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  1. problemanalysis

    Good article as always. Did you get the Job?

  2. Phil Gregory

    I won’t find out for a couple of weeks, and even then that’d only be a second interview. Fingers crossed!

  3. FinnGooner

    Great article. I hope that you get the job (well if they don’t give it to you it’s their lose and they are idiots 😉 ).
    I kind of like that team, but we need couple injured players back.

  4. Tony

    UNTOLD JOB SERVICE. Write for Untold Arsenal, and then use the experience as part of your job interview. Dale did it with his injury column, and Phil has done it with his Parliamentary enquiry into football report.

    No fee, no commission from Untold, you just have to think up interesting and jolly articles each week.

    Apply: Tony.Attwood@aisa.org

  5. Gord

    I wonder if that job service works for engineers? 🙂

    I didn’t know that Phil was an economics person. I don’t believe he has used the word “propensity” in any article I’ve read of his.

    In the running commentary for all games at the BBC today
    At 1231 they have a STAT_ATTACK I would like to alter a little:

    When Manchester United last exited the Champions League in the group stages in 2005-06, they went unbeaten in their next 10 matches in all competitions, starting with a 1-1 home Premier League draw with Everton. The most important part of this tidbit, is that it is the team that first plays Everton after ManU was eliminated from the group stages that goes on to win their next 10 games.

    And the team that is playing Everton in 2011/12 under these auspicious circumstances, is Arsenal. Consequently, I am predicting this game (and the next 9) are wins for the Arsenal.

  6. MK

    should get a job as a Psychic if you don’t get that one.. well done! 1 nil to the Arsenal!

  7. Dale

    Yes, I can vouch for the Untold job service. Good luck with the interview process Phil, hope you get to the next stage.

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