When Kevin says we’ll get three, we get three.

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By Walter Broeckx

But first, The Prologue (by Tony)

Kevin sits two rows in front of me, in the increasingly famous block 99, just above Red Action.   At half time we were standing at our seats taking in the glorious goal, debating extraordinary ability of Nasri to twist and turn while taking the ball with him, and commenting on the elegance of Cesc, (even when coming back after a long lay off), when Kevin (to whom I have never spoken before) turns round and says, “I read your blog.”

Never being one to avoid the glories and triumphs of being a world-famous commentator on all things Arsenal, I journeyed down the two rows and shook him by the hand, as warmly as one could in a temperature only marginally above freezing point.  (That’s the freezing point of water you understand, not liquid nitrogen.  But I digress).

Anyway said Kevin asked me how I thought it would end, and I was nervous, I have to admit.   Of course I had seen how we had started taking the game to them, and the way the trio of Jack, Nasri and Cesc had taken control, but the spookiness of Chelsea weighed on my mind, and I must admit that for once I didn’t come up with my normal “we’ll get six”.   But Kevin was sure.  “We’ll get three” he said, and we did.

So there it is.  Kevin, if you are reading this, a prediction slot on Untold awaits you if you feel like it.  OK you actually said “3-0”, but don’t worry.  I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

And about that book I was mentioning.  It is  called “Making the Arsenal”, it is brilliant, and you can get it from Amazon or direct from the publisher (although the publisher offices don’t start sending out copies again until Jan 4).

So that’s the big news from the stadium.  Now over to Walter…


Well, well, well. Oh my, oh my, oh my. The impossible has happened. Well that is if you believe all that is said by the pundits before our game against Chelsea.

We were not good enough. Remember? It will have been said only a few hours ago. Now some will pretend they have never said it of course. And they hope the public will forget what they have said before the game.

And let us not forget the part of the fans who tell us that we are not good enough. The ones that have been telling for ages that Song was not good enough. That he should be sold in January. And the ones that were blaming Song for joining the attack. The ones that were blaming Wenger a few weeks ago for allowing Song to go forward and join the attack. You know Wenger? The manager that has lost it some time ago?

Well, well, well. How annoying  that it was Wenger who allowed Song to go forward a bit and that it was that same Song who scored that very important first goal in any big game. Oh and apart from going forward and score Song was also excellent in his defensive duty.

And then let us take a look at Walcott. You know the man that for many fans will never live up to the expectations. And when he started like a rocket in the first games this season,  they shut up a bit? But when he found it difficult to get back to that level after coming back from an injury they were at him again. Telling Wenger to get rid of him. Well it was that same Walcott that sealed the game with some steals, an assist and another steal and a well taken goal. How lucky we can count ourselves that Wenger stuck with him today and in the past. And remember the boy is only 21 years old.

And now we are at it. How about our captain. Or El Capitan. We should have cashed in on him this summer, as the expression goes. Well, how lucky that this stubborn French manager of ours did not let him go. His first real game back and man does he look ready for it. He is up for it and he wants to lead by example. And still not everything worked out but you can see that when he gets more game time he will be that great player we all know he is.  How lucky we kept him in London. Thanks Arsène for sticking up your fingers to Barceloanus.

An finally let us talk about project youth.  You know that project that was declared dead and buried after each game we lost by the you know who. And then look at that still only 18 year old Jack the lad. HE is the first of our project youth. And just look at his game today. I cannot remember an 18 year old playing with such a maturity in such a top game. In such an important game. He gave the assist for the first goal in a very crowded area and for the rest of the game. Well  he ran, he ran, he ran even more. And when he stopped for a while he just ran further and more and further and more.

He gave the Chelsea players no rest at all. And to all you out there who have declared project youth the biggest mistake and Wenger’s personal play thing: this is just the first of the production line. And he cost us nothing, nada, niente, noppes, nichts, rien, and whatever language you speak just fill in please.  Can you imagine how much he would have cost when he played for another premier league team now? £20M? £30M? £40M? I don’t know but it would be too much for Arsenal to buy him.

