitalize on it. I also said our failure to replace Aubameyang would prove to be foolish or wise the end of the season, I feared it’d be the former and unfortunately it seems that would be correct. Well no point crying over spilt milk. I hope we learn and stop the excuses. We started the season dreadfully, some people are willing to make excuses for our start, I personally put it down to poor planning. Preparations for next season ought to have started long ago, business should be done early, we shouldn’t entertain any excuse not to hit the ground running

  14. Relax John we all do it. How many people, even kids have advised the great Guardiola to get a striker? Which by the way he’s finally done. Take a chill pill man

  15. Not to be. The legs went. Inspiration went. Walter said a while back that a young team will always go up and down and what they had to do to get up at the end was beyond their resources. Add Nitram’s call that you expect a 50:50 call on refereeing decisions and we just don’t get 50:50. Too many steep hills to climb. They did magnificently. They showered optimism and hope and they attacked the hills. What more can you ask for?

  16. This team has run out of steam, many of those would not normally be first choice players.
    The squad will be strengthened this summer , young players will improve, but so will other teams.
    A good opportunity for the top four, but others have stronger and more experienced squads, less injuries and for some , the rub of the green, which we rarely get when it matters sadly.
    Perhaps harsh, but maybe some merit in criticism for letting so many go in Jan without replacements, especially with injury prone key players.
    But ultimately, that performance really was desperately poor , disappointing, and just adds fuel to those in the media and their agenda, and the Conte lovers
    Will still finish higher than just about any of the pundits predicted at the start of the season though

  17. Take the predictions of almost all those pundits, add to their words the certainty of their conviction in the predicting, add to that the results of the first three games, and Arsenal have had a crackerjack of a season, confounding all.

  18. I don’t agree. Even when we were comfortably in 4th place, good few points above the nearest competition and Neville was asked wether arsenal was nailed on for a champions league spot, remember what he said? The he had more confidence in a man utd team that was so far away getting the spot than arsenal holding on to it. I think as gooners we need to be less arrogant, we’re not as good as we think. We have a lot of doubters to yet prove wrong, that’s why I’m disappointed when Arteta keeps grumbling about refereeing or fighting other coaches on the touchline, it looks like we don’t respect the other teams enough

  19. Darren England was a disgrace. Newcastle committed 11 fouls according to the ref (according to me, it was more like 18) for no cards. Arsenal committed 8 fouls for 3 yellow cards.

    At one point in the second-half JoeLinton committed 4 fouls in 5 minutes. No card for him.

    And the penguin wheeled out the foul-throw tactic to turn over possession just as we started getting on top.

    Say what you will about the ESL, but I bet the refereeing wouldn’t be as biased as at is in Riley’s PL.

    I first noticed the PGMOL bias about 20 years ago, but my wife spotted it before I did. Back then, it used to be the occasional Arsenal match, but after 2004, and Riley’s intervention in Game 50, it became more prevalent and obvious. I don’t think I can recall an Arsenal match this season (including matches we won), where the referee hasn’t tried to affect the result.

    Rooney (Wayne, not Coleen), has now said that there was something suspicious about Man. City’s PL win in 2012. I doubt whether he’ll be called before an FA panel to explain himself.

  20. Out thought ,outplayed , not good enough , no excuses we lost this match at White Hart lane. Mentally and physically we are shot.

  21. The refereeing smacked of a newbie who desperately wanted to be in Riley’s gang but on this occasion it didn’t impact on the result.

    We have a young side who didn’t have the experience to see it through. Every Arsenal fan with any intelligence would have been happy with fifth at the start of the season. (Sadly, too many jumped on the bandwagon with Wenger’s success and are now pissed off that their fragile egos aren’t being adequately massaged by winning the Champions League every year.)

    Sure it’s a huge disappointment because we got ourselves into a great position. Sure the PIGMOB did their usual, but in all honesty, I don’t think we would have been good enough to compete in the Champions League next season. (I’m utterly convinced the Spuds aren’t.)

    We’ve come on leaps and bounds and I’m devastated by the last week but the future looks good. I’m sure the moaners will be out in force but, as always, they’ve never been an asset to the club so if they go elsewhere it’s a positive.

  22. massive disappointment and what piss me off is that the team can’t even manage to created goal scoring opportunity. like Mandy said the team need to be strengthen in the summer and if we’re playing Europa League next season, so be it

  23. Well, we are where we are. The Newcastle result is only one of 37. Our position is a result of an entire year…some good results some poor results. I’m still optimistic that our team is coming together. If we have another good summer recruiting and growing our lads we should be OK next year.

  24. The Newcastle result is only one of 37

    With 13 defeats , I believe that to be a club record in modern times.

  25. Porter, your belief is not well founded. We had 13 in 2017/18. And 13 last season. Keep changing managers and that is what happens. But I am not sure what “modern times” refers to. For example in 1994/5 we had 17.

  26. 1994/5 was the end of the Graham era and 2017/8 was Wenger , Emery lost 10 in his year . Apologies for using that phrase but 1994 was 28 years ago and 2018 was Wenger’s last so in modern times shall we say last 10 years or so 13 is the worst.
    I am not suggesting that Arteta should go , but I do believe that we are more than a couple of signings away from where we need to be to keep challenging for third or fourth.
    I would suggest 4 or 5 .

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