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The Top 5 Underdog Teams in the Europa League


As the next season approaches, no one can know where Arsenal will end up but it is worth taking a look at the Europa League, just to get the feel of what might come along!

They could wind up in the Champions League or the Europa League. These sorts of details can change very […]

Are we seeing a major change to the list of clubs that dominate the Premier League?

By Tony Attwood

A while back a correspondent on Untold mentioned that he thought it was fair to expect that Arsenal should either win the league or be challenging to win the league each season. I produced some statistics to show how rarely this happened, not just with Arsenal, but with all clubs across all […]

Despite all the negatives about Arsenal’s parlous state, Arsenal make a major signing

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes I will admit it; I have been saying that all the stuff about transfer rumours is rubbish given that there are round about 76 days to go before the transfer window creaks open and something of the order of 137 days before it slams shut and shatters into bits again. […]