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Why did it take Wenger 29 games to change? Another made up story….

By Walter Broeckx

One of the people who commented for the first time (I think) said: “The question is why did it take Wenger 29 games to change tactics?” Conte changed the system after they had been beaten by us at the Emirates early in the season. Now I have seen these kind of words […]

Where do we draw the line?

By Menace

What difference does half an inch make? Some say size does not matter but when a ball bounces off the inside of a goal post & does not end up in the net it makes millions of pounds difference. The half an inch in size of goal post (cross […]

It appears Mr Wenger has a new two year contract. So what response should the anti-Wengerians make?

By Tony Attwood

If the reports are true and Mr Wenger has his two years contract then the issue does arise – what will the anti-Wengerians do, knowing that Mr Wenger will retire after two years and that their protests are unlikely to make him leave sooner. (After all, one of their complaints is always […]

Arsene, Arsenal, The FA Cup And The New Era…

By Tai Emeka Obasi

Arsenal fans all are still celebrating the FA Cup triumph over League Champions, Chelsea FC. For three times in four seasons, Arsene Wenger has delivered the world’s oldest trophy to his dear Gunners. Past two deliveries were achieved via beating Hall City and Aston Villa, both […]

The Arsenal pilgrimage; from Antwerp to Wembley and back via Plumstead High Street

By Walter Broeckx

A pilgrimage to Wembley or from history to historic…

Usually when I write about my trips to London I get asked the questions about the trip from Belgium and the food. You ask, I deliver, Nicky.

Getting out of bed at 4.30 (3.30 London time) followed by a quick shower and then […]

Arsenal Squad 2017-18: first thoughts on who’s staying and who we need.

by Andrew Crawshaw

I will start with the current 25 man senior squad

Position Date of Birth Home Grown? Contract expiry Kieran Gibbs LB 26 Sep 1989 Y 30 Jun 2018 Aaron Ramsey Midfield 26 Dec 1990 Y 30 Jun 2018 Theo Walcott Forward 16 Mar 1989 Y 30 Jun 2019 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Midfield 15 […]

The Arsenal Transfer Index: the players we are signing and those we’re letting go

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Right, I think we’ve done the old FA Cup malarky, except to note in passing that it is good to see that as always 160 seats are reserved at Wembley for the honourable gentlemen and their ladies of the Shire of Rutland FA. Indeed I was of course able to take […]

Being in Wembley, part two. The once in a lifetime experience.

By Walter Broeckx

Well I was there in Wembley as you could have guessed if you have read my article about living the Wembley dream.

Yes the trip was smooth and we arrived at our hotel near Wembley well in time and just in time to take the last parking space at the hotel parking. […]

The Cup Final: what was it like to be there? Part One: pictures from the upper tier.

by Andrew Crawshaw

Following a convoluted series of events I was able to invite Walter to come over from Belgium to join me at the Cup final. Regular readers will know that Walter in the house is always a good luck charm (particularly when accompanied by a larger group of Belgian Gooners). I sent the […]

It is time that we dealt with the anti-Arsenal in the ground and in the media. But we need the board’s help.

By Tony Attwood

If we do nothing, next season will be like this: the anti-Arsenal and their media allies shutting up during the good runs, and then coming out and attacking the manager viciously and remorselessly after any defeat or perceived poor performance.

Yes, the media and the aaa’s combined propaganda efforts this season were […]

José Mourinho on Twitter in March, “Chelsea will win the FA Cup. Spurs will win the title.”

By Tony Attwood, floating somewhere in the wide blue yonder…

I got a bit of stick for my chart published in the early hours of this morning showing number of victors of the FA Cup and not including Arsenal. I’ll re do it at the end of this little piece with Arsenal included.


It is such a shame that the FA Cup is not a trophy, because…

by Tony Attwood

A shame because quite a few of those people who were at the stadium yesterday rather thought it a jolly experience, and worth going.

Anyway, below is a list of wins of the FA Cup.

