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We broke the news about the PL finishing the season overseas. Now…

By Tony Attwood

On 27 April we broke the story that Cyprus could be considered as a location for running the remainder of the Premer League season, as it is still not possible to play the rest of the season in England – and probably won’t be for a while.

We’ve given a few more […]

Why is the British media aligning itself with Fifa and ignoring alleged corruption?

By Tony Attwood

As you may have noticed in passing, on 30 April, in the morning, I wrote a piece under the headline The Fifa / PSG / Swiss corruption cases are major news in Europe. But not in the UK. Why?

About seven hours later the Guardian covered what at first I took to […]

8 players not previously noticed who are now all signing for Arsenal

by Sir Hardly Anyone

There is no telling when football is going to start again (although talk today among the chattering journalists is not so much about this season being abandoned but whether next season is playable) but the “reportedly” gang are still at it.

In our last run down we found 63 players who […]