So this is the lad that will set the Emirates and England on fire for many, many, many years to come. You could see how he ran his heart out for his team. He was the ultimate Gooner for me today on the field.

So to those congenitally pessimistic people who said we could never win a big game against the other big four you can stay silent for a while. And for all you out there who are against project youth: you can stay silent for a while.  And for all you out there who are giving the most horrible names to our manager: just shut it up.

This according to some negativists is a useless team with a useless manager is on the way to great things in the future. And it will be done with players we have grown ourselves and with players we have bought at young age and who will be Arsenal through and through.

And if you think that I get carried away a bit… well yes I am. But this is my right as a supporter of this great club, this still great manager and their players. I know it is only one game won. I know it is only just three points won. But when we would have lost this only one game, when we would have lost this only three points some would have called our team the worst Arsenal team ever, buried our manager with names I cannot repeat and would have declared project youth dead and buried again.

So I guess today is our day. Today is the day for all those fine Arsenal supporters who have stood with their team in(some)  bad days. Today is the day for all those who have lived through the difficult periods. Today is the day for all those real and supportive Arsenal supporters who have always kept the faith in this team and this manager.  ENJOY IT!! I am and I will enjoy it.

Oh yes and our match commentator over here said that the Emirates was shaking to its foundations after our third goal. Oh, how I wished I could have been there…. Ho, ho, ho what a great Christmas present we have got today.

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43 Replies to “When Kevin says we’ll get three, we get three.”

  1. Well said walter!What a fantastic win.. Dark Prince?Its not so dark anymore, where are you lurking?LoL !joking

  2. Agree with you, Walter..

    I’ve a strong emotional link-up to this team than even the invincibles.. We have seen this team grow for the last 3-4 years. The journey has been a roller coaster one. Yesterday was one of the most thrilling part.. Want this team to lift a trophy soom and I’ll celebrate the first trophy as the best ever..

  3. didnt our bench look frightening?

    Theo kept cole in check and the pressing absolutely first rate thats how we need to play in all the big games

    I felt RVP offered us better link up play then chamkh and Aw is often critiscised for his tactics but he get it spot on, Chelsea tried to sit back on us and they paid the price

    it really could have been 5 or 6. sagna made malouda look average so much so he got subbed. the defense played well kept drogba in check,clichy though needs to learn abit of compusre he gave the ball away in some dangerous situations.

    I also noticed the media are down playing it abit

    I went on a chelsea blog to see what they weresayingthe only things coming out was they werent aggressive enough against us!! when are they going to learn this team is very strong, long balls dont work most of the time

  4. Man oh man as always people focus on the win or loss but for some reason the win for me is not as important as the following highlights

    Wenger chose to play wenger ball and stick with 4-3-3( he changed it against man u which is not like him )

    The way we started the game was amazing as we came for the win you could just see it we were hungry.

    The crowd was awsome never heard the crowd that loud at the emirates even before we scored.

    Willcott turning cole and getting fouled willcott does his usual pull my socks up while cole is losing it in the background and he gets the yellow and he couldn’t push forward as wilshere or cesc would have sent the long ball through to willcott.

    Anceloti’s face when we first scored he looked like he was in shock.

    The chelsea players getting frustrated at the fact that all the fouls were going arsenals way.

    The celebration from all the players when song scored they freaken malled him funny.

    Malouda’s face after losing the ball that led to the goal.

    Ancilloti reacting instead of coaching as the walls came tumbling down.

    Wallcott scoring a cracker low hard and clinical.

    Crowd going nuts after 3rd goal chanting for ancilloti to be fired in the morning.

    Wengers face when nasri fails to add to chelsea’s woes he really wanted us to demolish them.

    The look on ancelloti’s face when Arshavin chamakh and rosicky are seen warming up together.

    seeing diaby back.

