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  1. Stefan

    Crystal Palace will meet Manchester United in today’s game played at Selhurst Park Stadium. In their last meeting, Manchester United won the match with 1:2. I wonder if José Mourinho’s team prepared us with a surprise for today. Based on the past results of the two teams, I would expect for Manchester United to perform well during this meeting and win this game. It should be interesting to see if Zlatan Ibrahimovic will score during this match as he has a good average in terms of goals scored / match. If you have some knowledge regarding football, you can share your opinion using the Betsson review.

  2. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Situation report in the Premier League this night at the Stadium of Light, the Riverside, the Etihad, White Hart Lane and at Selhurst Park is not a favouring report for Arsenal. But these games are yet to end. Maybe a miracle can still happen for us to remain 2nd in the table ahead of Liverpool if Sunderland scored and Liverpool stop scoring. Can Boro cancel out Chelsea lead of 1 goal on them and go ahead to score the winner?

  3. para

    I hope our last (really avoidable)loss(Everton) is not going to be one of the games that we look back on and say: That would have given us the title!

    Anyway we’re still 2nd tied with Pool, who are going to be a problem this year though.

    Time to start a new run now, one that takes us up to the end of the season. 🙂

  4. Dwain Kaye

    PEA; maybe if Real can’t lift the ban and Dortmund don’t fair well in CL as they will nt be winning the league.

    It’ll be who blinks first or has the biggest wallet 😛

    Draxler, I think is a quality player, I read his quotes from the summer, he’s trying to explain why and just stopped giving his all, because his own fans can’t accept he wants to progress. Reminds me of the team I left, because I played every position, then only arrived at half time when they were being hammered, to make the point that they went from 10-0 down to losing 1-0 or 2/3-1 with me playing. My own team mates didn’t seem to get it, all bar our GK, who I wanted as the post player, but I didn’t register the team.

    I like Smalling, but Silvestre was already one too many.

    Meyer and Ghoulam, I’ve not got a RB, so I am curious, we need cover, any suggestions?

    “£^$ the Meida circus, they want everyone dumb enough to work until 68, after spending 30 years paying a mortgage, what can you expect.


    profoundly immoral and wicked.

    When we accept that this is what it is, we might look to it’s opposite, science suggests that there is an opposite right.

    4 players I want £140m would do it. We need 6 because we still need a rght back and creative mid. Arguably a D mid, as Xhaka and Elneny are not.

    To be achieved we have to reduce our outgoings and thin the squad of those who feel they deserve to start, but show a lack of ability.

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