A pre-season game where we score five; this season could be rather jolly…

By Tony Attwood

Sadly I don’t have time this evening to write a complete review of the game, as I’m off to Derbyshire for a dance, but I would like to note just how fantastic I thought that game this afternoon was.  

Of course, I know we went 0-2 down, but the way this team worked to stroll through the match thereafter looked fantastic to me.  Jesus is indeed doing the proverbial stuff with water and the youngsters when they got a chance really did look like they are developing apace.

Amidst all the regular doom and gloom from the people who keep tipping Arsenal to finish seventh this season, that was a breath of fresh air.

I doubt the tipsters with their own inbuilt agendas will change their minds, but I really think that with this team, fourth is going to be a given, and quite possibly a place or even two above that.

And yes I remember that fourth is not a trophy, but I am quite happy to watch this team rebuild its stature, its position and its confidence.  And that is what I think we are seeing.

I really do think this season is going to be rather jolly and I’m so happy to have a ticket.

OK, sorry I have to go now, but if you have a thought please do add it below.

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