    Djouro doing a damn good job along with song.

    the chelsea players congratulating the arsenal players with a look that says we coming to an end of an error and if any ones gona beat us we glad it’s you (I swear look at the footage).

    the smug look on cesc’s face after the game.

    Us putting three passed super human keeper and one of the best defence in epl.

  5. What a great match! Everything went great and we could not have hoped for a better result.

    The biggest positive to draw out of the game is that all the players turned up. We were defending as a team, making first time clearances, attacking and regaining possession when it was lost. The CBs and Defensive Midfield pairing of Jack-Song managed to keep any threat from Chelsea at bay, not to mention Drogba was kept well quiet throughout the game. This may have had something to do with lack of service for him from midfield, but I’m not complaining. Now that Cesc and Van Persie are back, Song doesn’t need to bomb forward all the time and still scores a goal!

    I’m loving the mood of the team, the mentality, everything. If we play like that nothing can stop us from winning the league!

  6. Walter,

    I totally agree with you. I’m throwing caution to the wind and getting totally carried away in celebrating this win.

    Do the Doom&Gloomers aka AAA ever show any perspective when crucifying the team and the manager after a poor performance? So why should we not rub it in their faces when the team excels?

    This is only the beginning.

  7. Thank you Walter.
    I’ll take your word and i am going to enjoy every single ounce of this pleasure.
    Like you said, this day belongs to us and us only. Those AAA brigade needs to keep their tails tucked in. This is the day for the Red and White. Not for some Glory Hunters who think they have the brain to manage a team better than Arsene. Pathetic Morons.
    Oh how good it feels. There will be more and more days like this in the future with Arsene at helm. Death, Tax and Arsenal baby. The truth.


  8. Fantastic.If you think Fabregas played well just think back to his previous injury lay offs and you will realise it takes 2 or three games to get back to his best.The same applies to Walcot and with a few more games his touch will be back to complement what seems to me to be the most natural goalscorer in our team.Ever noticed how as soon as he has a chance to run down the middle he rips the opponents apart.The winger role is helping his education but i cannot help but feel we need to get him inside a bit more,obviosly us scoring opened the game up for him to create havoc.If we can get Arshavin who for me is our worst performer this year to improve his passing and stop causing the play to brake down and also find the directness he had when he first came to the Arsenal we will have a massive goal threat.A couple more games and hopefully Van Persie will be on top of his game which just leaves the defence.The defensive display was good though i would still like a top center back to play with Vermaelen.For the moment lets just enjoy the fact that after all the comments about us and the top four teams we have ripped the Chavs a second one …… now thats gotta hurt.

  9. A truly brilliant display from the team

    RVP, Jack, Theo, JD, and Alex particularly stood out though…..and of course, Cesc

    Consistency is the key though. If they lose to Wigan, and Chel$ki beat Bolton it will all be undone….but I don’t see that happening…..

    What a great late Christmas present

  10. Walter, I know we won 3-1, you and all other gooners are probably pissed in spirit if not in mind, but some of this is just slightly OTT mate.

