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In football image is (almost) everything. Which is why the media’s fanatical anti-Arsenal approach is so frustrating

By Tony Attwood

Imagine you had a son or daughter who was showing really great promise as a footballer. And imagine you were a lifelong supporter of Liverpool. Or Newcastle. Or Tottenham. You wouldn’t worry too much that it was 26 years, or 90 years or 56 years (as it has been for those three […]

Atkinson delivers the worst refereeing ever seen in the PL while State Aid fans fight

By Tony Attwood

I have heard stadium protests against a referee before, but never on this scale. And it was utterly deserved for Martin Atkinson delivered the worst display of refereeing I have ever seen in a lifetime of going to football matches at grounds from Wood Green Town to Highbury, from Poole Town to […]