Club Wins First final won Last final won Manchester United 12 1909 2016 Tottenham Hotspur 8 1901 […]

The FA Cup Final. The clubs’ records for April & May (remarkably similar!) and the Arsenal team

By Bulldog Drummond

We all know Chelsea are the all-conquering heroes of the Best League In The World (TM) so let’s just check their results for April and May…

01 Apr 2017 Chelsea v Crystal Palace L 1-2 Premier League 05 Apr 2017 Chelsea v Manchester City W 2-1 Premier League 08 Apr 2017 AFC […]

Living the Wembley dream

By Walter Broeckx

When I was some 8-9 years old my parents bought our first TV. An old black and white TV that took ages to warm up before you first could hear a voice coming out of it and then the image would load where you first would see the face in all kinds […]

Chelsea vs the absolute total and complete all-time underdogs

By Tony Attwood

It happens sometimes, but not that often, that the media and their bloggetta camp followers make out that the cup final is so obviously a one-sided affair that it is hardly worth even writing a preview of it.

Of course what they forget each time is that occasionally the underdogs come out […]

Arsenal v Chelsea Cup Final 27 May 2017 – The Match Officials. Expect rough stuff and false penalties.

by Andrew Crawshaw

I posted after our Semi-final win that I believed Anthony Taylor was the strong favourite to be given the FA Cup Final this year and so it turned out. I claim no special skill to make that prediction – referees are only ever given one FA Cup Final and of those who […]

Does a player acquired as a big-money transfer perform well in the first season? A look at recent history.

Does a player acquired as a big-money transfer perform well in the first season? Let’s look at recent history.

By Zuruvi


There is school of thought shared by some Arsenal fans here on this Forum that says that big-money transfers don’t work in the first or second seasons after the transfer has taken place.


Which is the most successful team in the FA Cup and in FA Cup/League doubles?

By Tony Attwood

As I guess we all know, no club has won the FA Cup three times running since Blackburrn Rovers in 1886. Before them, one team, Wanderers, also did it three times in a row. In the past 131 years (or to be more accurate 122, to account for the war years) no […]

Will anything change at Arsenal next season? Sadly it seems unlikely

By Tony Attwood

Jack Pitt-Brooke of the Independent recently wrote an article in which he said,

“…it was impressive and surprising that Wenger’s reaction on Sunday evening, in his post-match press conference, was to take all the blame on his own shoulders. By admitting that his season of silence over his own future had damaged […]

Arsenal cup final team news – it is all looking a bit grim

By Tony Attwood

What we do seem to know (although I use the word “know” in its footballing sense, meaning “according to reports” Gabriel will not be playing. He has been ruled out until August with the medial knee ligament injury.

Danny Welbeck is reported to have said, in relation to his injury, “It’s just […]

The 8 games that cost Arsenal the season.

by Andrew Crawshaw

By my reckoning Arsenal should have ended up with 17 more points than we actually had this season due to wrong Important Decisions called by the PGMO. A quick reminder an Important Decision is one of these – Second Yellow Card, Red Card, Penalty and Goal.

There was one game we lost […]

Does Arsenal have good players or great players? Is the current Arsenal squad good enough?

Does Arsenal have good players or great players? Is the current Arsenal squad good enough?

By Zuruvi


Arsenal is a great club. Arsene Wenger has proven over the years that he is a great manager. Arsenal has two or three great players. Arsenal however has too many average players. Arsenal also has a number […]

Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

by Fishpie

I haven’t submitted anything to Untold in recent months and this piece is, I admit, a bit of a shameless plug. So forgive me. I am very grateful to Tony for agreeing to publish despite this.

I guess I haven’t written for the […]

Arsenal – Everton : 3-1, the view from block 120

By Walter Broeckx Another last match of the season in the Emirates and again I was there. Just as in recent seasons. Alas that gave me no chance to write the fast as lightning live match report Untold readers are used to for most of the time.

And so no real live feeling about the […]

Enquiry into child abuse by employees at football clubs is yet again being hampered by the FA.

By Tony Attwood

I guess like most people, especially like most people who have children of their own, the notion of child abuse is ultimately incomprehensible to me. But it is there, and it has deeply entrenched itself within British society, and thus also within football.

And from the off I have been extremely uncomfortable […]