    1. Wilshere is not the first part of Project Youth. Project Youth started with Clichy, Fabregas, Diaby and Denilson. 7 years ago. Fabregas coming at 15 was the start of Project Youth. Wenger added Walcott, Vela and Bendtner to that a few years later. Jack Wilshere is the start of Phase II. He was 10 when Cesc arrived. Still going to school in shorts. In the local academy. He’s the first part of Project Kindergarten, if that’s what you want to call it!! But Fabregas was the start of project YOOF and he’s got 7 years of battle scars to prove it.
    2. There was a huge difference last night from the Old Trafford game. A huge one. And no-one at this site can duck that. At Old Trafford, Arsenal had no creativity, created no chances and Utd created six. Last night, Chelsea had no cutting edge up top, created one chance and Arsenal created six. You can say Arsenal stepped up big time, but you can’t say Arsenal were good enough at Old Trafford. Because they weren’t…….that’s in the past now, but the accurate report on last night was: ‘this team really delivered on the big night for the first time last night….’. You lot haven’t been saying that, the Grovers weren’t saying it either, but that is what the truth is. Until last night, Arsenal had not shown the quality of champions. Last night they showed the potential of champions. No more. Because champions become champions over 38 games, not 90 minutes…….and there are still 20 games where they need to play at the standard of champions (which occasionally, but only occasionally includes dropping points)if the team wishes to lift the trophy come May.
    3. I don’t mind Song going forward so long as someone else covers for him. If he goes forward, it breaks down and Arsenal are done on the break that’s his fault. Arsenal got away with it a few times last night because Chelsea didn’t break as incisively as usual. I’d look at the video carefully if I were you…….I’ve no objection to him finishing like Lineker though!!
    4. There’s a huge difference between ‘sack the manager, the players and the Board’ and making clear, constructive criticism which is the right of those who pay a lot of money to watch Arsenal. More than you pay, Walter. That’s another thing you need to focus on: there are more than two sets of opinions in the Arsenal fan base. There’s yours, which is ‘everything is perfect all the time’, which is nonsense. There’s the ‘Wenger’s a tosser, a has been and the players are shit’, which is also nonsense. Then there’s the vast majority of Arsenal fans who say ‘this could be better, today was a bad day, today XXX was lazy and poor’, all of which are adult comments based on truth and continuing support for the team. You’ll find the marriage counsellors have to deal with the first two types of partnerships: the false perfection and the blame gamers. Successful marriages don’t duck the less than perfect days…….

    So my advice to you Walter is this: you stick to your type of mindset, but grow up a bit to understand that 60% of those in the middle support Arsenal just as much as you, but they grew out of ‘adam and eve in the garden of Eden’ years ago. And they stuck with it too in case you think otherwise…….

  11. well Tony..there’s never doubt in my mind and never lost faith in Arsene…we support the club for what Arsenal is…through bad and worse times…and I had a good night sleep after Chelsea was beaten at Emirates !

  12. Rhys,

    I’m sorry but I don’t get your lecture. Are you calling Walter and others here blind? All Arsenal fans have opinions on what our team needs but some of us have faith in the’imperfect’ team and support them through thick and thin like true fans do. Others on the other hand seem to exist to castigate and denigrate the team.

    Despite the improvement shown by the team in losses at Stamford bridge and OT this season, the moaners showed no sense of perspective in spitting bile at them and especially the manager. Why should I or Walter or Tony or any ‘AKB’ for that matter see this victory other than as a wonderful achievement that it is?

    We’ll talk about your litany of complaints in future posts but today, we celebrate and rub the noses of the doom brigade in our victory – one which they never gave us the chance of achieving anyway.

    About being born into supporting the team, well I know a few people who just stop religiously following their team and rare cases of ‘swappers’. Appalling as the latter may be, I prefer them to those sad little characters to pin their personal frustrations and unhappiness on the team. After our loss to ManU, I made love to my girlfriend (a fellow gooner) who watched the game with me; we both went to work the next day with smiles on our faces. Me think the Doom&Gloomers need to get laid more often and get a life!

  13. …was it Tony who sometime back proposed a contest to take the ball off Nasri? I realy think I can win it, because it looks easier, with him putting it almost on a 50-50 position. …but them I realise many opponents failing. He looks lazy you know, until the moment that he decides to run (and he runs with it).

    Then there is Jack! How dare he runs around huge and older premier league midfielders like that. I was waching him closely last nite.

    …there are these trivial thing i also tend to observe at times. Nasri talking to Theo as they walked off for break, Wenger talking something with RVP at the end, and Djourou shaking Drogba’s hand while saying some thing to him at Drogba smiling at him. And ofcos i loved seeing Jack running to celebrate with every scorer (hoding to them like it was a cup final. *Little things that i also enjoyed last night*.

  14. what is damning for chelski is that our team can play better than that we could have really embarrassed them but then it might have got us over hyped.

