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July 2018
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Man U v Arsenal. The home and away records and the need for a spot of luck perhaps

By Bulldog Drummond

So how have Man U been doing this season?  Here’s the ups and downs.

  • Premier League: Hoped to win it but came second.  When Arsenal came second in 2015/16 it was the source of much derision, so I imagine it will be the same for Man U.
  • Champions League: Knocked out by Sevilla
  • FA Cup: In the final
  • League Cup: Knocked out by Bristol City

Not sure if that counts as success or not, but obviously their focus will be on the FA Cup final as ours will be on the Europa League.

The FA’s official web site still has Manchester United as the holders of the FA Cup, which is a trifle odd since Arsenal won it last season, but maybe they have more information about the future than I have.   But in the real universe here are the figures for Man U and Arsenal in the aforementioned FA Cup…

So a win for Man U would give the two teams equal records in the final.

Results by team
Club Wins Runners-up Total final appearances
Arsenal 13 7 20
Manchester United 12 7 19
Tottenham Hotspur 8 1 9
Liverpool 7 7 14
Chelsea 7 5 12

Chelsea on the other hand have a lot of ground to make up and a victory for them would take them up to the level of Tottenham.  I am not sure if that is where they want to be but that is what would happen.

In the league of late Man U have lost just two of the last ten

Date Game Res Score Competition
25 Feb 2018 Manchester United v Chelsea W 2-1 Premier League
05 Mar 2018 Crystal Palace v Manchester United W 2-3 Premier League
10 Mar 2018 Manchester United v Liverpool W 2-1 Premier League
13 Mar 2018 Manchester United v Sevilla L 1-2 Champions League
17 Mar 2018 Manchester United v Brighton & Hove W 2-0 FA Cup
31 Mar 2018 Manchester United v Swansea City W 2-0 Premier League
07 Apr 2018 Manchester City v Manchester United W 2-3 Premier League
15 Apr 2018 Manchester United v West Brom L 0-1 Premier League
18 Apr 2018 Bournemouth v Manchester United W 0-2 Premier League
21 Apr 2018 Manchester United v Tottenham H W 2-1 FA Cup

And not just two defeats in the last ten but all the rest were wins.  The oddity of course was the West Brom game, in which, having just beaten Manchester City at the Sheikh Rattle and Roll Stadium, they then lost at Very Old Trafford (built 1910).

Man U are one of the few teams that have beaten us more than we have beaten them: they have won 97 and we have won 82, and it is hard to find some good reasons to think that this trend might be overturned, other than a possible distraction by the FA Cup.  And that is clutching at straws.

Our last ten looks like this, and oh, what’s this?  Only ONE defeat – although there have been two draws.

Date Game Res Score Competition
08 Mar 2018 AC Milan v Arsenal W 0-2 Europa League
11 Mar 2018 Arsenal v Watford W 3-0 Premier League
15 Mar 2018 Arsenal v AC Milan W 3-1 Europa League
01 Apr 2018 Arsenal v Stoke City W 3-0 Premier League
05 Apr 2018 Arsenal v CSKA Moscow W 4-1 Europa League
08 Apr 2018 Arsenal v Southampton W 3-2 Premier League
12 Apr 2018 CSKA Moscow v Arsenal D 2-2 Europa League
15 Apr 2018 Newcastle United v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League
22 Apr 2018 Arsenal v West Ham United W 4-1 Premier League
26 Apr 2018 Arsenal v Atlético Madrid D 1-1 Europa League

Of course we all know where the real problem lies: playing away from home, which is what we do this weekend.

Here’s Man U’s league position counting home games only before any Saturday games…

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 17 15 1 1 58 13 45 46
2 Arsenal 18 14 2 2 49 20 29 44
3 Manchester United 17 13 2 2 35 8 27 41
4 Liverpool 17 11 6 0 41 10 31 39

And the away games only table showing Arsenal

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 17 14 2 1 40 12 28 44
2 Tottenham Hotspur 18 10 4 4 34 19 15 34
3 Manchester United 17 10 3 4 30 18 12 33
4 Liverpool 18 9 5 4 39 27 12 32
5 Chelsea 17 9 3 5 31 19 12 30
6 Burnley 18 7 7 4 20 17 3 28
7 Leicester City 17 5 5 7 27 28 -1 20
8 Newcastle United 17 4 4 9 17 27 -10 16
9 AFC Bournemouth 17 3 6 8 16 28 -12 15
10 Crystal Palace 18 3 6 9 14 27 -13 15
11 Watford 17 4 2 11 17 30 -13 14
12 Arsenal 16 3 4 9 17 26 -9 13

Yes we still are 12th on the same number of wins as before: three.  So Man U are much stronger than Arsenal when we compare Man U at home and Arsenal away.   Arsenal score one goal away from home in the league, on average, while Man U score two at home.  Arsenal let in 1.62 goals on average on the road, while Man U concede  0.47 per game.  Put another way, they concede less than one goal in every two games.

This makes it look very tough for us, and indeed makes it a game in which we will be looking either for a sudden change of fortune or a spot of luck.  Which amounts to the same thing.

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3 comments to Man U v Arsenal. The home and away records and the need for a spot of luck perhaps

  • GoingGoingGooner

    And, we may be resting players for Thursday. Seems similar to ManUs situation last year.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    With that Chelsea away win to Swansea at Liberty Stadium this evening, our lost cause to qualify for the Champions League next season is authentically confirmed. However, Arsenal still have the opportunity to take the step to redeem their damaged image in this season’s campaign if they knockout Atletico Madrid from this season’s Europa League Cup next week’s Thursday night at Vincente Calderon on the backdrop of unexpected win over Man Utd tomorrow at Old Trafford.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Am hoping that Chelsea will take the fourth CL spot .No logical reason – just hoping!
    If either Sanchez or Giruod win the FA Cup , they will be most probably be the second after Brian Talbot ( 1978 with Ipswich & 1979 ) to win it with Arsenal and another club in consecutive seasons.
    Not sure if any other Arsenal players have achieved this ?

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