Martinelli: the new Robert Pires!

by Nitram

In a recent article on Untold it was said, “But where we are getting it absolutely right and distinguishing ourselves against most of the rest is in terms of shots on target per game. 6.4 per game in fact. Only Manchester City is knocking in more.”

And that is what has made all the difference. I did a few articles earlier in the year making in-depth comparisons between the invincibles strike force and what was, and mainly still is, our current strike force. At the time the figures showed that despite how good they were, all our young guns had to up their games if they wanted to get to the level of our last title-winning strike force. It appears they have, especially one player in particular.

At the time I said:

“But the fact remains out of six parameters measured, our young pretenders only match our past heroes in two. Smith Rowe in terms of goals and Saka in terms of assists. In the other four parameters, our young guns are still a long way short of where we need them to be if we are to challenge for the title”.

Martinelli was the player who needed to make the biggest improvement in his end product. I matched up Saka to Pires, Smith Rowe to Bergkamp and Martinelli to Henry.

These were Martinelli’s stats compared to where he needed to be, or at least close to, back in March:

  • HENRY: Goals = 0.68 Per Game.
  • MARTINELLI: Goals = 0.26 Per Game.

In terms of goals Martinelli needed to more than double his return in this regard.

  • HENRY: Assists = 0.42 Per Game
  • MARTINELLI: Assists = 0.16 Per game

In terms of assists Martinelli needs to almost treble his return in this regard.

At the time I said, “Martinelli is a fantastic prospect, of that there is no doubt, BUT his return in goals and assists is miles away from where it needs to be”. And it was.

The question was “Will he get there? I hope so, but it is by no means a certainty”.

Well here’s where he is now:

  • Played = 9, Scored = 4, Assists = 2
  • MARTINELLI: Goals = 0.50 Per Game.

In this regard, he has doubled his return and is now much closer to where he needs to be.

  • MARTINELLI: Assists = 0.22 Per Game

In this regard, he has now improved by 50%, which is good, but demonstrates that he still has a way to go.

But here’s the thing. Back in March I compared Martinelli to Henry. I was making the assumption he would eventually be our spearhead in attack. With the arrival of Jesus that has obviously not happened and Martinelli has moved out left. That being the case, a comparison to Pires would perhaps be a fairer comparison to make, and it makes interesting reading:

In terms of goals…

  • PIRES: Goals = 0.31 Per Game
  • MARTINELLI: Goals = 0.50 Per Game

In terms of assists…

  • PIRES: Assists = 0.20 Per Game
  • MARTINELLI: Assists = 0.22 Per Game

So as a wide left-sided attacker, Martinelli, at the tender age of 21, is already at Pires level.

I know it’s only over a very short period, but it in no way feels like a flash in the pan. The promise was there for all the see. The improvement is there for all to see. The question I’m asking is. Is he the most exciting and promising prospect in the Premier League? In Europe even? I think so.

This is the original article and my comments for anyone who may be interested.

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  1. Good article but I am a bit shocked by your website. Directly below the article is a link [cut] . The link is [cut], but I am mildly amused that your website includes an advert linking to a fraudulent trading service. Very ironic given your everyday criticism of the press [cut]

  2. Andrew Banks. Thank you for your contribution, but it is one that has two problems. One is that it is a criticism of advertising on this site, made without any knowledge of how advertising on websites works, and the other is that it contains serious accusations without any evidence provided.
    I know that many people think that somehow on social media accusations of deception and fraud can be made with impunity, but as soon as you involve a third party (in this case myself as the publisher of Untold) it gets complicated. Since this website, as virtually every blog of this type, publishes different advertising to different readers, depending on what they have clicked on before, not everyone will be seeing the advertisement that you refer to. Indeed the fact that you have seen an advert that you feel is fraudulant before suggegsts more about your activities on the internet and what you look at, than anything I do.
    But a broader point is that by refraining from giving any evidence for your accusations, you leave the publishers of this site open to legal action against them with no defence. Of course I can’t provide information to back up your claims since I have none. Indeed I haven’t even seen the advert since the adverts I see are quite different from those you apparently see probably because my browsing habits are quite different from yours; that is the way it works. It is what you have clicked on before that decides what you see.
    But above all, it is not just the fact that you provide no evidence, but also the fact that you are criticising a system without any idea at all concerning how it works and who is responsible for what, that is alarming. That’s why I have had to check each one of your comments before publishing it.
    So now we have to stop. Thank you for your contributions but at this point it is clearly too time-consuming and too dangerous to have you continue to comment.

  3. I see an advert for a gamblin website, shoes, a car brand and some “around the web” advert with 6 different links to the oscars, dresses (my wife uses the same computer! 😉 ) and other clothes…. so nothing really fraudulent imo

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