    I am praying that the cancellation of the man u VS chelsea game does us a favor, just maybe chelsea will get back to some form by the time that games comes around and would cause man u to drop points.

    what i am reveling in is the fact that chelski had a full strength squad more or less they had no excuse, drgoba and co would have been up for this game cos they had a whodoo over us. they cant complain there was no dubious decisions we were the better team and won fair and square

    this can only be beneficial for the players and if they can believe it then they can achieve it, arsenal have rarely been in top gear all season and i cant see why we cant get a run going

    that was the best christmas present I am so happy

  15. Total revolution of tactics, and they were welcomed in the Chelsea game!!!! Really loved the way Arsenal went in for the lose balls. Did u see how our players really fighted it out for the headers with the likes of Terry and Drogba?? It was awesome determination!!!!!!!! Lets keep the superb play!!

  16. @swikrath- i was partyin all night long after that win!!!!!!!! And guess what? I’d predicted a 4-1 victory over here last evening!!!!!! The boys are turning into Men!!!!!! Now there is only one team in front of us, lets finish them off!!!!

  17. Nobody can `honestly` say Arsene isn`t a top top tactician. He`s always worked with what he had. When was the last time we played a `big game` with a team close to last night`s both in personel and fitness. I have full confidence in the squad. The only thing between us and success this season will be injuries.

  18. I have to say, i agree with Rhy to a point. Though this is dreamy result lets not completely go over board. We beat a miss firing Chelsea, but we have a difficult Tottenham, Man City to play.

    I do think however we worked hard against Chelsea… it wasn’t so easy for them to look so average. You have to say our tactics of pressing worked beautifully.

    I think you astutely have spotted there is a large opinion of those that stick with the team but don’t think we are perfect. But in all honesty i don’t think the guys here do either. The problem i have with the 60% of fans is they still have no clue… statistically, or Objectively. Its all opinion based, and honestly there are people who though are more neutral get it completely wrong.

    But that was a well written comment, so i applause you for that. And i do think you make some very good points.

  19. afternoon all,
    i’d like to join walter in sticking two fingers up at the chicken licken’s of this world, damn you all to the oak forest that is rapidly being pulped to serve the papermills that bring you your daily dose of propaganda.
    Ahem that done, i would like to reflect that pleasing though it was to beat the chavs, it is just three more points in this, a marathon rather than a sprint. i am not suprised that being the xmas season and everything nobody seems to want to point htis out. the main difference between this and our previous encounters with the big teams is of course that we hit the target, and contrary to rhys and popular( and i use it in the derogatory sense) opinion i believe we just did’nt get the rub of the green our play merited, or key injuries hampered us.
    please lets not shoot our bolt prematurely, all yesterdays win showed was the potential of the team, the real aim is to dominate european football but not quite yet.

  20. Well said Uganda goon. …for those who like using the phrase “don’t get carried away.” PLEASE AND PLEASE, we know and we have heard it before, so no use of posting such statements after EVERY win.

    I believe all of us here have been fans for too long to get carried away.

  21. Was sitting at the west end, having to put up with a bloke who came with his 10 year old son, slagging off theo from kick off. I kept my mouth shut and chose to keep on singing.
    Then after we scored i heard two old guys who sat a row above us saying to each other “well i wonder when we crumble”. I kept quiet.
    And after ivanovic scored one of them said “ohh here we go now”. At that point i turned around and said “just stop it”. And they did. They didnt start singing but at least kept quiet with the negativity.

    Great great performance and so important to theo n cesc to score too.

  22. @rhys
    Oh really? And do u also think those ppl know how to correct all the things at arsenal? Fact is almost all d people try 2 live in either white or black and very few take grey into account. Dis blog lives in white.
    Anyway… a very happy day for all gooners…living in black, white or grey.

  23. Nice article Walter.
    @ Rhys, my own issue with your point is that you fail to regard where if we win, it is regarded with a sense of entitlement by a certain sector of our fans and if we lose or draw they scream blue murder call for the managers heads etc.
    Now with us here for the most part, when we win we party like the world will end 2moro and when we fail to win or indeed lose we try to be philosophical about it and continue to give the backing to both the players and the manager regardless because they are OUR team and manager.

