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  1. Tony

    Just a little extra, that I happen to remember, having actually met Peter Walton at an event at which I was playing the piano (honest), he appealed against the retirement age rule for refs – which used to be 49.

    Peter Walton, Uriah Rennie, and Paul Taylor, all appealed together that the rule was illegal, and won.

  2. mshmapton

    I find it really strange that the message hasn’t got through yet. If you write about something quite different from the article, your message won’t be published. tony

  3. jummer

    I really hope we can win tomorrow please Gunners make my new year day all the sweeter

  4. Tasos

    Very interesting article.

    Although I find it difficult to read such an astute analysis of the Ref, going into the finer details of his performances and then having to refer to its author as “Dogface”, without it bringing wry smile upon one’s boat race.

    Keep up the excellent work brother.

  5. Tasos

    One other thing I wanted to add.

    Peter Walton, I believe, was the Ref at the infamous Stoke game last season, he appeared to officiate that game in a very English manner, continually allowing Stoke to foul without punishment which ultimately led to the wreck-less challenge by that lummox Shrawcross on Aaron Ramsey.

    I think we will all be scrutinising Mr Walton’s performance this weekend.

  6. puma

    Deleted as it had nothing to do with the post

  7. ugandan goon

    oh dear,
    i am hopeful we will win this one but expect injuries , two to three out. many people don’t credit it when i say it but fabregas’ latest injury layoff was due to a gardiner tackle off the ball that was waved play on last season, i havent forgotten much less forgiven.
    ps that is not a threat against his person

  8. Red Jessie

    Tony is right. This guy appealed against the age limits and won. He also allows a lot of physical aggression. Did anyone see some of the incidents in the Liverpool v Wolves game when we were messing around in Wigan. Notice how many times he gets in the way of play because he plods through the centre of the pitch and never goes wide. Another weak referee who is not up to the requirements of the PL.

  9. dupsffokcuf

    Grandpa Walton as the ref. That must be an omen (of what I have no clue). Here’s to 3 points (to us) later and no injuries in 2011.

  10. roberto nakamura

    Personally I believe the EPL should use fifth degree black belt Japanese referees.
    I hope Stingy Voyeur does open his pocket book this month and does not implode.
    Also hope Mr. Alex’s nose does not explode. It’s becoming extremely red and swollen. No amount of Big Red or Juicy Fruit can cure that. Best to see a doctor nevertheless.
    Go you Gunners!

  11. MGK

    Caption: You’re telling me two yellows make a red? You must be joking mate!

  12. DogFace

    Uh oh… Man Utd win – Clattenburg giving everything to City and Tottenham are a goal up at HT.

    Our game could well be the coupon buster!

  13. Andy Kelly

    Can’t wait to read Walter’s review of Walton’s pathetic attempt at refereeing a top class game. He stood and watched Birmingham players kick lumps out of Arsenal players – he was actually looking straight at them – and did nothing.

    On par with Probert’s performance but at least he screwed up for both sides.

  14. DogFace

    The bookies are weeping tonight.


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