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In football the only battle left is the media vs the agents. But what if they join forces?

By Tony Attwood

They’ve ridden in on the back of our love of the game and our love of our club.

Now they are taking control, demanding the games be played. They don’t mind empty stadia. They just want games, and they want them now.

So having taken control, they are pushing us, the fans, […]

Crowdless stadia stats reveal fallacy of PGMO claims about referee accuracy

By Tony Attwood

PGMO – the organisation that runs refereeing in the Premier League, has generally stuck to its view that refereeing accuracy is around 98% to 99%.

For example on 13 August 2013 the Daily Mail ran a piece on referees which says, “According to the Premier League, 99 percent of offside decisions are […]