    Personally I think that our outlook is better but I accept your different opinion.
    Frankly after last night the only thing that could make me feel better would be if Arsenal players were made exempt from call ups to that complete bunch of over-hyped losers the England team. Otherwise I am pretty much topped out on pure joy.

  24. On French TV, Arsene Wenger mentionned that for the first time they decided to change tactics. He did not wanted them to be previsible and open. So they pressed higher and stayed compact.
    The decision to drop Arshavin made a big difference to the overall worth ethic of the team. Everybody defended, chased, harried. No passager a la Arshavin.
    Also Djourou and Koscielny really handled Drogba by always trying to get the ball or stop him controlling it. With the midfield players fighting for the knock down and second ball Chelsea was overwhelmed.

    The big elephant in the room that nobody want to comment is Is this a decline or blip for Chelsea?
    Personally I think that the new Financial Fair Play rule and the waning interest of Abramovich means that Chelsea’s squad is not only ageing but also short in quality cover.
    For the first time in a very long time, the comparison between Chelsea’s bench and Arsenal’s bench were in favour of Arsenal.
    With our noisy north London neighbour building a new big stadium, I can see Chelsea struggling to qualify for the champion’s league in the future.
    Chelsea needs a central defender (Alex being injured and Terry getting old), a right wide midfield (tricky dribbler or speedy winger) and a big striker who can hold the ball upfront.

  25. I personally respect the comment by Rhys, and all other commenters on this blog.

    But i would like all of you to get carried away with the celebrations! It was not the 3 points that bring the biggest smile to me, it was the way we play; the way we put chelsea to the sword. Our players really played out of their boots and showed us what they are capable of.

    Cesc is in his own class. I dare not tie his performance with superlatives as that will still be an understatement. Although i admit he makes a couple of mistakes, but he is such a joy to watch.

    And what of our Turbo-kid? They used to say around 10 years ago that the red shadow on the flanks is Ryan Giggs, but now surely that belongs to the fastest man alive on the football pitch?

    I honestly think that this team is in a class of their own, in victory and defeat.

    Lets just get carried away with this win and down another beer shall we?

  26. @ Rhys – I think you’ll find that the beginning of ‘project youth’ was actually Anelka whose absence from the Chelsea team last night contributed to them looking so inept. He wasn’t as young as Fabregas when he arrived but but was the first statement of intent vis a vis the strategy of bringing in young players who had yet to make a name elsewhere and to get them into the first team as quickly as possible. Not only did it work on the pitch but it also represented a great case history which, no doubt, dcontributed to attracting many who came after.

  27. An interesting talking point is who belongs to project youth and who not. I think it has been done somewhere this year on this blog.

    What I really was trying to point out that Wilshere is the first one who joined Arsenal at the age of 10 years or so. And so I think he has Arsenal DNA in him. 😉
    The others Rhys mentioned did came when they were a bit older. And could have a somewhat disturbed DNA profile.

  28. @ rhys wow you so smart

    Some people just like to hear them selves speak

    We won freaken act like it put ur shitty attitude away for one day.

    You and Dark prince should mate and have babies… oh no wait the world would be more miserable if that happened.

  29. Wenger showed outstanding tactics, putting Walcott against Cole instead of Nasri, putting Nasri left, in order to let Wilshere and Song in, Djourou and Koscielny were magnificent.

    This is our moment. I sensed that it was coming and the losing streak is over. Maybe 2011 it’s time for a winning streak. We have United, City and Liverpool home and Spurs away. Let’s start with Wigan and end the year on a positive note. This is a huge boost for everybody who loves and watched this Arsenal-squad develop.

