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Supposing we’d sacked Mr Wenger a year ago and brought in Pep Guardiola

By Tony Attwood

When managers come in, their job is to do better than the last man. that is the sort of basic requirement most people lay down although some go for winning the title each season or at least challenging for it until the last few weeks.

Of all managers Pep Guardiola was the […]

Barcelona take football into new territory with appeal against red card to CAS

by Tony Attwood

Barcelona are continuing their attempt to move football into a completely new arena for not only have they played out a game in which the activities of the referee caused even the most solid “there is nothing wrong with the referee’s so stop whinging” media to turn pale and re-consider their approach, […]

Record beating manager, record beating club, maybe its time to revive Lucky Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

It is funny just how difficult a lesson it is to learn, both by football supporters and by journalists but somehow the reality never gets through.

When looking at the actions of officials, it is no good taking one or two (or even three or four) incidents and then blaming the ref […]