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  1. Pete

    I was sat near the assistant ref during the Costa/Koscielny 1st half incident and he did not signal for a foul either way. Which I thought was poor as he was closer to the action than Oliver.

  2. Norman14

    How long can we go on getting fair performances from the officials? Surely this is an early season plan by PGMOL to shut Arsenal’s moaning fans up after years of proof that the officials are NOT playing by the rules.

    Now a new development – Mike Riley is on the Sky panel that nominates players for Player of the Month award – and guess what? Not an Arsenal player anywhere in sight.

    However, I do agree that Oliver had a very good game against Chelsea – wasn’t fooled by Costa at all.

  3. Andy Mack

    It’s pretty sad really. We’re so happy that a few refs have raised their standards by getting around 80% of their decisions correct, when that should really still be considered as a poor standard. I would have been sacked from my work if I got less than 95% (maybe more) right 😀

  4. Menace

    The foul on Coquelin where his knee was jarred (probably by Kante following a Fabregas stamp) was a card but was played on as an advantage. The official has a duty to card the player when it is a physical foul with no attempt to get the ball. Kante & Fabregas were both playing to injure Coquelin.

  5. omgarsenal

    Andy Mack…….you are comparing apples and oranges. Officiating in front of 50,000+critics and trying to be fair and firm with 22 highly trained professional athletes is one thing, sending out reports and managing a handful of willing staff is another.

  6. Brickfields Gunners

    Again , great work, guys . Thanks.

  7. Andy Mack

    omg, it’s not about trying to be fair. It’s about getting decisions correct.
    I do appreciate the difference between their job and mine (as was), but mine was much more about being fair and managing people in addition to the business deals themselves which in many cases earned millions for the company.
    The refs one over-riding job is to try to be correct with their decisions and managing people is a secondary issue which I’d certainly like them to be good at but it’s not their reason to exist.
    Because of the speed of the game and the positions they need to be, I don’t expect them to be correct all the time, but between the ref, 2 linesmen and the 4th official, they have 8 supposedly ‘trained’ eyes on the game, all in communication with each other, and still do well to get 80% correct. That’s not very good in my book.

  8. Jambug

    Re Oliver

    I hate to say I told you so……..but I told you so.

    On the run up to the game I said I fully expected Oliver to put in a good display, and to not fall for Costas antics. He didn’t.

    I also said that if that happened, as I expected it to, we would win comfortably. We did.

    I honestly believe if we’d had Dean or Atkinson, either one would not of allowed us to win the physical battle with Costa, and we would of likely ended with 10 men again, and a defeat.

    That is how big a difference there can be between being refereed fairly or otherwise.

  9. nicky

    I’m sure most of we armchair followers of ArsenalFC would agree that ref Oliver’s duties were fair and unbiased,
    Unfortunately, the limitations of TV (even with HD) usually means that the failings of match officials are invariably not that apparent. 😉

  10. Gord

    I guess I am not most. I would never trust a gut feeling to measurements as far as bias goes. And Walter’s report shows the bias is still present. There are fewer mistakes, the bias is still present.

  11. Jambug


    Slight bias, no bias ?

    Frankly I don’t care. If we where refereed like that every week I would be a happy man.

    Maybe my expectations have been dulled by years and years of being stitched up, but for the first time in many many years I just feel there is something fundamentally different in how we are being treated.

    Please please may it continue.

  12. Mandy Dodd

    Thanks Usama and Walter, and well done Mr Oliver, and a few other refs this season. Seems to be an improvement…….for now.
    Heard on the radio it was Mike Dean who has been a huge voice on the crackdown of grappling, holding, and blocking in the area, which has hit teams like Stoke and Leicester so badly. Never thought I would say this, and I know things can still go wrong, but good on you Mr Dean if that radio report was true.

  13. Pat

    Something has happened, there’s no doubt about it. We may never know what it is. We have waited years for referee performances like this. It is such a pleasure to watch a match and not be tense the whole while waiting for the next blatant refereeing offence against Arsenal. Oh, I hope SO MUCH it lasts all season.

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