  30. @Aaron/Rhys:
    While I will agree with you that yesterday’s game was one win, and will not go overboard in my joy(just like I will not be too down on a loss), I have to ask why you always have to see the glass as half-empty! So If Chelsea was misfiring, did that have anything to do with Arsenal? If Chelsea did not break decisively, did arsenal have anything to do w/it? Why do I have to worry about facing ManC or Totts in a few days? Evey match in the EPL is difficult. Can I just take in the moment? Really you guys just get tiring…..I guess we all know eternal pessimists.

    I took a quick look at the defence table today, and I asked myself again where the press came up with the “Arsenal weak defence” canard. Chelsea 15, ManC 16, and ManU 17, are the only teams to have conceeded less than us, 20. It just shows how some in the press have no objectivity, and it gets repeated by some Arsenal fans.

  31. @Rhys:
    This is Untold: check the caption at the top of the page. It’s an AKB site, so quit trying to convert us to the dark or semi-dark side. That said, I think Walter is good at being objective and looking at things realistically, just read his ref reviews. I disagree that he turns a blind eye to our faults and preaches “everything is perfect all the time”. The difference is he sees that most of our faults are merely growing pains, which Le Prof will work out with time. He’s just very optimistic when looking at what we have, and what it’s turning into, and he expresses it as such.
    I for one don’t believe we even need to sign anyone, even if Cesc leaves. We’ll adapt, and the likes of Jack, Ramsey Nasri, etc will step up. I think if we took the team that spanked chelski, and removed Cesc and replaced him with Andrei (playing in the same position), we would have still won. I think Andrei would thrive in the middle.
    We’re not getting carried away here, we’re simply celebrating a big win. I’m particularly happy about it because many a biased media minge will be secretly fuming at our victory… Take that Guardian, Telegraph, Mirror, and co.
    I expect the handbrake to stay down for future games against our title rivals.
    Arsenal 3 chelski 1.
    Long may such results continue!

  32. When we were having defence problems around the time we lost to westbrom I mentioned how barca press the ball and they truly are world class at doing it and that is how they defend.

    I was met with this is the prem and you cant do it for 90 mins its much fast pace, but yesterday i witnessed arsenal do it solid for 90mins and when they put in them kind of shifts who can complain even those that say it is only one result if they put in that kind of defensive cohesion in EVERY game what would we have to fear?

    then this wouldnt be just one game if we nullify the other team with our pressing game someone in a red shirt will usually score 95% of the time

    BArca is our benchmark and we should use them as a template and play to our strengths.against man U we didnt play our game at all we sat back and didnt create any chances because that is not our nature to sit back. I am pleased that Aw adapted with his tactics pressing is the only realistic way of us defending we swarmed them. The current barca team IMO is probably the best team I have witnessed and they started with a bunch of young home grown players who grew up next to each other,I cant see why our team of stars couldnt do the same

    Arshavin needs sometime on the bench i dont knw what his problem is? he is a very talented player but he has let us down in some of the big games

