The Transfers Arsenal Need To Make In Summer 2022

The Transfers Arsenal Need To Make In Summer 2022

By Jonathan Strange

It’s looking like a bitter end to the season for Arsenal but many fans seem to be forgetting just how promising this emotional rollercoaster of a year has been. Sure, it’s not looking like we’re going to finish in fourth place, but it isn’t tenth place either, which is a huge plus for a team that was expected to finish mid-table by numerous fans and pundits when the season first began last September. That being said, there’s a lot Arsenal need to do this summer to ensure a better season next year. Thankfully, things do appear promising with the likes of odds comparison sites such as 888sport, which offer promo codes for sports, suggesting Arsenal have a reasonable chance of a top-four finish in the 2022/23 season. We’ve also been promised big funds to spend, according to numerous reports. So, here we’re taking a look at the transfers Arsenal should make during the summer window…

First things first, they need a striker.

The thing about Arsenal is… They need a striker. First and foremost, they need to sign a formidable attacking force this season. At the minute, they’ve essentially only got one, with Eddie Nketiah taking most of the minutes, and the bad news is his contract is up this summer and there are a lot of reports of him moving to Liverpool or elsewhere. Many Arsenal fans are pointing toward Nketiah’s replacement being Canadian 22-year-old Jonathan David, who has 20 goals in 30 games for Canada, and 28 goals for Lille in 74 games. He’d certainly make an impact.

They also desperately need a solid midfielder. 

Arsenal’s midfield area is severely lacking in expertise at the minute so going into the new season, they need to make sure they’ve got a powerful midfielder with not only skill, but also a level of maturity when playing the beautiful game. One player fans and pundits have their eye on is Aston Villa’s, Douglas Luiz. The Brazilian national squad player has an Olympic gold medal to his name as well as over a hundred appearances for Villa. It’s thought that Luiz would be a great addition to the Arsenal squad and many believe he would come if the price was right.

The only certainty right now is that Arsenal need to secure some new talent in the summer. If they do so, next season could be a promising one for the Gunners after years of struggling to get above that eternally miserable fifth spot in the Premier League table.



2 Replies to “The Transfers Arsenal Need To Make In Summer 2022”

  1. yes Jonathan, i really fancy Douglas Luiz to, as combatant and box to box midfielder with plenty of PL experience that also can play as holding/defensive midfielder. what’s more, he’s still young and most importantly not to expensive. if opportunity arise, i would like Arsenal luring Youri Tielemans to as he’s only have 1 year left in his contract at Leicester

  2. Thanks for that Jonathon, personally I’ve never seen a bigger waste of time and money than gambling so although 888sport may well be an amazing experience for the betting aficionado to me it’s just a load of rubbish.

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