Who are Arsenal signing on deadline day? The ten most likely moves.




By Sir Hardly Anyone

Of course by the time you read this one of the players may have been signed, or gone elsewhere, or…. well anything.  But still, let’s have a go….

However, before you read on, please do remember that for the media there are two reasons for running these stories.   One is that it fills up space and gets readership, and the other is that when the story turns out to be untrue the media outlet can then run it again saying that Arsenal failed to get the player, due to dithering and uncertainty, a lack of willingness by the board to spend money, a lack of ambition, and any other negative notion you can think of.

So, keeping that in mind, off we go.

Douglas Luiz – central midfield

Villa are quite clear he is not for sale but the word is that he would love to leave.  Newcastle United and Atletico Madrid are also trying to get him.  He was the guy who scored Villa’s equaliser last night.

But he is in his last year of contract, and although he said he wanted to sign a new deal a while back it seems now that he is saying he wants to go according to reports.   That presumably is because of Villa’s results and the chances that they might sink back to the Championship.  Villa are thought to be demanding £30m.

He played for Manchester City while Arteta was there which is how the manager knows all about him.

Danilo – midfield

He’s with Palmeiras and there’s not much to say that he will be moving today, but it is said that he could be on the move in January.  He’s a right-back, so if true it looks like Arsenal are just continuing to build the squad rather than replace existing players.

Ainsley Maitland Niles

Southampton are said to be close to signing him, and that the deal could be a loan at first and then a sale to Southampton if all goes ok.

Youri Tielemans

Leicester appear to be in dire financial straits as their main supplier of money has suffered seriously during the pandemic from the closure of duty free shops.  If they are willing to let Tielemans go it will seemingly be to Arsenal or Newcastle.

He is a midfielder who also plays for Belgium.

Mykhaylo Mudryk 

He plays for Shakhtar Donetsk and is a Ukrainian who plays on the wing.  GivemeSport suggest that this is a very serious potential deal.

Pedro Neto

Winger with Wolverhampton Wanderers whom the Athletic say is Arsenal’s top target – which is a way of setting up tomorrow’s article saying “Arsenal fail to sign top target.”

Cody Gakpo

“After months of speculation surrounding his potential PSV exit, Cody Gakpo is now going to stay put at the Eredivisie outfit according to The Athletic”.

And who created all that speculation?   

Wilfried Zaha

Does Football.London have a financial interest in Wilfried Zaha?   They have certainly been promoting him as a player moving to Arsenal for about the last six transfer windows, and they are at it again today saying, “Wilfried Zaha would transform the attack.”

Of course this is Football.London, so there is no question of any evidence or indeed anything at all except for a desperate need to fill up space, so probably not.

And being FoLo we have to have all the negativity that can be generated, so today we have, “if the Gunners do not get any business done before the 11pm deadline then it’s likely to be seen as an opportunity missed and there will be flashbacks to the January window where the club decided to not do any business which ultimately ended up costing them Champions League qualification.”

They are currently running, “Arsenal ‘deadline day signing confirmed!’ as Edu triggers stunning transfer theory on Instagram”.  It’s bonkers jibberish of course but if you have five minutes to spare you can find it through that link.

Yeremy Pino

AS has suggested that Arsenal have made a €40m (£33.8m) for Villarreal’s Yeremy Pino.  He is a Spanish right winger.

He played in the 2021 Europa League Final becoming the youngest Spanish player to start a major European final, aged 18 years and 218 days.

Moussa Diaby

He plays for Bayer Leverkusen as a winger, and also for France.  The Mirror and the Independent both have his name down as a transfer that could yet happen today.




4 Replies to “Who are Arsenal signing on deadline day? The ten most likely moves.”

  1. “Arsenal have, apparently, offered £20m for Douglas Luiz of Villa. I can’t imagine they’ll want to let him leave, but I also can’t imagine he’ll want to stay, so.”
    That’s just turned up in the Guardian.

  2. I love the way we have been regularly criticised for making signings on deadline day….”panic buys”, is what the media usually call them. So this season we did all our business early and very successfully. So now we get criticised for not making any late signings. C’est la vie. We’re Arsenal.

    As for the statement, “They [the media] have certainly been promoting him as a player moving to Arsenal for about the last six transfer windows”. Nonsense. It’s been at least tent windows 🙂

  3. Mikey

    And here is another example of the kind of baseless, totally in accurate insults that are aimed at us on an almost daily basis, as part of the eternal drip drip of of abuse that is used to undermine every aspect of our club.

    From Football365:

    Exhibit B

    “Summer transfer window 2022 also delivered Arsenal FC a left back, potential defensive midfielder and potential left 8 wrapped up in the blond haired Adonis that is Alexander Zinchenko. He along with Jesus have brought Arsenal FC the mysterious winning mentality last seen at Arsenal in 2014.”

    Which would be fine except for the fact that since 2014 Arsenal have been to Wembley 13 times, winning on 12 occasions including beating Chelsea 4 times, Man City and Liverpool once apiece, resulting in 4 FA Cups and 4 community shields.

    Now that looks like a serious ‘Winning’ mentality me.

    Okay, we haven’t won the Premiership, but that’s because we haven’t been good enough. But saying we are ‘not good enough’ is just stating a fact, and just stating facts isn’t the aim. Saying we are lacking a ‘winning mentality’ on the other hand is an insult, which of course IS the aim. Insult !

    The numpty that wrote that knows that as much as I do, but simply chooses to ignore it in favour of a cheep insult.

    Even when we are going well. Winning matches. Top of the League. Had a very good transfer window. Somehow it turns into an opportunity to insult us, and what’s more without any basis in fact what so ever.

    The thing is I could live with it if it was just an anomaly from one ignoramus, but it isn’t. It’s an ongoing media agenda designed to undermine and unsettle our club and fan base at every opportunity.

    Makes me sick.

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