  33. Fabulous and pride instilling performance!!!
    Finally the wonderfully coordinated work ethic, energy, aggression, patience and discipline that Arsene’s been waiting to see for some time, arrived! That’s what Cesc meant with his post-OT defeat comments and why the Lord Wenger agreed!
    The boys were great without the ball and the change in personnel on the wings (Samir & Theo), RVP’s intelligent and aggressive movement up-front centrally, and the beast that is JD with his pace and strength, gave wonderful reassurance that nullified the Chavs! Wonderful personnel changes from Arsene without even changing the formation! I really hope he uses this more often as it breeds confidence throughout the defence whilst maintaining our attacking potency (personnel availability taken in consideration of course).
    Moreover, what’s clear is that our various wingers (particularly Arshavin) have been the contributors to a great deal of our defensive problems as they haven’t been assisting the full-backs with suitable cover. This probably goes a long way to explaining why Clichy, in particular, has looked so vulnerable and been exposed in so many matches. Last night both Theo and Samir did a great job and helped massively shut down the forever usual Chelski attacks down the flanks. Had Samir played on the left and Theo on the right at OT, Nani and ManIOU wouldn’t have been anywhere near the threat they were too! I’m sure that had Arsene had the opportunity, and hindsight, to play this starting line up at OT, then we’d have created numerous chances and beat the overrated and workman-like Mancs!
    Song also played a more disciplined match last night but he was made to look even more impressive because Luke was unbelievably mature when Song bombed forward, as he’s been prone to do alot this season. Wilshere was phenomenal in his position and danger awareness – he’s a genuine world-class talent that all England fans should be wetting their lips about too!
    It was obvious from last night that Chelski lacked confidence but then so did we! After all, we’d just lost to ManIOU again and hadn’t beaten the Chavs in over 2 years! The mental strength that the boys showed, aligned with the unbelievable atmosphere and noise created at the Grove, was incredible and hasn’t been properly acknowledged by the usual D&G and AAA brigade. As usual, it’s mainly been put down to the other-side’s inadequacies and particularly the ongoing “Chelsea crisis”. What about the Chavs performance at the Tiny Totts?! Didn’t they narrowly fail to win that?! Useless Muppets!
    All I can say now is please bring on the big boys with this fully-fit squad, line-up and formation and they’ll all go the same way as the Chavs. I really don’t see any need to buy any more players in January, even a goalkeeper, as long as the boys become fitter and the Verminator comes back!
    Could this be the “eureka moment” that the Lord Wenger’s been expecting and waiting for?! No fear; bring on Barca!!!

  34. @ C4 & gooner80,

    I agree! The future is massively bright and the D&G and AAA brigade are losing their ammunition as Le Prof’s legacy nears its fruition! What exciting and wonderful times we inevitably have coming at the Grove!!!

  35. Totally agree with you Walter – one of the finest displays from the boys. They mixed hard graft with sublime skills and never let their heads drop especially after conceding so soon after the third goal.There was a few moments of doubt but the fought back.
    With ManUre dropping points ,let us hope that we get all three points tonight and keep the pressure on.Let us clear the bitter taste of last seasons’ loss at Wigan in style.Come on you Gunners !

  36. @superfly gunner- by ur name, i can see whom u hav been mating with.

    On a different note, i think Rhys Jagger has valid points. We do forget that the Arsenal vs Chelsea game was mostly fought on psychological grounds. Chelsea were lacking confidence and We were desperately tryin to prove that we can win against the big teams.

    Also, as Rhys said, most of the Arsenal supporters of in d world do not belong to the category of ignorants or d doomers. Most of the supporters, including me, belong to the place in between where we see both the positives and negatives and make a constructive criticism. As i have said earlier, turning a blind eye towards issues is as bad as blaming the manager and asking for the sacking of players.

  37. @ DP :” As i have said earlier, turning a blind eye towards issues is as bad as blaming the manager and asking for the sacking of players.”
    Now that you have, could you elucidate as to why you think so?
    What you are saying is utter tosh

  38. @swikrath- what i’m saying is what most fans feel. You cant always only look at the positives, and on the other hand, you cant always only look at the negatives. There needs to be a balanced approach. If you dont agree with me on this, then its something i cant help about.

  39. My only criticism of Walter (and others on this site) is the time they spend worrying about what the so called AAA’s think! Personally I like the balance of this site: the eternal optimists like Walter, Tony et al…as well as the realists like Dark Prince & Critic and even the pessimists like Rhys…What I find distressing however are the people who revert to personal insults instead of showing respect to fellow Gooners (in this respect my hat’s off to the Dark Prince for using wit to deal with the many insults he’s had to endure over the past year)…come on chaps lets resolve to start treating each other with more respect as we approach 2011…we all know that we are on the cusp of something extraordinary so let’s stop beating up each other and start enjoying…like Bootomee says ” make Gunners love…not war”…OK he never said that…but he’ll forgive me I know (0;

  40. GoonerTerry – really appreciate it. 🙂

    Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist or a realist, each and every Gooner in this world only wants one thing – Arsenal to win!!

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